Can an Introvert Become an Extrovert? Honest Answer

Can an Introvert Become an Extrovert? Honest Answer


I often see introverts who are happy the way they are.

Then again, there are other introverts who wonder if they can become extroverts.


I rarely see the opposite.

Where an extrovert asks if they can become an introvert.


In my opinion, these labels are unnecessary.

It causes the mind to think in a fixed way.


It’s better to view yourself as an ambivert.

A person with introverted & extroverted like tendencies.


If the goal is to be an ambivert, then yes…

An introvert can become an extrovert.

And vice versa.


Before we go in-depth, let’s get some proper definitions out of the way.


What is an Introvert & Extrovert?


An introvert is often viewed as:

-A loner.




An extrovert is often viewed as:





‘Are you saying that’s not true?’

Correct. I’m saying those definitions are not true.


Instead, it all comes down to energy.

The energy a person predominantly feels during & after the interaction determines the personality type.


Introverts typically need time to recharge after a gathering.

  • If the gathering had a few people, then the recharge time will be quick.
  • If the gathering had a lot of people, then the recharge time will be long.


On the other hand, extroverts typically are charged during the gathering.

They enjoy small interactions up to big interactions.


Notice, it’s a game of energy.


You ever seen that one quiet kid who was at every event?

‘I have.’

That’s a quiet extrovert.


You ever seen a charismatic person who makes rare appearances?


That’s a charming introvert.


Bottom line:

  • It’s a game of energy.


1ST Step to Changing Personality



The question is, how can energy morph?

Is it even possible??


Yessir, it is possible.

That’s the power of the mind.


To access this power, it’s smart to view personality as a field of forces.

Forces that shift like water shifts.


Water is 1 form.

Its different modes of expression are:

  • Liquid
  • Solid
  • Gas


Personality is 1 form.

Its different modes of expression are:

  • Introvert
  • Ambivert
  • Extrovert


‘How do I change modes at will?’

By first knowing that you can.

‘Alright Mr. Miyagi, give me serious advice.’

I am. KNOWING that you can is the hardest part.


There’s a limiting belief that personality is fixed.

The rules of height are mistakenly superimposed to the rules of personality.


If Jacob tells someone that he will get 7 inches taller (at age 45) for his New Year’s Resolution…

Then he’d get laughed out of the building.


If Jacob tells someone that he will aim to display more extroverted tendencies for his New Year’s Resolution…

Then he should get a pat on the back.


  • KNOW that the personality is dynamic.

Even if you don’t accept it yet, the possibility of a dynamic personality will allow the following exercise to make more sense.


How an Introvert can Become an Extrovert


Naturally, an introvert needs to recharge after an interaction.

To bend personality, embrace discomfort.


The only way muscles grow is by tearing them apart by lifting heavy weights.

The heavy weights signify discomfort.


For an introvert to become more extroverted, they need targeted ways to challenge themselves.

‘Any suggestions?’

Yes, I have a few.

  • Stay at large events for a longer time.
  • Schedule back to back to back to back, social events. *Drake voice.*
  • Host a large, scaled event.


When introducing the challenges, make them incremental.

That’s the name of the game. Incremental. It has a nice ring to it!


As the famous quote goes:

-Good people try to improve 10 percent at a time. Great people try to improve 1 percent at a time.


How an Extrovert Becomes More Introverted


Do you know what I’ve noticed?


Some of the most extroverted people I know became more introverted as they grew up.


They used to be the last to leave the party.

Nowadays, they are the first.

Hm…that’s new.


I believe without further intervention; extroverted personalities will become more introverted as they get older. I view it as a natural progression.

While an introverted person has to put in more effort to make a change.


View the difference as:

  • Gradually pushing a boulder up the hill (introvert -> extrovert).


  • A boulder gently rolling down the hill (extrovert -> introvert).


I believe it’s smart to take a conscious approach to welcome introverted personality traits.


Because the ability to recharge on your own is a symbol of:

Emotional intelligence & creativity.


Highly extroverted people find it difficult to meditate, be by themself or introspect.

Those traits are skillsets that can be exercised into someone’s existence.


Find out what’s difficult & gradually introduce it.

Some suggestions include:

1% changes beat 10% and 0% changes.


can introvert become extrovert


Becoming a Universal Personality


In my book, the Charisma King, I talk about the art of adjusting your personality.

Adjustment = Feeling Whole.


It’s hard to feel whole when being lopsided is encouraged.

You aren’t only an extrovert.

You aren’t only an introvert.

Instead, it’s the mythical ambivert that exemplifies street smarts.

Learn how to develop an adaptable personality in my book, Street Smarts:

This is a person who is capable of adjusting their personality at will.

‘At will?’

Yea, at will.


Often, willpower is directed to external tasks.

-Get that promotion.

-Pull that all-nighter.

-Finish writing that book.


Great people are also capable of redirecting their willpower to internal tasks.

-Conquer limiting beliefs.

Regulate emotions at will.

And one of the most important:

Blossom the personality over time.


Double Down on Strengths & Work on Weaknesses


Introversion or extroversion isn’t the problem.

It’s only a problem when ‘too’ is added in front of it.

-Too introverted.

-Too extroverted.


Personality shifts when a decision is made.

That’s why the 1st rule in changing the personality is:

Knowing that you can.


I’m a different person now than I was 5 years ago.

I’m sure you are too.


There’s no reason you can’t be a completely different person 5 years from now.

Or who knows…5 months.


For more practical tips to evolve your personality, check out the Charisma King.

Learn the art of creating compelling conversations, becoming attractive & forming an alliance!



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