How to Write a Book for Beginners

How to Write a Book for Beginners


You’ve read plenty of books in your life.

Now, your gut instinct is starting to speak to you.


A part of you wants to WRITE a book.

Can you do it?


Immediately, you waive off this notion.

‘I’m not a writer’ you say.

But how true is this statement?


Not true at all!

You are a writer.

We all are.


Writing is making your ideas tangible.

Do you have ideas?


Then you can write.


In today’s blog post, I am going to teach you how to write a book as a beginner.

This is not going to be a comprehensive post that’s going to require a fuck ton of cognitive effort.


Instead, you are going to learn the power of simplification.

We are going to be talking about the general to specific formula.


I have personally used this formula to write 5 books, which you can see here.

And it’s time that you unlock the ideas from within & make it tangible!


Why We Overthink Writing


We overthink writing because we go from specific to general.

While in reality, we should be going from general to specific.


Meaning we are too focused on the details.


The details are the derivative of your ideas.

The details come LATER.

‘Can you explain what a derivative is?’



Derivative in a nutshell is the byproduct of something.

It is not the source, simply the ripple.



  • The orange is the source.
  • Orange juice is the derivative of an orange.


Likewise, your idea is the orange.

And the details are the cups of orange juice.


We need to get you to focus on the BIG idea first.

From there, everything makes sense.


In order to make this blog easier, I am going to highlight the process of creating my first book.

This will allow you to have tangible concepts to grasp on to.


My first book was called Level Up Mentality. This book covers multiple topics from mindset, emotional intelligence, social skills & more.

But what was the BIG idea?

What was the orange?


It is a book to build confidence.

Simply stating the line above allowed me to spark the creation process.


So take a pause & see what your orange is.

And not the fruit dummy.

But rather, your big idea.



Creating a High-Level Outline


An outline makes your job much easier when learning how to write a book for beginners.

And just to understand why, let me give you an analogy.


Imagine you are running in a forest to get from one end to the exit.

It’s going to be difficult.

You are going to have to make a lot of mistakes until you finally exit the forest.


But imagine if you are in a tower overlooking the forest & GUIDING someone out.

This time, it’s much easier for the person to exit because you already have an OVERLOOKING view of the landscape.


It’s the same context with the book outline.


Rather than just beginning once you have your big idea, pause.

Create an outline.


So let’s continue my example of Level Up Mentality.

The big idea was about confidence.

But the outline consists of:

Part 1: Darkness

Part 2: Level Up Journey

Part 3: Creating your North Star

Part 4: Controlling your Mind

and so on….


If you look, it’s still very general.

But at least it’s more specific than before.


We are gradually working on turning our vision from blurry to clarified.

It’s a process.


Detailing the Outline


Thus far, we have been talking about turning a general idea into a specific one.

What do you think I am going to tell you to do now?

‘Uh..get even more specific?’



At this point, you want to play around with the outline.

See if you can switch parts around.

Add sections within the part.

Delete certain sections..


So for the Level Up Mentality book, it was:

Part 1: Darkness

1.1 The Story of Billy

1.2 The Outrage Culture

1.3 Is Victimhood on the Rise?


Up until this point, we haven’t even started writing the actual book!

We are just getting the hierarchy created so everything is easier.


If you spend time on the book outline, your job becomes much easier.

So spend as much time on the hierarchy as you can, so you don’t overthink the writing process.

That’s a secret on how to write a book for beginners.


Writing the Book- Rough Draft


Now that you have your big idea and an outline with each section mapped out…

You are ready to begin writing!


We are not focused on perfection.

The main intent of this writing process is to get our ideas out there.

We will focus on the editing & finetuning part in the next section.

This is a rough draft!


I recommend you follow the general to specific formula in terms of the writing schedule.



I will spend 2 weeks on each Part.

Every weekday, I will write for 2 hours.

Preferably, in the morning after my workout when I have the most energy.


This framework allows you to stay on track.

And you are able to write each section with as much enthusiasm as possible.


So for my Level Up Mentality Book, I would spend the first day Working on The Story of Billy.

Part 1: Darkness

1.1 The Story of Billy

1.2 The Outrage Culture

1.3 Is Victimhood on the Rise?


If I finish ahead of time, all good.

I can begin another section.


At this point, we are focusing on getting the content out!

Go thru your schedule champ.


The Editing Portion


By the time you have completed the content of your book, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

  • You had your big idea.
  • Created an outline.
  • Detailed the outline.
  • Created a content schedule.
  • Worked thru each section like a champ.
  • And are now complete….with the draft.


Yep, this is the first draft.

Now is the point of editing.

I recommend you edit the content yourself first so you can listen to the voice of your text rather than outsourcing right away.


This allows you to familiarize yourself with your writing voice & feel accomplished for putting in the work!


Go thru your content and clean up the grammar, spelling, rambling, etc.

This part is boring for a lot of people.

But I have fun with this.

You can too.

When you edit your own work, there’s a magic behind it.


Once you are done editing it, you can send it to an extra pair of eyes or just re-edit it once more!

Up to you.



Writing a Book is a Mindset shift


There you have it! How to write a book for beginners!


You should give yourself a pat on the back for writing this book.

That’s because many individuals want to start, but overthink themselves out of it.


Mainly because they are focusing on the specifics from the get-go.

But you’re different.


You focused on general to specific.

That’s the trick to overcome writer’s block and become a content creation machine.


You have roughly 30,000 thoughts per day.

I’m sure you can write those thoughts down in a coherent way.


We all have at least 1 book in us.

But only a few will discover that.


Take action, and externalize your internal world.

Your book will last for another 10 lifetimes.


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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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