Benefits of Leveling up Your Creativity

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Creativity is Often One of Those Words That Scares a lot of People


There are two reasons:

1. Creativity has gotten an unfair label as being for little kids.
2. Creativity is such an ambiguous concept that it is a very difficult to grasp.

But what is very ironic about these reasons is that creativity is the exact reason you are able to view this piece of text right now.

What, you don’t think the idea of technology itself stemmed from creativity? You think the idea of technology was a logical concept?

Not quite.

You see, our brains were never meant to be fully logical. Logical thought processes are only one half of the entire spectrum. The other half of the spectrum is creativity.

Example Time

Let’s go back to our technology example for a second. We will zero in and talk about the computer. The idea of the computer itself was sparked by the creative side of the brain.

This device was never thought of beforehand. Therefore, thinking of this new idea required a sense of imagination from the human mind.

Once the imagination gave birth to the idea that is when the logical side of the brain formulated a plan to make the idea come into reality.

In a nutshell, the creative brain formed the idea. The logical brain made that idea come to life.

That is true synergy.

What is Creativity?

Before I answer that question, I wanted to ask you a question to get your curiosity sparked up:

Have you ever googled what the term genius means?

A genius is someone who possesses supreme intellect or creativity. Therefore, having an expert level of creativity can classify you as a genius.

So what exactly is it?

Well there are many definitions for creativity, but my personal definition of creativity is the ability to think of new ideas that are innovative.

These are the ideas which are different and often revolutionary.

Personal Branding Examples

However, keep in mind, all creative ideas are not the same. Some creative ideas can be produced for artistic work and some can be produced for inventions that change human civilization.

Creativity is a skillset that can be applied to any part of your life. However you define it, creativity has allowed mankind to progress this far.

Creativity has allowed for civilization to have:

1. Cars
2. Airplanes
3. The light bulb
4. Smart phones
5. The internet

Without the use of creativity, the logical side of you will have nothing impactful to create. So today I want to go ahead and give you a few benefits that creativity will have on your mind and eventually your actions.

This soft skill will allow you to separate yourself from the masses and leave a long lasting impact.

Let’s begin…

Fresh Content Creation Ideas

Have you ever just gotten stuck while trying to produce new content? I can empathize with many people when they bring this up.

Whether you are creating content for your podcast, Youtube channel, blog or social media account, an ongoing stream of content creation can be a roadblock.

Creativity is your secret recipe to maneuver around this roadblock.

A creative brain allows you to have an innovative approach by engaging the power of your imagination.

An innovative approach will allow you to tackle your content creation duties with different angles that you were originally not seeing.

These new angles will give your material a fresh perspective which will immediately make your content pop. Content that pops out to the audience is content that is very difficult to ignore.

You’ll be a Better Conversationalist

Have you ever had that moment where your conversations began to seem repetitive? Whether you were talking to your parents, significant other or a friend, the conversation just felt a little stiff?

Chances are that you may be speaking a little too much with your logical side. You are becoming very robotic, my friend.

The Fix?

Work your creative side. Get your inner magician unleashed so you are able to be better in social interactions.

Creativity is one of the best defenders against a boring personality. Remember one big thing: no matter what you do, do not be boring!

Just like our prior benefit, creativity will allow you to approach your conversation with many new angles.

You will begin to think of topics that make a memorable impression or you can further strengthen your social bonds with current loved ones.

Bigger Ideas

This benefit is vital to your growth. We are our thoughts to a certain extent.

If you only have a bunch of self-limiting, narrow minded, destructive thoughts floating around your head, do you genuinely think you will be successful? Probably not.

You need large empowering thoughts in order to force your mind & body to take bold actions in your life. If you are unable to do that, then you have sealed the deal for a very limited life.

Creativity is your best friend to live up to your fullest potential.

A brain that has empowering, innovative, revolutionary ideas floating around can give birth to a legendary figure.

Do you think Muhammad Ali was thinking with his logical brain when he was calling himself the greatest of all time?

He wasn’t.

He had the vision to project his life many years ahead to force his brain into this level of thinking. The more he conditioned his brain into viewing himself as a legend, the more that his brain cooperated in making that idea manifest into reality.

If you want to make an impact on this world, you cannot simply do what everyone else is doing. The best way to have ideas that are revolutionary is by thinking outside of the box.

Scratch that. Burn the box down and think even bigger.

Improved Mental Health

Life will get hectic as we age. The responsibilities, conflicts and bills will continue to pile up.

Every human being needs a safe haven that will allow them to connect back with reality to avoid getting lost into the dark sides of the real world.

There will come a time in your life when you engage with your inner artist. It may not be in your present moment, but that time will one day arrive. But why be an artist?

Because you will be able to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Whether you pick up poetry, painting, creative writing etc., your art will be a vessel that allows you to unload your bottled up thoughts & emotions.

Personal Branding Examples

Once you bring a level of artistry into your life, you will feel happy. Your mental health will feel less cluttered.

The sense of pride that you feel after creating a piece of art will enhance your self-esteem.

If your artwork is something that you are very proud of, then you can further your artistic journey by building a brand for yourself.

The rabbit hole of open possibilities will have your realizing the level of opportunity that you have. Your outlook on life will be enhanced in the process.

Reduction in Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is stemmed from focusing on the low-level details. You focus so much on the opinions of other people, that you overthink yourself into a frenzy.

The life of social anxiety is not easy, at all.

Social anxiety can tarnish many opportunities that life presents. Fix?

Enhance your creativity.

A creative mind prevents you from approaching life on a low-level spectrum. A creatively charged brain can distinguish between thoughts & reality.

You will begin to realize that the opinions of others are simply a low-level detail.

Plus, your newfound creativity will allow you to empathize with other human beings.

Your mind no longer thinks from your own ego, but now you are able to use your imagination as fuel to place yourself in the mindset of another human being.

You start understanding the way your peers operate.

Once you start enhancing empathy skills, you will realize that other human beings are just the same flawed creatures as you are.

Unlocking Your Minds Hidden Potential

If you have thus far been leading your life with only your logical self, now is the time to change that. Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation and a lasting impact.

If you want to make your mark on this world, you have to begin thinking larger than you are comfortable with. Nothing legendary will ever come out of your comfort zone.

You will simply see the same results as the masses.

But remember, you always have the ability to turn your life around forever. It all begins with prioritizing what is important to you.

So begin taking your creativity seriously, and leave a lasting impact before you take your last breath.

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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