Let Armani coach you to enhance essential communication skills to become a top performer in your personal and professional life. Schedule a free consultation to create a personalized action plan based on your goals.



Engage & Have Impact

Whether it’s speaking in front of hundreds of event attendees or a just few co-workers, Armani will show you how to overcome public speaking challenges. You’ll receive actionable tips to design compelling content, control anxiety, and deliver your message with charisma.


Be Open & Charismatic

Interacting with individuals or groups can be overwhelming.  If it’s your first introduction, you may try too hard or your anxiety may inhibit you from striking up a conversation.  During your sessions with Armani, you’ll learn how to manage your emotions, be expressive and build your network.

Armani Talks Book- Level Up Mentality


Strategize & Captivate

Writing compelling content & recording expressive videos are learned skills.  Work with Armani to develop a customized strategy, grow your brand, and produce powerful, quality content pieces. 



“I recently had a session with Armani and it was a game-changer. He gave me useful, actionable tips and I have already reaped the benefits. After applying Armani’s exercises, I’m now more confident, affable and have an easier time expressing myself. My listeners are more engaged by my live streams and videos. If you’re considering working with Armani – do it. It will have an instant, tangible benefit to you and your business.”

Ryan Holmer, Public Speaking
sabith malliackal

“As CEO of Kashmir Nutrition, a ketogenic supplement company, we take pride in our ability to make products that taste good and are effective. Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone that buys your products which is something I underestimated starting out. After speaking with Armani, I was able to implement what he calls “Perspective Shifting”. Now when I get a 1-star review, instead of getting mad, I immediately put myself in the other person’s shoes to understand how he feels. I see poor reviews as an opportunity to improve our customer service through word-of-mouth. Thanks to Armani, the skills I’ve learned are already paying major dividends!”

Sabith Maliackal, Social Dynamics

“Armani’s storytelling and creativity exercises were a great boost and helped me overcome a pivotal section in my plot development. One of his tips on creativity even improved my pace and productivity as a non-fiction writer. Armani knows his stuff when it comes to unleashing creative productivity. An hour spent with him is well worth it. ”

– Ed Latimore, Content Creation
dylan madden

“Armani is one of the few people who can build confidence. He helped me improve my on-camera presence. No matter where you are in life, he will help you get from A to B quickly.”

-Dylan Madden, Public Speaking

“I reached out to Armani when he had just a few hundred twitter followers. Scrolling through his tweets I could tell he was the real deal. I messaged him and asked if he could give me advice to improve my on-camera game for Periscope and YouTube. In just a few hours he sent me a report analyzing the good and the bad. He also gave me an incredible amount of actionable advice for enhancing my speaking on-camera. I can’t thank Armani enough. If you’re looking to become a better communicator, he’s your guy. ”

– Nate Schmidt, Public Speaking
asad christy

“I reached out to Armani for writing development help and didn’t expect anything further. He gave me actionable steps to improve my social presence and a better understanding of consumer behavior on social media. I implemented his techniques and saw positive results immediately. With the lack of checks and balances online, it’s easy to wonder if spending money on a particular service is worth it. I can confidently say that partnering with Armani is a great investment. As a result you will be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I find this guy sooner?”

-Asad Christy, Content Creation
reena patel

“After learning about Armani’s journey of becoming an inspirational public speaker, I became intrigued by the idea of facing my public speaking fears head-on. I struggled with maintaining eye contact with the audience and connecting with the crowd. After working with Armani, I now know how to relate to the audience and not fear their reaction. Thank you, Armani for positively impacting my life!”

Reena Patel, Public Speaking

“After a session with Armani, I was able to improve my social skills as both an introvert and extrovert (depending on the situation). Armani tailors his approach based on the individual. He gave specific actionable tactics. I’ve never had a conversation that didn’t result in learning something. Highly recommended!”

Danny Roars, Social Dynamics

“Armani is a social expert who taught me a lot about creativity and how to improve my presenting skills. He’s easy to talk to – diagnosing the problem and offering the tools to refine my talents. I highly recommend his services.”

Sean Luger, Public Speaking
james holt

“Armani’s consult clearly laid out how I could improve my public speaking. I always thought I was a pretty good speaker, but there’s always room for growth. In his evaluation he pinpointed exactly what I needed to work on giving me daily exercises to help. I highly recommend investing in an evaluation if you’re serious about public speaking. I can’t believe I went 19 years without receiving proper coaching.”

James Holt, Public Speaking


What are your rates?
For pricing information, please reach out to me for an individual plan based on your needs (link to Book Armani).

I missed my appointment! How do I reschedule?
Absolutely! Simply reschedule your appointment here (keep link)

How can you improve my public speaking?
If you are giving a speech, for example, I will help you with setting the tone, laying out the structure, creating compelling content, and gaining the confidence to delivering it.

Do you guarantee success?
If you are committed to learning, passionate about improving, and consistent, you will succeed. I can only offer guidance and hold you accountable. Simply put, it is up to you to develop these habits.

Will our session remain private?
100%. It will be a one-on-one session and nothing will be recorded on my end. Your privacy is the highest priority.