The Real Difference Between Introverts & Extroverts

The Real Difference Between Introverts & Extroverts

As someone who has been involved in social dynamics for sometime, I have come to notice something.

‘What is that Armani?’

I have come to notice that humans are very different.

Each human has had a set of unique experiences, upbringing & defining moments that have made them who they are.

Ofcourse, there are many elements of human nature where you can see underlying patterns.

Ex: Like the need for shelter, food, sex & all that.


But other than the human nature element, the specifics of personality can differ.

‘What sort of personalities have you noticed?’

I’ve noticed: Introverts & Extroverts.

And I’ve noticed that these 2 get confused and misnterpreted very often!

It’s time to change your understanding of the 2 personality types & introduce a 3 one while we are at it.

Let’s begin.

How Legit are Personality Types?

The Myers Briggs test has people clutching onto their personality types like it defines them.

‘The test tells me that I’m Introverted, so I am that!’

‘The test tells me that I’m extroverted, so don’t tell me otherwise!!’

And for me, that seems a little too stiff.

‘What do you mean? You don’t think the Myers Briggs test is legit?’

I think it’s a good test to get a baseline for where you are on the personality spectrum.

But do I define it as an end all be all?


As someone who has been involved in social dynamics, I find the human personality to be more dynamic.

I believe human personality does have patterns, sure.

But I also believe that moods, experiences, social circles have a huge factor on our personality as well.

I believe that personality can change over time.

Seen extroverts become more introverted as they matured.

Seen introverts become more extroverted as they moved to new areas.

Point being, in my opinion, personality is dynamic, not stagnant.

So personality types are legit, but it only covers the tip of the iceberg.

iceberg introvert extrovert

Difference between Introverts & Extroverts

Now with that being said, lets clear up some misconceptions regarding both personality types.

Common Misconceptions regarding Extroverts:


-Poor listeners

-Center of attraction

Common Misconceptions regarding Introverts:


-Anti social

-Socially awkward

‘I thought all these were true?’


This is the lazy man’s approach to defining the two parties.

‘So what is the difference?’

It all comes down to ENERGY.

Introverts lose energy when surrounded by people for too long & need to recharge in solo time.

Extroverts gain energy when surrounded by people & lose energy when in solo time for too long.

That’s the main difference!

It all comes down to where they gain & lose energy after a long term exposure.

‘Wait a minute! So you are telling me that introverts can be talkative?’


Pretty sure you know a lot yourself.

Pretty sure you know a person who never shuts the hell up, but they consider themselves introverted.

You’ll be stunned.

‘I see. So you are telling me that extroverts can be quiet?’


You know that kid that is in EVERY social event but rarely says a word?

They are extroverted!

They gain energy when they are around people.

So fix your mindset:

Introverts can be charismatic.

Extroverts can be quiet.

Introverts can be talkative.

Extroverts can be amazing listeners.

Introverts can be the life of the party.

Extroverts can be more to themselves in social setting.

It all comes down to ENERGY.

Do they get energized around people or in their solo time.

Got it?


Great, Now that you know the difference, lets cover a very new personality type.

energy introvert extrovert

The Mysterious Ambivert

When people ask me for my personality type, I always say ambivert.

And then they proceed to look at me like I have 3 heads.

‘The fuck is an ambivert???’

An ambivert is a human with extroverted & introverted like tendencies.

There are days where people drain the fuck out of me & I go solo to unwind in a relaxing setting.

There are days where being alone seems soul crushing & I need to find some people to get hyped.

‘Now wait a minute bucko! Where is the letter A in the the Myers Briggs test talking about an ambivert?’

There isn’t any.

But like I said, humans are dynamic, NOT stagnant creatures.

We evolve with time, experiences, social circles etc.

So if you identify as an introvert, cool.

If you identify as an extrovert, cool.

But if you can’t seem to find the exact label, then you may be an ambivert.

Don’t rule it out just because its not on some man made exam.

The Evolution of Personality?

I’ve seen many people evolve in my lifetime.

When you understand that personality is dynamic & not stagnant, you feel like a limiting belief has been shattered.

You are willing to experiemnt with your life more.

This is huge because it alllows YOU to be more dynamic in social interactions.

Instead of being an ice cube, you become like water.

ice cube water

When you realize that personality is a living breathing thing capable of evolution, you become less rigid in social interactions.

Some interactions you speak more & tell stories.

Some interactions you listen more & ask compelling questions.

Some interactions you serve as the ‘hype man.’

Whatever the case is, you are able to adjust your personality because you have unlocked a new social eye.

Being socially dynamic is lifechanging because now you understand the mannerisms of extroverts & introverts from a 3rd eye.

Huge key to building charisma.

Your message can be understood by a wider array of humans and not just your set type.

Where do you go from here?

Now that you are able to distinguish an introvert from an extrovert, I want you to enhance your social awarness.

Take a walk down memory lane.

Have you seen any sort of evolution?

Do you notice any set patterns?

Has memory lane been a lot diffeent than who you are now?

Ask yourself these tough questions.

Don’t settle for the logical black & white definitions that society has set for you.

Rather, think ENERGY.

Humans are creatures of emotion, therefore they are creatures of energy.

Nothing is black & white.

We are gray beings.

Once you begin making sense of your past self & social interactions, you will feel a sense of clarity for the present.

This level of clarity will skyrocket your social intelligence.

Once you learn about yourself, you can now finally learn about others.

Extroverts are from Mercury & Introverts are from Pluto

solar system

Just one final recap:

Extrovert feel energized from long exposures in social settings.

Introverts need re energizing from long exposures in social settings.

An ambivert has extroverted & introverted tendencies.

With that being said, use your newfound social intelligence to be more understanding.

The more understanding you have, the more you skyrocket your charisma.

And understand this, the world bends its willl for the charismatic superstar.

They are the ones who move up with ease.

So identify your personality type with the information covered in this post, always be open to growth & apply your knowledge onto others.

Life is much better when you aren’t socially stiff & you enter the world of social dynmaics!


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