Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner

Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner


Have you ever felt as though the IQ test was limited?

If so, then you are not the only person.


Growing up, I was not too confident in the IQ exam.

The first time I took it as a little kid, I asked my teacher how to improve my score.

She looked at me like I had 3 heads.


‘This will be your score for a very long time Armani. Not sure it will change’ she responded back.

But even she wasn’t too confident in her answer.


As a few years passed on by, I wondered if the IQ exam was an accurate depiction of our intelligence.

Was intelligence really fixed??


Well, there was a psychologist named Howard Gardner who was not pleased with the stiffness of the IQ exam.

He believed humans were dynamic creatures.

And that it was time to propose a new theory regarding intelligence.


Since then, The Multiple Intelligence Theory was born.


The Multiple Intelligence Theory includes 8 branches of intelligence which are:


  1. Linguistic – Good with words.
  2. Intrapersonal – Self-aware.
  3. Interpersonal- Good with people.
  4. Logical – Good with rationale.
  5. Spatial – Good with visualizing.
  6. Kinesthetic – Good with the body.
  7. Auditory – Good with music.
  8. Naturalistic – Good with nature.


Now, this seems much more dynamic!

If any of the intelligence resonated with you, then you may be smarter than you gave yourself credit for.

Just were looking at it through the wrong lens.


So let’s go through each of the intelligences & talk about the characteristics.

Then you can see which boat you fall in.

PS: You are capable of being intelligent in multiple of the groups, not just one.


Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner


1. Linguistic Intelligence – Good with words


These people are great with words.

Linguistics intelligence is broken down into 4 components



  • Reading
  • Listening



  • Writing
  • Speaking


If you are someone who loves words and use it as a vehicle for content creation, growth, learning and much more..then you may be gifted in terms of linguistics intelligence.

This group makes great at public speaking, creative writing, YouTubing, etc.


2. Intrapersonal Intelligence- Self-aware.


This party is capable of strategic introspection.

A lot of people THINK they know how to introspect.

But in reality, they don’t have a clue.


They just sit in silence & give themselves an ego-stroking session.

Imagining why they were right & others did them wrong.


The individual with high intrapersonal intelligence is highly self-aware & able to self correct their behaviors.

This group does not need you to point out their flaws.

They are already 10 steps ahead of you.


3. Interpersonal Intelligence- Good with People


Have you ever met someone who can make friends in any event?

Even if they are walking into a room full of strangers, they leave with a bunch of handshakes & phone numbers.


This group is good with people.

They know how to listen, show genuine curiosity towards others & ask the right questions.


Interpersonal intelligence is a soft skill that has other factors which include:


Look out for the local charismatic individual near you.


4. Logical Intelligence- Good with Rationale


Typically when we think of intelligence, we think of this type.

The good ole fashioned logical individual.


This is the ability to have an analytical mind that can connect the dots in a systematic way.

You won’t often see this group getting their emotions played with so quickly.


Very well thought out & loves getting all the data before making up their mind.

They are not only logical with the world around them, but also have the capability to be logical with the world within them.


Aka: past experiences & future desires.


Lady, Chess Piece, Kreispuzzel, Platform, Presentation


5. Spatial Intelligence – Good with Visualizing


I hated school because I am naturally a visualizer.

Rather than being flooded with Powerpoints, I needed to be able to see the pictures of the major concepts for me to get my brain running.


In the real world, individuals with high levels of spatial intelligence are not only able to visualize…

But they are also able to use pictures in their minds to solve problems.


These are the individuals we think of when we say ‘Billy has a VISION.’

While the world is focused on the tiny pixels, the spatially gifted individual is looking at the bigger picture.


Your mind is a natural picture producing machine.

However, this group knows how to use it for practical purposes rather than to be overwhelmed with anxiety.


6. Kinesthetic Intelligence- Good with Body


Have you ever met that one person with 2 left feet?

Couldn’t dance even if you paid them to.

Well, picture the opposite.


Kinesthetic individuals are good with their bodies.

You’ll typically see them be in shape, athletic, good dancers etc.


This group believes the body is an intelligent entity.

Not some dumb sack of tissue that blindly follows the commands of the mind.


The mind controls the body and the body controls the mind.

Many don’t fully believe in the latter part of this statement.

This group is certain of it.


7. Auditory Intelligence – Good with Music


Individuals with high levels of auditory intelligence are able to use their ears very well.

They can notice the distinctions between melodies, songs, vocal tonalities.


The famous producer Dr. Dre is a genius when it comes to auditory intelligence.

He can listen to a song & dissect it into the nitty-gritty details.


You know you’re around the presence of someone with auditory intelligence when they are seamlessly picking up the lyrics of a song they just heard.



8. Naturalistic Intelligence – Good with Nature


I once went camping with a group in college.

Most of my group had no clue how to set up a tent or work their way around nature for a few days, including myself.

But my friend Shane?

Complete opposite.


He led the pack that weekend.

Shane was able to maneuver effortlessly around nature, crating fire, fishing, setting up the tent, etc.


Some people have this talent.

Their childhood may have played a big role in this form of intelligence.

Maybe they had a lot of family trips in nature.


Which Intelligence Type are you?


The beauty of this theory is that you are not just bound to one form of intelligence.

You can fall into multiple boats.

And in several cases, some of the intelligences are more interdependent rather than independent when mastering a skill.


Say you are great at communication skills.

  • Well, then you will have a strong skillset with words. Linguistics intelligence.
  • You may have a musical voice that allows you to seamlessly alter tonalities. Kinesthetic intelligence.
  • The ears are always alert for listening to the context of other people’s tonalities. Auditory intelligence.


3 forms of street smarts for the price of 1 skillset.


If you were not fully fulfilled by your intellect level in school, then don’t mail it in so quickly.

Humans are creatures that always has the power to surprise one another.


See which one of the multiple intelligence theory by Howard Garner you are.

And doubled down on your gifts.

Its never too late to reach the genius level.


– ArmaniTalks ????️????


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