What is Creative Writing? – A How To Guide

What is Creative Writing? – A How To Guide


Creative writing is such a popular phrase nowadays that I have been curious on how to learn it.

I’ve always been a big fan of simplicity.

The easier it is to do something, the more likely it is for you to implement it.

Simplicity makes you productive, allows you to cross off your goals & move towards your grand vision.

If simplicity is so good, then why do so many people actively avoid it?

I want you to think for a second.

Has there ever been a time when you were doing something and it felt easy?

It felt so easy that you thought something was wrong?

You thought ‘Hm… this feels a little too easy, I wonder if I’m missing something?’

So you proceed to add a few extra steps to make it seem like you are doing it ‘right.’

Well, that’s what many people do with creative writing!

They turn something that is supposed to be simple into something that is very complex.

‘Why do humans do this?’

It’s because creative writing requires you to have fun.

creative writing pencil

Whenever there is something fun involved, adults have the tendency to make it complicated.

Real-world problems have disengaged us so far from our inner child, that discovering creativity is a work in itself!

But this article is meant to deprogram you & replace your mind with empowering beliefs.

No longer will you over-complicate the easy.

No longer will you make a fun task feel like work.

But rather, you will be in the process of writing with your inner child leading the way.

What is Creative Writing?

There are tons of definitions for creative writing.

But I have a short & simple one.

Creative writing is writing with enthusiasm & the same voice that you speak with.

That’s it.

There’s no need to follow a set framework in the beginning.

You are simply displaying your internal world to the external world.

When you follow too many frameworks from the get go, you tend to filter yourself.

You hold yourself back & become boring.

When you take the enthusiasm out of creative writing, you get work.

Why Do People Have Trouble with Creative Writing?

Think about it.

Your entire life, you were taught 2 predominant ways of writing (depending on where you were raised):

Expository or Narrative.

Expository is when you explain something and narrative is when you tell a story.

So from the very beginning, you are assigned 2 frameworks.

Next, you are told to write 5 paragraphs, indent in the beginning of each paragraph & be very careful of your grammar.

If you did not meet those rules, then you were penalized!

Getting penalized for breaking the patterns caused you to follow the school system’s framework.

Your subconscious mind thinks, if you’re writing without a framework, then you must be doing something wrong.

Your subconscious mind pictures your teacher’s red pen, crossing & marking up the essay that you just produced.

How to Begin Creative Writing

creative writing

‘So how should I approach creative writing?’

In the beginning, you are not going to have any structure whatsoever.

Just like anything you are learning for the first time, you are going to be all over the place.

But that is a good thing.

It allows you to discover yourself on a higher level.

For your entire life you were taught:

·      Logic first.

·      Creativity second.

With my model it is:

·      Creativity first.

·      Logic second.

What does that mean?

Well, in the 1st stage you are going to choose a topic.

Got it?


Okay, now WRITE.

Don’t focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation or anything like that.

If you feel tempted to backspace & correct some shit, then you are doing it WRONG.

You only have one instruction homie. WRITE.

You hear that inner voice in your head?

Yea, talk like that.

Keep going.

*a few moments later*



Okay now take a quick break.

‘A break?’

Yea. Like 15 minutes-ish.

*a few moments later*

Okay, NOW you are going to use logic. Review your writing & fill in the gaps.

There may be certain points want to add something or remove redundant points.

Take some time to do that.

As you are adding & deducting, you will also clean up your grammar, sentence structure, punctuation etc.

Note: You will be very pleased with yourself.

In many occasions, you are going to be like, did I really write that?? Whoa, that’s insane!

Creative Writing is About Designing your OWN Framework.

What you just did is a very simple way to creative write.

Picture a path going 1 direction in a forest.

Tree, Forest, Path, Light, Away, Forest Path, Avenue

Now picture Suzie & Tim.

Are they going to walk the same EXACT patterns?



‘Because they are unique humans. One may walk, take a pause, look at the trees in the forest & go back to walking.’

The other may walk zig zag.

Gotcha. But if they are walking down the path, then they will end up in the same destination, right?

‘Yes, they will move forward.’


The path is the ULTIMATE purpose of creative writing which is discovering yourself on a deeper level & sharing your internal world to the external world.

But how you get there will be different for all humans.

You are responsible for designing your own framework. You must walk your own unique patterns in your path.

Which is why I say that you should not copy others.

People talk about how ‘great artists steal’ all the time.

I don’t like that phrase.

I think it’s bullshit.

Shitty artists steal.

But good artists consume arts of all kinds.

Then their subconscious mind combines art from different lens with their UNIQUE perspective.

And then that individual spits out art from their own eyes.

That’s how the game of creative writing works.

Where to Use Creative Writing

The beauty about creative writing is that it can be applied to your personal & professional life.

I am someone who does creative writing in my personal life where I journal.

When I journal creatively, it helps me discover my voice on a better level.

And in terms of my professional life, I use creative writing to write blog posts, emails & tweets for my personal brand ArmaniTalks.

You can implement the same formula!

If you become a creative individual from the core & stop trying to copy everyone, then I guarantee you that you’ll never run out of content.

It really is that simple.

You’ll never run out of life experiences to talk about.

With creative writing, you will become:

  1. A better storyteller.
  2. A clearer communicator.
  3. Become more confident
  4. An artist.

Can’t really go wrong with this one champ!

Begin Today!

I have an exercise for you;

Write about a zebra who wants to begin a journey to become a dolphin. Explain why, the difficulties the zebra faces & the ultimate happy or sad ending.

‘Huh?? Now why the fuck would I want to do that!’

So you can engage your right brain.

So you can force your creativity & imagination to do the heavy lifting.

Even though you have never seen a situation like this play out, don’t let it phase you.

Create something out of NOTHING.

Become a creative genius.

As you are writing this, you will feel tension in your head.

But remember what I said:

  1. Creativity first – just write.
  2. Logic later – come back and edit.

Do this simple formula and you will be a creative rock star in no time!

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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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