I often get asked by new creators about how they should design content.

And when I get asked that question, it always seems confusing.


Because I never think that I am creating content in the first place.


Yep, that’s the cheatcode right there. (Well, partially)

In order to produce unlimited content, you have to not view it as producing content.

‘Wait a minute! Really??’


But I’m sure this seems like a counter intuitive tip.

So let me explain the mindset into content creation and give you 4 actionable tips to help you level up.

Mindset For Content Creation

Content creation mindset

Humans hate things that remind them of work.

And the term ‘content creation’ signals work to your subconscious mind.

I only use this term because it is understood by the general public.

‘So if you don’t normally use content creation, what do you use?’

I use creating or manifesting my ideas.

‘Hmm.. interesting. Can you explain why I should switch my mindset too?’


When you view something as work, it will feel like work.

When you view something with desire, it will feel like fun.

A huge factor in producing infinite content is to actually like the topic that you are talking about.

I like talking about soft skills, so I built my brand around it.

Therefore, I can talk about it for years without it feeling like work.

Which is why you need to pick a subject that makes you click.

Every time you produce the content, you should feel like you have gotten to know yourself on a deeper level.

So if you’re a dancer & your trying to produce articles on fidget spinners, you’ll burn out real quick.

But if you’re a dancer producing content on dance history, dance styles, dance routines, you’ll have fun.

So don’t say ‘I have to produce content.’

Say ‘I get to produce content.’

Get your mind right before proceeding onto the next 4 steps.

1. Knowledge from the external world

I often hear a lot of producers bash consumers.

But that’s silly!


Because every producer was once a consumer.

What, you think they were just born onto this planet knowing what they know?

Fuck no.

They had to hustle and LEARN.

Which is why you must do the same.

Read books, listen to podcasts, talk to people in your field & be a sponge.

A true producer never stops consuming.

Reading for content creation

2. Wisdom from the internal world

Now if all you do is consume all day, then you are not going to get far.

You need to put your knowledge into application.

Back to the dance example.

Consuming about dancing is great.

Heck, you’ll probably be a good producer if you just consume all day and never apply it.

But will you be a producer who has infinite content regarding dancing?


Producers who never run out of material are the ones who have actually walked what they talk.

They have applied their knowledge.

And applying that knowledge led to a lot of failing.

And learning from their personal failures have allowed them to gain wisdom.

Wisdom is crucial to adding your unique twist to your production.

3. Empathy to communicate with anyone.

Emotional intelligence is a mega skill when it comes down to content creation.

‘Really? What does EQ have to do with production?’


When you are producing, you want to have the ability to speak to someone else.

There are many times when I get a message saying that a Tweet resonated with them.


I’ve never met this person before.

But it’s because of empathy.

Empathy is the invisible bond that connects humans.

Empathy allows you to approach life with multiple different viewpoints.

Viewpoints that have you molding your material in new ways.

But most importantly, it takes you out of your own ego.

Now you aren’t producing content that only helps you.

You are producing content that helps the world.

4. Creativity for infinite angles.

Creativity is one hell of a drug.

It has you seeing life in a brand new way.

You often have isolated thoughts that your brain produces.

Creativity glues those thoughts together in innovative ways to produce infinite content.

While the mere mortal sees dots.

You see the entire picture.

The best way to unlock your creativity is to think less.

‘Think less? Why not more?’

Because when you think too much in the beginning stages, you stall out.

Creativity is about letting your mind flow.

At first, before you produce, just brainstorm.

No thinking.

Your subconscious mind will give you unique ideas.

Grasp those angles, and create a rough outline.

When you’ve structured your ideas, then edit with logic.

Unlimited Content is in Your Future

If you want to unlock unlimited content follow this blueprint.

You’ll never stall out on creative material again.

Heck, you’ll worry that there is not enough time in the world to get all your ideas out there!

But that is a good problem to have.

One thing that I learned from content creation is that it is one of the most fulfilling acts out there.

You don’t want to ruin this act by viewing it as work.

View it as self discovery.

You’ll start to produce endless gold.

Are you someone who is having trouble producing content for your personal brand or business?

If so, get in touch with me for a 1 on 1 coaching session & I will help you get started.

In our session, we will:

-Eliminate mental blocks regarding creation

-Help you fine tune your message

-Build a content creation plan

-Set up a content creation schedule.

Producing content is the lifeblood of your brand & business, so make sure you are taking it seriously.

And allow your voice to connect, inspire & move the world.

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