What is the Mind?


I was recently scrolling thru YouTube to search for videos on ‘what is the mind?’


Very disappointing.


Every video I went thru was a word salad or wasn’t answering the questions that I wanted to be answered.

Most of the videos left me more confused & scratching my head.


I’m a simple guy.

I like things delivered to me in a simple way so I can process the information & execute on it.

And for years, I have been trying to learn more about mindset.

If you follow ArmaniTalks, then you know my page is mainly about helping you improve your communication skills.

So what does communication skills have to do with the mind?


It has EVERYTHING to do with it.

How others feel about you is mainly a reflection of how you feel about you.

And if you can’t control your mindset, then you will inadvertently project quirky vibes to the other party.


This article is going to talk about the 3 main components of the mind.

I am not going to go super detailed because this is meant more for a high-level overview.

I am going to discuss the sense of self, conscious & subconscious mind.


Nerve Cell, Neuron, Brain, Neurons, Nervous System


Once you understand these 3 elements, you can apply the concepts effectively to your life.

Let’s begin.


What Does the Mind Look Like?


The biggest problem regarding the mindset is that we have no clue what it looks like.

When we don’t have an idea on what something looks like, it has our head spinning in circles.

This is why we often ignore the intangible.


And when we ignore something, we never fully grasp what it is.

Google defines the mind as ‘person’s intellect.’

I believe intellect is simply a part of the mind, but not solely the mind.


My definition of the mind is:


An internal & external force which allows a human to leverage intellect, imagination, information & energy storage to navigate life.


Now, in order to bring structure to the intangible, you need a picture.

You need a personalized idea of what the mind looks like.

‘Is the brain the mind?’



The brain is a neural circuit board that is programmable by the mind. Once programmed, it will influence the mind.


A Neuroscience Law is:

  • The mind controls the brain.
  • The brain controls the mind.


Since the 2 entities are different, it gets very difficult to think of a picture.

I personally envision a picture of the mind as a universe around someone’s head.

The bigger the universe, the more faculties of the mind they are leveraging for growth.

The smaller the universe, the more faculties that are being ignored.


Work actively on creating a picture of the mind as you continue to study the subject.

It will allow you to feel more engaged in studying the topic.


The 3 Elements


Here are my high-level overviews of the mind.

  • The sense of self– who are you & what are you working towards?
  • Concsious mind- intellect & imagination.
  • Subconscious mind– storage of information & energy from our lives.

Let’s go thru each one.


The Sense of Self


Who are you?

What do you consider yourself?

Where do you see yourself going?


These are abstract questions that are relative to the person answering them.

A true sense of self is having the rational to understand where you are & the imagination to understand where you are going.

Which brings me to the next realm.


Conscious mind


Brain, Mind, A, I, Ai, Anatomy, Artificial Intelligence


This part of the mind is the one you are using to read this article.

Your conscious mind holds awareness.

You can use your awareness to go from intellect, imagination or use the 2 in harmony.


  • Intellect is the ability to reason.
  • Imagination is the ability to see impossible.


Subconscious mind


Your entire life holds data (information & energy) from your past & present.

This is known as your paradigm.

A paradigm is conditioned thoughts which you accept as your reality.


The subconscious mind is the most powerful database that you can imagine.

And this database is the one which provides thoughts to your conscious faculties.


How Should You Use the Mind?


Want to know something?

Most people have a very little idea of how to USE their mindset to their favor.

They completely neglect this topic & end up suffering in the long term for it.


The problem is the school system.

From the 3 elements of the mindset that I mentioned, the school system only focuses on intellect.

They only care about the ability to reason, pass tests & do some homework.


They completely neglect to help you identify a sense of self, how to leverage imagination & how to reprogram the paradigm within your subconscious towards your favor.

When you don’t know how to use the mind, you unlock the cycle of chaos.

Here’s how most people behave once they graduate from school.


  1. They have no sense of self, so are not working towards anything.
  2. This group uses their intellect by learning a bunch of random topics which are not moving them forward towards any growth.
  3. The imagination is left unused. Results? Anxiety forms because this creative portion of the mind is untamed.
  4. The subconscious spits out thoughts to the conscious. This human mistakes mind wandering as critical thinking.



Here’s how a person using the mind correctly behaves.

  1. They have evaluated where they are & where they want to go.
  2. They use their intellect to learn meaningful topics to help them get to their destination.
  3. This group uses the imagination to visualize their future self.
  4. Repeating the intellectual topics & seeing pictures of their future state helps them reprogram their subconscious mind.
  5. Now the newly reprogrammed subconscious paradigm provides thoughts to the conscious to move the human forward.


Notice the difference?


How to Create a Weapon


Hopefully, you understand how the mind works now.

The NUMBER 1 thing you need to be doing is analyzing who you are & what you want out of life.

Analyzing who you are can be done by spending more time with yourself.

Finding out what you want out of life requires some pain.

But it is well worth it. Go and experiment or take a walk down memory lane and evaluate what makes you feel alive.


When you have the sense of self identified, you can then use your intellect & imagination towards your favor!

The more your repeat concepts & visualize images, the more your subconscious processes rewire.

Your paradigm shifts.

And your mindset goes from being a hurdle to a weapon!


Leverage all 3 of the Components & Rewire Your Destiny


what is the mind


Use your mindset to create your destiny.

Learning to be an effective communicator starts or being competent in any profession starts within.

When you are a man & woman on a mission, confidence just oozes out from your voice.

You are someone people want to listen to.


Mastering these 3 elements of the mindset will help you unlock other components of the mind not discussed in this article.

Such as curiosity, willpower, memory and so much more.

When you have something you are working towards, you unlock your inner genius.


Your mind is a universe living within you.

It is a muscle that can be strengthened and will grow over time.


You just need to take the effort to INVEST time into it.

For practical tips to rewire the mindset, I give you the blueprint in Level Up Mentality.

The ultimate no-nonsense guide to rewire your internal world so you can create a new external reality.


Good luck with your mentality engineering & hope to see you build the life of your dreams.


– ArmaniTalks ????️????

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