How to Speak Clearly

How to Speak Clearly


Have you ever wondered how to speak clearly?

No more mumbling, soft voice or stating a statement like a question.

But rather, a confident, booming voice which makes you feel like you know what you are talking about.


We all want a stronger voice.

But how often are we willing to work for a stronger voice?


But let’s be real!

Do you even know what makes a strong voice?

‘Nah, not really.’

I didn’t either.


A few years ago, I had a soft voice that could barely be heard.

For a long time, I convinced myself that my voice was fixed.

Thought it was something that I was born with.

This is the excuse I’m sure you have been making as well.


‘So you are telling me that isn’t the case?’


My voice was never a problem.

But my lack of knowledge was.


Communication, Phone, Call, Message, Phone Booth


I wasn’t too sure how to work for a stronger voice because I had no clue it was even possible.

I had no clue how to speak clearly.


But guess what?


I don’t want you to suffer the same fate.

It’s time to cut your learning curve champ.


This article is going to first talk about WHAT constitutes as a bad voice.

Then, I will highlight WHY your voice sucks.

And finally, I’m going to show you tips on how to speak clearly.


Be aware of the ‘what’, identify the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ is much more purposeful.



Perfect, let’s begin.


Attributes of Speaking Poorly


So if you fall into any of the following boats, then you have a problem:

  • Mumbling
  • Speaking softly
  • Lowering your voice at the end of a sentence
  • Making everything sound like a dam question!


Let’s go thru each one.




Mumbling is a VERY low energy act.

When you mumble, it indicates that you are not serious about your communication skills.

What’s worse is that you make the person you speak to feel deflated.

The point of an interaction is to leave the other person feeling energized!

Not the other way around.


Speaking Softly


Have you ever had that moment when you said something, but no one responded?

You wondered if what you said was not worthwhile.

But honest truth?

Chances are they didn’t even hear you.

You’re too quiet champ.


Lowering your Voice at the End of the Sentence


This happens when you want to state an opinion, but you do so with hesitancy.

You are unaware whether or not this will be the right sentence, or if your words are right.

So you lower it at the end to not face judgment.


Making Everything Sound like a Damn Question


Today’s a good day?

I’m feeling good?

I’m going to work?

Turning statements into questions radiates confusion.


Why You are Speaking Poorly


Have you ever wondered WHY you are speaking poorly?

‘I thought it because I was born with it.’



Think about it for a second.

When you are talking to your little cousin, how do you speak?

‘I speak with confidence and a level of self-assuredness.’

Gotcha, so why don’t you always speak like that?

‘Hm… no clue.’


Don’t you see? Your voice is not physical.

Your voice is all mental!


Your voice is a representation of how you see you.


You speak to your little cousin with a strong voice because you are the higher authority.

You see yourself as a higher social value.

But with others?

Exact opposite.

You assign yourself the lower social value.


You can try to fix your voice all you want, but until you begin taking it seriously in terms of an internal job, your efforts will be futile.

Your voice is a representation of your self-image.


Can you fake a strong voice? Sure.

But will it always feel like work? Yes.


The way to begin fixing your voice is by first fixing your mindset & self-image.


How to Speak Clearly Part 1.


fix your self image to learn how to speak clearly


The first way to speak clearly is by building your self-image.

You build your self-image thru competency.

‘Build competency in what?’

Something that you’re passionate about.


When you improve in a certain goal, over & over again, your renewed self-image becomes ingrained.

You feel a higher level of self-worth.

Here you are setting all these big goals.

And here you are crossing off all these big goals.

Mega key.


You can use other people for inspiration, sure.

But the ultimate goal is to find something that makes you feel alive.


For me, I enjoy public speaking, YouTubing & writing, so I set goals for that.

Ask yourself what makes you feel good.

I can’t answer that, but your introspection sure can.


Once you identify that special thing, keep getting better & better at it.

Get so good that you begin adding your own twist to it.

Level up non stop.

The human has unlimited potential so keep going & going & going!


As you start seeing yourself grow before your very eyes, you’ll notice your self-image following suite.

The level of certainty will radiate in your strong voice.


How to Speak Clearly Part 2.


Now that you are working yourself mentally, let’s do some physical exercises.

By working on the mental & physical in harmony, you are going to see EXPONENTIAL progress.


Here are my top tips regarding physical voice exercises.

Find the one that clicks with you & give it a try.


Read a book out loud


Did you know that old school scholars used to read out loud?

Personally, I had no clue!


But when you read out loud, you’ll notice yourself being much more mindful of your speaking.

You are enunciating, using your vocal cords & are in the moment.


Take your time and get thru EVERY single word.

Don’t slack off homie.

This is a good way to work your voice.


Start a Podcast


Starting a podcast is an amazing way to learn how to speak clearly.

You are solely relying on your voice to distribute a message.


It is going to feel cringe at first when hearing your voice.

But keep going.


Over time, you’ll notice your strengths & areas of improvement.

Hearing yourself allows you to be more mindful of your voice.




Boy, Microphone, Scream, Child, Sing, Male, Performance


‘Wait, what bro??’



I want you to go in your car or an isolated spot & scream very loud.

This is going to open up new parts of your voice that you were not initially unaware of.

Once you scream, you will notice a level of power in your voice.


You’ll notice the words are flowing out rather than being pushed out.

Major key.


Always Learn More on How to Speak Clearly


Your voice is your personal brand.

Your voice can make your likable or unlikeable.

It wields a LOT of power in your world.


Therefore, it is crucial that you begin investing in your voice.

I find it comical when people think their voice will just improve on its own.


That’s like thinking you’ll magically get a 6 pack while sitting on your ass.

Doesn’t work like that champ.


This article has all the tools for you to learn how to speak clearly.

It’s now your choice to make it happen!


If you are someone who wants an analysis of their voice to communicate with more power, then apply for a free 30-minute consult!

These sessions will target your strengths & areas of improvement.

A stronger voice awaits.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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