Linguistic Intelligence


Are you someone who is good with words?

Or do you know someone who is good with words?


Don’t just rule them off as a charismatic airhead.

Look closer.

They are a lot smarter than you think.


Humans are intelligent in different fields.

Some are great dancers.

Others are great with logic.

Some are brilliant team workers.

And some just happen to be brilliant with words.


Linguistic Intelligence


Linguistics intelligence is one of the most important skillsets for the future.

Our world is more interconnected than ever.

If you think about it, we are living in a global village.


The walls of the world have been removed in the virtual space.

We are able to seamlessly communicate with one other.


Therefore, strategic use of words is more useful than ever.

Strong communication skills make you more pleasant, open to new opportunities & turn you into a mega mind!


‘Wait Armani, are you saying I can become smarter through communication skills?’

You absolutely can.

And this article will teach you how to do that!


The 4 Basics of Language


When you break a language down to the core components, what do you see?

‘I see meaning.’

But BEHIND that meaning?

‘I see words and symbols.’



Language is composed of symbols with rules.

And the rules include grammar, sentence structures, word choices.

A combination of symbols & rules allows a mind to form an interpretation.


Therefore, language without an interpreter is just a pile of symbols.

But with an interpreter who understands the rules, language evolves into something GREAT.


Language is a tool at the end of the day.

Without it, our ability to communicate would hinder.

But also, our ability to LEARN would suffer.


The average human spends roughly 4+ hours consuming media.

And that media holds different forms of language.


The language is either serving as an input or output.

The 4 basics of language come down to:


  1. Reading.
  2. Listening.
  3. Writing.
  4. Speaking.


Using Language to Build Linguistics Intelligence


The 4 basics of language turn random symbols into PRACTICAL tools.

Just like a dollar bill for example.

An empty paper is an empty paper.

But a paper that looks like the 100$ bill & is accepted by an interpreter as a paper with 100$ value becomes valuable.


In the linguistic intelligence world, words are a weapon.

And in order to TREAT it like a weapon, you need to master the inputs and outputs.


From the 4 basics of language, the inputs are:

  • Reading & listening.


The outputs are:

  • Speaking & writing.


Let’s see how you can improve the input & outputs.


How to Improve Linguistic Inputs


Inputs are best defined as taking information from the external world into your internal world.

The best way to ENHANCE your ability to take in inputs is by improving your focus.


Your focus is crucial in terms of inputting information.

With poor focus, you will simply see words, rather than value.


You obviously need the ability to distinguish between good information and bad information.

But that will be futile if you can’t concentrate for more than 5 seconds.


Actively work on focus tasks with the daily basics.

Learn to incorporate meditation & mindfulness into your routine.


Or treat information consumption as a form of meditation.

Whenever you lose focus, make it an effort to gently bring your mind back to the content.


How to Improve Linguistic Outputs


Outputs are defined as taking information from the internal world & placing them into the external world.

The best way to improve the outputs is through consistency.

You need to adopt the paradigm of a creator & stick by it.


Writing skills can only be improved through writing.

Not reading books about writing all day.

But the act of writing will get you far.


The same concept holds true with speaking.

The best way to become a better speaker is by leveraging any moment to speak.


You’ll start off super sloppy.

More often than not, you’ll use WAY more words than needed to get your message across.


But patience.

The more consistent you are, the more polished you will become.


Diamond, Brilliant, Gem, Jewel, Shiny, Noble, Expensive


Strategic Practice for Linguistics Intelligence


The beauty of linguistic intelligence is that each of the 4 basics of language help one another.

Each of the skills has a synergistic effect on one another.


So if you are a hardcore reader, then don’t be surprised if you become a better writer.

But also, if you become a better writer, then it becomes easier to improve your speaking skills.


You learned the micro-skills of organizing your thoughts during your writing sessions.

So it becomes easier to leverage that skillset when learning to speak better.


Technology has made a significant change in the communications world.

Tools that we have today were tools that we did not have before.

You just need the right intent to match your pursuit.


If you are someone who is consistently online, then cater your linguistics intelligence journey around that.

Use WordPress to start a blog.

Use YouTube to start a speaking channel.


There are plenty of traditional methods for the offline approach.

Journal with a paper & pencil.

Join a Toastmasters and give speeches.


You can always have a combination of online & offline approaches.


The more you practice, the more you’ll see opportunities for linguistics intelligence are ALL around you.

Our entire worldview was built on the backbone of words.


When you begin thinking like this, you are more excited to improve the 4 basics of language.


Become a Words Maestro


Inclusion, Group, Wheelchair, Wheelchair Users


After having strong control over your words, you begin to have stronger control of your mind.

Communication skills often improve cognition skills.


Machine learning is automating tasks that can be done through a procedure.

If your job falls under that label, then start thinking big picture.


Your ability to use words will never go out of style.

There is something primal about communication.

And there is also a survival aspect to staying informed.


One of the best ways to build influence.

Spread your ideas.

And control your narrative.

Linguistic intelligence for the win.


The ability to communicate doesn’t discriminate.

It doesn’t matter what gender, age, race or height you are.

All you need is to sharpen your focus & stay consistent.


Do that for long enough & you will become a maestro with the words.

Watch yourself create magic out of thin air.



– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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