How to Create a Social Life

How to Create a Social Life‍


Is being social necessary?

Back in the days, being social was a must.

During the ancient times, a person without a tribe was good as dead.

But in today’s world, those sort of dangers are no longer present.

You won’t necessarily die if you don’t have a social life, but is it something that can be ignored?

With the rise of social media, online entertainment & ability to be by yourself, a social life seems like a waste of time to many people!

If this sounds a tad bit like you, then you would need to make yourself aware.

A social life brings in a lot of joy, but it requires a good amount of work to develop.

If you are interested in forming a social circle, but have no clue where to start, then buckle up.

Today, we will be entering the world of social dynamics.

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What is a Social Life?

A social life is when you mingle with other people in some sort of activity.

This activity can range from partying, going out for dinner, watching a movie, discussing ideas etc.

But it is mainly when you are making a human interaction.

A few years ago, I thought being social meant hanging out with a lot of people.

I thought every time I went out to chill, it required several people, otherwise, it wouldn’t be seen as social.

But scratch that limiting belief.

1 person or 100 people, doesn’t matter.

As long as there is another human involved, and you do it on a consistent basis, then you have a social life.

If you don’t have that, then you need to make the effort to build one.

Why is a Social Life so Important?

A social life is important for a few reasons:

  1. Opportunities
  2. Fulfillment
  3. Growth


I’m sure you have heard the quote: it is not what you know, but rather WHO you know.

Well, that is true!

Humans are social creatures & we work much faster when we have the ability to collaborate.

That isn’t to say that ‘what’ you know is unimportant.

But to say that:

The ‘what’ you know becomes 10x more useful when you amplify it with ‘who’ you know.

Read that again.

A social life allows you to do that!

You build a lot of strong friendships, acquaintances & connections which allow you to meet like minded humans.

And the thing about building a network is the spillover effects associated with the network.

You’ll notice yourself being introduced to new people from your pre-existing friend circle, which allows you make more connections.

Those connections can possibly hold a lot of opportunities.


Being social is a core part of a human being.

If you evaluate a lot of your past few memories that stick out, you’ll often notice another human was involved.

That’s because humans, friendships, families create memories that stick with us for a long time.

These sticky memories bring us a sense of fulfillment.

And this level of fulfillment allows us to tackle future goals with more enthusiasm.

Mainly because we are not only fighting for ourselves, but for our loved ones as well.

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Experiences allow you to grow.

Not sure if you know, but once you go thru a certain experience, it changes the shape of your brain!

This is huge because changing the wiring of your brain allows you to change who you are as a person.

If you are surrounding yourself with the right group of people, then you know that you are in for a ride.

You have the opportunity to grow faster than you would alone.

The experiences, adventures, conflicts that you face in the social world transform you into a grander version of yourself, which ultimately helps you in the future.

Leveling up Your Social Life

Now that you understand why a social life is important, let’s help you get one!

It all comes down to an easy formula.

  1. Mindset
  2. Approach
  3. Follow up


Mindset is huge for the social world, because the social environment is not the friendliest of places.

You aren’t always going to be met with welcoming arms of people who want to be your friend.

In many cases, you will be back stabbed, rejected or hated on.

But does that mean that you should quit?

Hell no!

Mainly because you are scoping thru the dirt to find the diamonds.

A lot of your social life will be a numbers game.

I want you to approach it with an ABUNDANCE mindset.

There are billions & billions of people on this planet.

Do not be discouraged if someone does not want to be your friend or acquaintance.

Rather, embrace it!

Be happy that they are not going to be wasting any more of your time so you can make room for the people who want to be friend.

Once your mind is right, you will feel more enthusiastic in your journey to build a social life.


Want to know something funny?

I often see a lot of people who wonder why they have no social life.

And when I ask them what they did to build one, they just shrug their shoulders.

Heck, you  may fall into that category yourself.

But this is a poor strategy because other humans are not going to break into your house and try to be your friend.

You need to take an active tactic: Approach!

This could be in weddings, charity events, club activities, parties etc.

But approach them & strike up a conversation.

This is an excellent way to build courage & grow in the process.

You will become more confident and in control over your life because you are taking an active measure to build a social opportunity rather than settling for what you are given.

In many cases, the more you approach others, the more others will approach you.

View yourself as the person who is filled with great energy & is doing the world a service by sharing that energy.

You will approach each interaction with much more charisma & magnetism.

Once you approach, do some small talk & work from there.

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Follow Up

This is often the most neglected step.

But when you neglect this step, then you have wasted time with getting your mind right & approaching!

You need to follow up if you want to be remembered.

We live in a time where information is ABUNDANT.

Humans are thinking rapidly on the daily.

And trust me, they are not allocating a special part in their mind for you. No offense.

If you just approached once & drift off to the wind, then you will be forgotten.

In order to be remembered, you need to follow up with them & contact them every now & then.

Most people don’t reach out first, so don’t expect them too.

Instead, be active and take matter into your own hands!

How to get the Perfect Social Life

It really is as simple as getting your mind right, approaching & following up.

When you follow this 3 step formula, you’ll meet a lot of people.

From all of these people, you can choose who you want to build a stronger relationship with.

By doing this, you will gain more opportunities, fulfillment & growth.

All 3 of these aspects will serve as a major key in your level up journey.

Now that you know how to get a social life, take the effort to build one.

Will it be easy? Nope.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

Soon, you’ll have a core group of friends & family members to foster many meaningful memories with.

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