Quit Losing Your Cool: Learn How to be Patient

Quit Losing Your Cool: Learn How to be Patient


Waiting is physical.

Patience is mental.


In a busy world, learning how to be patient at will is a superpower.

Not because someone else is making you be patient.

(Spoiler alert: it’s impossible for others to make you be patient).

But because you are doing it out of your own will.


There are tons of scenarios where waiting is a must.

This is the byproduct of living in a complex system.


If someone says they got stuck in traffic in a busy city, then it will seem obvious.

If they say they have never been stuck in traffic in a busy city, then it will seem like they are lying.


So, if we must learn how to be patient, why not do it with a proper attitude?

View this skillset as a muscle, & this muscle will strengthen.


learn how to be patient


Defining Patience


Patience is when you are mentally & physically waiting with an empowering attitude.

Being mentally present will determine whether the attitude is empowering or not.


There are only 2 types of attitudes:

  • Empowering or Draining.

‘What if someone has neither?’

Then they are bored.

And boring falls in the draining category.


The reason the mind needs to be present is that otherwise, it starts concocting:

‘I could have been doing this instead’ narratives.


If you’re stuck in traffic, then the mind will be like:

‘Damn, if I took Jog Road instead of Summit, then I could have been at home eating my burrito.’


This narrative causes the body to feel drained.

Not empowered.


Viewing Patience as a Skillset


Stupid people exist.

Rude people exist.

Gullible people exist.


One of the greatest times to learn how to be patient is when you are put in a troubling position by someone else.

Let’s say your web developer forgot to update your site plugins…

And now your site got hacked.

This is a time when someone else’s incompetence caused a problem for you.


You’ll be surprised by how many job positions are put in this position.

I was visiting someone at a hospital recently, and the nurse was complaining that she had to take up more shifts because her coworker kept calling in sick.


This nurse’s attitude was noticeably drained.

You could tell she had been overworked.


‘I guess she wasn’t exercising patience, right? She must be a vile person!’

Not quite.


Learning how to be patient under tense scenarios is emotionally draining.

Especially considering how her nursing role was already physically draining.

I’m surprised more people don’t lose patience more often…


Emotional Muscles


So, if you are going to deal with dumb people.

And these dumb people’s mistakes will affect your life…

Then what is a person to do?


Gradually introduce emotional workouts into your life.

This is when an impatient person is gradually learning to be present in a tough scenario.

If they have no other choice, might as well get stronger.


The emotional muscles are internal.

It cannot be seen.

-Sort of like the voice.

However, it can be felt.

-Like the voice can be heard.


You know these muscles are getting worked out when the narrative mind is saying:

‘Are you sure you don’t want to snap?? Go ahead, snap!


Building emotional muscles isn’t suppressing emotions.

It’s about learning to coexist with emotions.


Rather than telling the narrative mind:

‘How dare you create the narrative of wanting me to snap?? Don’t you know that I’m practicing patience?? Idiot!’

  • Acknowledge the narrative.
  • Then allow the narrative to permeate the body.


‘Thoughts are entering my body?’

Yes. Allow me to break down this concept.


Body Meditations to Learn How to be Patient



Every thought releases a charge in your body.

It can be a micro sensation.

Or a macro sensation.


The less personal the thought is to you, the more micro the sensation will be.

If you’re a rich person who is told to think about ‘plastic cups’ you may feel a slight tinge in your neck.


On the other hand, if you are broke right now…

And you cannot afford many supplies besides plastic cups.

Heck, you eat your soup & cereal out of those cups…Then the cups are PERSONAL to you.

If I tell you to think about the plastic cups, a surge of feelings will go through the body.


Feeling the sensations shows that thoughts (intangible) have an influence on the body (tangible).

Our goal is to make the intangible and tangible work together.


It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman.

Rich or broke.

Attractive or look like Sasquatch’s little brother.

If the body & mind are not friends, then patience will never happen.

You will be waiting….at most.


The key to making them friends is to do body meditations.

‘Can I do these meditations with my eyes open?’


  1. Allow the narrative of the thoughts to play out.
  2. Feel the corresponding sensations of the body.
  3. And make yourself aware of those sensations.


Over time, you’ll notice these sensations are highly therapeutic.

It allows you to familiarize yourself with the body.

When a person learns to coexist with the sensations, it leads to:

-A better voice.

Warmer personality.

Enhanced Creativity.


Befriending the Mind & Body


Sometimes, people need a good scolding.

Learning how to be patient all the time is a worthy ideal.

But may not always be practical.


Especially when there is a person who is dragging their feet with their job.

Causing you to miss deadlines.


However, other times, the narrative mind may be exaggerating.

Rather than reacting so quickly, it will be a great opportunity to build emotional muscles.


Slow the breath down, allow the narratives of the mind to permeate the body & feel the sensations.

It isn’t that bad, is it?

‘No, not at all. It’s quite relaxing.’


Soft skills are skills at the end of the day.

With practice, the intangibles will allow you to become great.


Other than the contemplative mind, most things found in a human can be found in an animal.

  • When a human reacts every now and then, they prove to be a human.
  • When a human reacts all the time, they prove to not be too far from the animal.


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