Ninja Breathing: How to Breathe Correctly

Ninja Breathing: How to Breathe Correctly


Tough times exercise your discipline.

Routines exercise your patience.

And breathing exercises your emotions.


Think about anytime you feel angry, anxious, or sad…

What is your breathing like?


‘My breathing feels shallow & loud.’

Yep, that sounds about right.


Poor breathing is a reason for a lot of our problems.

The strong control their breath.

The weak are controlled by their breath.


What’s funny is that we make the mistake of thinking that we know HOW to breathe correctly.

Just because we breathe does not mean that we are doing it correctly.


A lot of us are not breathing with simplicity.

Rather, we are breathing with complexity.

And that is the reason for so many problems…


Why Is Breathing A Mood Stabilizer?


In the busy world that we live in, it often feels like our body & mind are not working together.

Instead, they are working against each other.


Breathing is powerful because it finds a way to integrate the body AND the mind.

This allows us to feel relaxed.



Have you ever had that moment when you were speaking in a nice confident voice?

‘Yep, a few times.’

How did you feel?

‘I just felt very present.’

Sounds accurate.

The voice is processed breath.


Your voice is bridging the mind & body.

  1. You start off with a thought.
  2. And then you turn that thought into breath.
  3. The breath goes thru the vocal cords turning into sound.
  4. The sound is placed into your mouth & chopped into words by your lips & tongue.

So voice is a “thought-> lips & tongue” transition.

Intangible -> Tangible.

Mind -> Body.


Your breath is the bridge between the 2 worlds.

And if your body & mind seem to be fighting one another, that’s because your breathing strategy is off.


How to Breathe Correctly: Ninja Style



Let’s keep it simple.

Breath long & breath silently.

So silent, like a ninja.


‘Why should I breathe silently?’

Because when you breathe silently, you are forced into deep breathing.

Your diaphragm is engaged.

This melts away shallow breathing.


How should you do it?

Breath with the intention of making your breath silent.


If you hear ANY sound, then you are doing it wrong.

Keep aiming to make the breath silent.

The more you take away the noise, the longer the breath will naturally become.

Keep breathing…


After some time, you will notice the mind feels present.

Empty in thoughts. Here in the now.

The body feels relieved.

The muscular tensions have melted away.


That’s the ninja breaths.

Silent breaths that no one can hear.

Not even yourself…


When Should You Execute Ninja Breathing?


The truth of the matter is that you should always be ninja breathing.

That is the ideal situation we are going for.


We want to get to a level where we don’t have to constantly think about breathing correctly.

That would get annoying.


Are you always thinking when typing?


Are you always thinking about how to drive?

‘Not after I learned how to drive consistently.’

Are you always thinking about what your name is when asked?

‘Haha nah…’



Likewise, we want to turn breathing from a conscious act to an unconscious act.

And this is going to require practice.


Our goal of practice is to turn a trained act into an instinct.

Our practice is not going to be done overnight.

It will be done over time.


If you’re like most people, you have spent AGES breathing incorrectly.

Loud, shallow, sloppy breaths are ingrained in your neural pathways.

This is why ninja breathing is all about ingraining new neural pathways into your system.


The best way to practice?

Integrate the practice into your lifestyle.

So when you’re watching tv, make yourself aware of your breath.

Silence all the noise.


This will not distract you from your television show.

It will allow you to enjoy the television show more.


If you don’t want to integrate ninja breathing into your lifestyle quite yet, and just want to practice during a set time…

Then aim to set aside 5 minutes every day to consciously silence your breath in a quiet room.

Start off light & work your way up.


After practicing consciously for a couple of months, you’ll notice silent breaths are taking over the shallow breaths in your life.

Keep practicing & rewiring your internal world as a whole.

The body & mind are slowly becoming friends.


Will You Ever Have Shallow Breaths Again?


Just because you are practicing silent breaths does not mean you will never have shallow breaths again.

However, your likelihood of being in control will skyrocket.


Just like a basketball player who practices free throws.

They are not guaranteed a 100% success rate during games.

But their likelihood of sinking free throws when the game is on the line, skyrockets!


Due to the nature of life, we will be presented with a lot of high adrenaline situations.

Those moments that get our heartbeat going on rapid mode.


All we can do in those moments is ACTIVELY silence our breath.

Which will engage our diaphragm.


The mind will signal to the body that it is not in danger.

The body will send the signal to the mind that all is good.

A friendship is now being born between the 2 worlds.

And all will be good.


The worst time to prepare for war is when the war has been declared.

Take time at this point to work on silencing your breath if this is a long-standing issue in your life.


As your breath progressively becomes more silent…

Anxiety will melt & confidence will rise.


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Unlocking your Inner Ninja


We can all be like the ninja.

No one can tell when we have activated ninja mode.

Besides us.


The beauty of breathing is that we are always doing it.

It follows us like our shadow.


But since we do it so much, we ignore the marvelous act.

Which causes us to take away its value.

And what we take away value from plummets in quality.


With ninja breathing, you have an easy fix for poor breathing habits.

Remember this…

The weak are controlled by their breath.


We don’t want to be weak anymore.

Become the ninja that can show fortitude no matter which circumstance is presented to them.

So cool.

So calm.

You’re relaxed without batting an eye.

Learn how to breathe correctly & unlock your peak potential.


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