How to Have an Attractive Personality

The Attractive Personality

You may hate the term ‘personal brand‘, but it’s time that you start accepting reality for what it is.

We are ALL personal brands.

Every single time that we leave the house, we are displaying our personal brand to the world.

The more that you deny this, the more you restrict yourself from maximizing your personality for success.

There are 2 types of people in this world:

Group 1: Thinks their personality is fixed.

Group 2: Think their personality is malleable.

If you are group 1, then you have already put a nail in the coffin for your growth.

Tsk tsk.

Look closer to your life.

A growing mind is needed in your life to level up, yes.

But you know what is JUST as important?

A growing personality.

If you think your personality is fixed, then you are leaving growth on the table.

Plain and simple.

But if you think your personality is malleable & capable of being molded like clay to develop the character traits of your deepest DESIRES, then now we are talking.

You ever seen a likable person?

Wanna know what that person has that you secretly wished you possessed?


The Attractive Personality.

Also known as charisma.

The attractive personality allows you to develop a magnetic presence that makes you likable & respected.

Sound interesting?

I’m sure it does.

Well, you’re in luck!


The attractive personality is a skill set.

Which means that it can be learned, practiced & mastered.

So let’s mold a winner out of you.

Time to level up your personal brand of life & create a grander version of yourself.

The Truth about Personality

The first thing a person with an attractive personality must possess is the ability to think for themselves.

If you look at your past to the present moment, society has been trying to control & program you.

They try to control the narratives, what are acceptable social norms, what you should learn in school etc.

This leads to a society of herd thinkers who fixate their personality to what is acceptable.

Crowd, Human, Silhouettes, Personal, Group Of People

But that is the incorrect way to develop who you are.

Herd thinking develops clones & creates a filtered version of your real self.

The truth about personality is that it is ALL UNIQUE.

No personality is the same.

There may be some similarities, sure.

But ultimately, all personalities have their unique twist to it.

Which is why it is crucial that you are capable of thinking for yourself.

Do you strictly identify with cliques, herd mentality a political party etc?

Then evaluate if you are having your thoughts chosen for you or if you are engineering them for yourself.

Your personality will simply be a psychical manifestation of your past experiences, insights & journey.

Multiply the line above with authenticity & you have an attractive personality.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you have control over your own mind before proceeding any further.

Moving from Head to the Body

We live in a society where we are consuming more than ever.

Videos, blogs, podcasts, Kindles, gossip, scandals, movies etc.

Over-consumption leads to too much information.

Too much information leads to :

1. Analysis Paralysis

2. Anxiety

These 2 traits hinder your internal world.

And any hindrance on your internal world will seep into your body language.

Understand that 90% of all communication comes down to body language.

If you display uncomfortable body language, then it will be very difficult (if not impossible) to develop an attractive personality.

Uncomfortable body language:

  • Fidgety
  • Darting eyes
  • Touching your neck a lot
  • Soft voice
  • Drooping chin
  • Dragging feet
  • Talking fast


You get the point.

‘So what do I do??’

Get out of your head & connect with the body.

  • Head holds logic.
  • Body holds intuition.

Logic is needed in life, don’t get me wrong.

But a social interaction is mainly an emotional experience.

And to keep it an emotional experience, you need to lead with intuition.

How do you do that?


Glow, Human, Spirit, Light, Soul, Mind, Mysterious

Every time you find yourself overthinking in a social situation, make yourself AWARE.

Once you are aware, re-channel your focus back on the present moment.

Congrats, you just did a mental rep.

Do that enough times & you will strengthen your awareness muscle.

A strengthened awareness muscle will allow you to remain in the present by default.

Being in the present will take you out of your head & back into your body.

Give up the Spotlight


‘Wait, give UP the spotlight? I thought I was trying to show people how attractive my personality is ?’


Exact opposite.

Your main goal is to make the other person feel important.



Every human craves to feel important.

They are the main character of their lives.

Which is why they want to be made to feel important in this hectic & chaotic world.

So give them that.

You are going to pay them a currency that will SKYROCKET your attractive personality.

‘What is that?’

You are going to pay attention.

Attention is a primal currency.

Beings in general thrive off of it.

If you have a pet, analyze their behavior.

Even a cat who seems rather apathetic will come to the pet owner & brush up against their leg to be petted.


So they can get some attention from their pet owner.

If an animal feeds off attention from a human, pretty sure a human feeds off attention from a human.

Paying attention is CRUCIAL to building an attractive personality.

And paying attention allows you to build your social muscle.

You’ll know when someone is talking about something that means a lot, so you can strategically ask follow up questions.

This will allow you to contribute more, strategically.

Also, you’ll understand the art of introducing a new person to a group so they are not chilling by themselves in a corner.

The attractive personality requires a giving mentality.

Give attention to the people who deserve attention (don’t entertain rude people, haters, snakes).

By doing this, you are making others feel important.

Know what that means?

Now you have your own marketer.

They are going to go out of their way talking about what a charismatic beast you were.

This gives you social proof.


The next time you meet the person who heard good stuff about you, they will automatically see you in a positive light from the beginning of the interaction.

Call that the Charismatic Chain Effect.

Your Personality is the Remote Controller to your Future

If your mind is the steering wheel, then your personality is the exterior of the car which allows you to get dope ass parking spot access without the wait time.

Humans are social creatures by nature.

They can’t get enough of the charismatic person.

The individual who is:

1. Unique

2. Present

3. Gives attention to others.

When you hit that holy trinity, others will be more than happy to provide back to you.

What’s unique is that the attractive personality allows you to see life from a completely new lens.


You get a bird’s eye view of human nature.

This allows you to know what works & what doesn’t work.

And that’s because you are so damn present & aware.

Now level the fuck up on your personal brand & form your tribe.

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