Rage Transmutation: How to Deal with Rage

Rage Transmutation: How to Deal with Rage


Rage is defined as uncontrollable anger.

And it is one of the dark sides of a human.


Everyone feels rage at one point or another.

Whether we are in front of people or in private.

It is a human emotion that does not discriminate.


‘Is rage a bad thing?’


‘Depends on what?’

On how you USE it.


Most of us never had a class on how to control our emotions in school.

So we get out there in the real world with little to no emotional literacy.


We have no clue on how to spot destructive emotions, regulate our energy & leverage it.

That’s why many people make short-sighted decisions.


In this article, I am going to teach you how to deal with rage.

Coming from a person who used to be a very angry child, I can empathize with you.


‘Do you still feel rage?’


But nowadays, I know how to use it.

It’s time that you do too.


Apocalypse, Disaster, End Time, Armageddon


Why Do We Have Rage?


Unresolved anger morphs into rage.

An emotion that is suppressed goes to the gym & comes back 10x stronger.


Suppression is not the way to go.

But that’s typically how we go about it.


Typically when we bury an emotion in one facet of our life, it spills over to another part.

Picture the manager who got dumped by a girl.

Never processed the emotions.

And now takes out the hidden anger of possible betrayal on his employees.


Behind rage is a memory or memories that we haven’t come to terms with.

This is why introspection is the key to self-growth.


Another thing that I have noticed is that rage can be caused by overconsumption.

In today’s era, information, entertainment & media are abundant.


Too many outside components are striving for our attention.

Overconsumption & under creation leads to an excess of energy in the internal world.

The excess of energy NEEDS to be released one way or another.


And typically, the energy can be released in a heinous way.

Aka: rage.


The Dangers of Rage


Look on the highway.

How often do you see car accidents left & right?

If you trace back the root cause of a few of the accidents, it was due to:

Road Rage.


How someone drives gives you a strong understanding of their internal world.

When we drive a car, we have power.

And power often brings out our true selves.


The dangers of rage on the road may be a speeding ticket, violent encounter off the road or a brutal car accident.


But the dangers of rage in terms of your life can vary depending on the situation.

All too often, our rage comes out alone or in public.


During alone time, your ego often traces back the moments that you were done wrong.

Whether it was by a friend or someone of power.


And you keep replaying that moment over & over again.

Screaming out what you would say to them if they ever disrespected you again.


If your rage comes out in public, then that can be worse.

That often happens during heated debates or a roasting session gone wrong.


It takes a long time to build a reputation.

And a sudden lapse of judgment can tarnish your image very quickly.


At least when you release rage at home, no one can see.

When you do it in public, you can put a strong dent in someone’s subconscious mind.


Gotta remember this champ:

-Emotions come and go.

-But the consequences can come and stay.


How To Deal with Rage


A lot of the technology that we have today is due to harnessing energy.

Harnessed energy can lead to practical tools.


Did you ever have one of those solar-powered calculators?

‘Yea I did! Used them in elementary school.’

Pretty cool, right?

‘Yessir. Pretty dope indeed.’


Calculator, Solar Calculator, Count, How To Calculate


Something about light powering a photoelectric cell to create current to power a calculator was cool.

Energy from the light powering my calculator?

If I go outdoors, then the sun is allowing me to multiply 99×99.


That’s the beauty of HARNESSING in your energy.

At the end of the day, rage is simply energy.


Earlier on in the article, I was talking about how a lot of rage is due to:

Overconsumption & under creation.


Well, time to change that.

Let’s introduce rage transmutation.


Rage Transmutation


We often hear about sexual transmutation.

Life Math Money’s book, Live Intentionally, does a brilliant job of teaching you how to leverage your sex energy.


But let’s talk about rage transmutation.

What if you can be the sun that powers the solar calculator?

‘That’d be dope as fuck!’

Well, you’re in luck.

You CAN.


All you need to do is channel your rage into an outlet.

Focus all your energy on a creative endeavor.

‘Any examples of creative endeavors?’





Storytelling is a great vehicle on how to deal with rage.

The art of connecting ideas, spreading a message via words, developing a narrative.

Your outlets can be:


Physical Activity


Physical activity is a form of creativity in itself.

When you are investing in the gym, your body is the canvas that you create on.

The weights are the tools.

Sports can do a wonder as well.


You can choose from:

  • Lifting
  • Basketball
  • Martial Arts etc.


Image Activities


Our brain sees life through images. Something about drawing is primal. How about you invest in that…

Learning to control the power of images allows you to develop a strong skillset.

This is primal persuasion.


Invest in:

  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Videography


Overall, rage is simply uncontrolled anger.

But creativity is controlled anger.


When you are able to harness the energy from within & channel it TOWARDS something, you operate on higher thought frequencies.

Which is why great works of art are often developed from pain.


Use your pain constructively rather than destructively.


Abstract, Art, Background, Paint, Texture, Colorful


Control Your Rage to Produce Greatness


Your emotions aren’t going away.

It’s just a part of your like your eyes & arms are.

Rather than complaining about them, learn to leverage them.


Rage targeted towards the right direction can unlock a brand new level of confidence.

You learn to exist with ALL parts of yourself.


That’s what confidence comes down to at the end of the day.

When you have the power to coexist with ALL parts of yourself, the good & the bad, and still take purposeful action…

Then you can walk with your chest out.

That’s pride right there.


Create art & learn how to deal with your rage.

Control your internal world & become less impulsive.

That’s how you raise your consciousness & build your emotional intelligence at the same damn time.


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