Why Do I Wake Up Sad?


One similarity that many people share is waking up sad.

Soon as the alarm bell rings, there’s a flurry of sadness that goes on.


-What if scenarios.

-Sad moments from the past.

-Sadness on not being where we think we should be.

-Body aches, who knows.


‘Is this because the alarm went off & I don’t want to do much work?’

It can mean that.


However, I feel it’s something a bit different.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who sleep in, that still go thru this issue.

They wake up when they want…but soon as they are up, they are sad.


If you can strangely find yourself resonating, then this article is going to cover a few things.

It’s going to talk about the structure of the brain & why it’s important to avoid certain acts when you wake up sad.

Let’s start the day off better with a better rhythm.


The Brain is an Artifact


The brain is a record of the past.

And the brain has a few features we need to be aware of.

One of the most important features to be aware of is the ‘negativity bias.’


The negativity bias is when we place more importance on the bad over the good.

So the 1 mean opinion may feel stickier than the 100 good opinions.

‘Why is this?’

It’s because our ancient ancestors were forced to place more importance on the negatives.


They had to be on the lookout for rival tribes, sabretooth tigers & being ostracized by their own squad.

Negativity was an important factor for survival.


Like I said, this organ, the brain, although very sophisticated, also operates with a lot of old software.

These are the 2 lessons to learn:

-The brain has old school models.

-One of the old school models is the negativity bias.


But Why Negativity In The Morning?


‘I see what you’re saying, bro. But why the negativity in the morning?’

It’s not necessarily just the morning.

Negative thoughts can happen throughout the day.

However, the morning is more NOTICEABLE.


It’s more noticeable for a few reasons.

One reason is due to dehydration.


Try doing any task when you are dehydrated.

Go on…

You’ll notice everything becomes more difficult. Even the most mundane of tasks.


And when we wake up from a long night’s rest, we are pretty much on a water fast for 6-8 hours.

So that’s one reason.

The dehydration causes us to be more in our mind.


Next, it also comes down to activating awareness.

The process of going to sleep is a process of withdrawing our awareness.


We have a body-centered focus.

When we sleep, we aren’t conscious of our body… But we are conscious of our mind.

Aka: dreaming.


Then there is a portion when dreaming ends.

And that’s when we enter the dreamless state.

During this moment, the thinking processes of the mind are suspended.

We just rest in the absense.


Our waking up process in the morning is the process of a RESTART.

It’s the game of rolling out our awareness to the mind, then to the body.


As the mind restarts, the flurry of thoughts are now activated.

Sort of like when we reboot our computer.


There are a lot of sub-processes that are activated when our computer turns on.

These sub-processors may not be directly noticed by us.

But it’s going on behind the scenes of the computer.


What NOT to Do When You Wake Up


One of the worst things to do when waking up is checking your phone.

‘You literally just described what I do.’

I know.

‘How did you know??’

Because that’s what most people do.


The reason that checking your phone is not the smartest strategy in the morning is due to brain wave states.

When we wake up in the morning & wind down in the night, our brain is in the Theta wave state.


Theta wave state is also what I call the hypnosis state or the highly suggestible state.

Little kids are able to effortlessly learn nuanced languages because from ages 0-6ish because they are predominantly in the Theta wave state.

As we grow up, we spend less time in this state.


Luckily, we have Theta 2 times in the day!

When we wake up & when we wind down.

This is when the subconscious mind is like a sponge.


Why allow others to program your subconscious?

A lot of the stuff that we look at in the morning are social media channels, the latest drama generated by algorithms & other draining stuff.

Why even bother?


This causes a small flux of negativity (just the morning) to linger throughout the day.

Put the phone down.


What To Do In The Morning


‘Is there any chance I can still use the phone?’

Well, it really does depend on the content consumed, bud.

If you are reading affirmations, motivational insights or quotes in the morning, then that’s one thing.

But avoid a lot of the mainstream garbage.


My tip is to understand that the negativity in the morning happens to a lot of us.

Due to physical, historical, and mental reasons.

So don’t be too alarmed.


View the morning and night as the ability to hypnotize yourself.

You don’t need an old man swinging a watch in your face.

If you were able to hypnotize yourself to become anything, what would you do?


By answering this question, we are able to put more emphasis on a morning & night routine.

-How we set the tone for the morning sets the tone for the day.

-How we set the tone for the night sets the tone for the next morning.


This is when practices like gratitude, visualization, lying meditation COMPOUND in effect.

So unless you are using the technology for productivity, put it away.

It’s better to have the phone in another room when sleeping.


Go from digital to analog.

Build those routines to fall back on.

Great way to massage the mind when you wake up sad.


Reprogramming a New State in the Morning


Eventually, thru practice, the negative thoughts do melt away.

Or your awareness/enthusiasm towards the routine outweighs the negative thoughts.

There’s a blindless developed towards the bullshit in the morning.


To wake up sad is a common issue for many people.

Whenever something is common for many people, that’s a brilliant time to go from learning about humans to human nature.


The tone we set does not have to be passive.

We don’t need to be this passive force that just shows up & acts like a victim.

Luckily, the routines engineered by us can make the morning & night the most effective times to be a high performer.


If you were able to hypnotize yourself to be anything…

What would it be?

Think about this one.


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