How To Learn: The Art of Self Education

How To Learn


Growing up, we were often given a lot of subjects to learn.

But let me ask you a question.

How often were we taught HOW to learn?




Pretty incredible when you think about it.

We are taught to learn about subjects such as history, math & chemistry without being given any sort of information on the art of learning.

It seems pretty peculiar.


Oh well. What’s done is done.

In this article, I want to give you some insights on how to learn.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of frameworks for learning.

I’m going to deliver to you the Armani Method.


This article will give you the right mindset, how to consume information, avoid analysis paralysis & build proper habits.

Although we were never taught how to learn growing up does not mean we cannot learn now.

As the famous saying goes: Better late than never.


how to learn


Learning Mindset


-Stupid people think they know everything.

-Smart people think they have yet to know anything.


There are levels to this, my friend.

The real world is not like the world of school.

-In school, knowledge is finite.

-In the real world, knowledge is infinite.


The mindset that you need to start adopting is that you will NEVER fully know anything.

The more that you learn about a topic, the more questions you will have.

And the more questions you have, the more you seek answers.

This cycle will continue to repeat.


‘So you’re saying that I’ll have to learn forever??’



And this is great news for you!

The fact that you learn forever goes to show that you will forever level up.

You stop learning when your curiosity dims.

But remember…

The minute you stop learning is the second you begin rotting.


Maintain your childlike wonder.

That is step 1 on learning how to learn.


Self Education = Primal Act


‘Yo Armani, what should I learn about?’

You find out what to learn about by following your primal compasses.

‘Primal compasses? What are those?’

You have 2.


Curiosity = Primal for the mind.

Gut instinct = Primal for the body.


In school, you were spoonfed information that was deemed important.

But in the real world, you are playing a different game.


Only YOU are the one who determines what is important.

The importance of knowledge is defined by the eyes of the beholder.


A human’s belief system, experiences, passions play a HUGE role in the world of self-education.

Therefore, in order to figure out what you want to learn, you need to look inwards.

Do some introspection & see what currently makes you feel alive.


You’ll often have curiosities towards a certain subject.

Don’t rule out those curiosities.

They play a major role in what interests you.


Follow your interests. That’s how you will learn on your own vs. being forced to study.


Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

Clause, Law, Flood, Stress, Burnout, Overload


When you have identified WHAT you want to learn about, give yourself a pat on the back.

You are now facing the right direction.

Your goal at this point is to do some mild consumption.


Note, I said MILD consumption.

The main thing you want to keep in mind is that you are simply consuming JUST enough content so you can produce.

No more.


Most people get stuck in analysis paralysis because they have no clue when to stop consuming.

There is so much information out there that they want to consume everything just so they don’t make any mistakes.


Reality check…

You will make mistakes!

And plenty of them.

Learn to embrace it.


Your goal is to consume the bare minimum required for you to produce.

Once you have produced & gained experience, then you will know what is important & what is noise.

That’s when you can come back & consume some more knowledge.


Here’s a tip to help you short circuit the consumption process.

Watch 3 different videos on a topic that you are interested in.

Say it’s learning how to run a dropshipping business.


Watch 3 dropshipping videos & lookout for patterns.

You’ll notice each of the videos are bringing up certain concepts.

Those ‘certain concepts’ are the core of the subject. Aka the important part.


Learn about the core & begin producing.


The 4 Learning Stages


So many people quit learning because they don’t know which stage of learning they fall in.

‘There are stages??’

Yep, 4 of them.


Let’s go thru each one:


1. Unconscious Incompetence: At this stage, you don’t know much & you’re not aware of what you don’t know. You’re very clueless at this stage. Sort of annoying considering that you are the most motivated at this point. But patience, your time is coming.


2. Conscious Incompetence: Right now, you still do not know how to do the act properly. But at least you are AWARE of what you do not know. That level of knowledge should make you feel hopeful about what is yet to come. Most don’t make it this far.


3. Conscious Competence: At this stage, you are able to do the task! However, you have to think A LOT. It feels like work. But remember homie, you are going through the stages. Maintain patience and work ethic. You are having to think a lot now, but it will soon be an autopilot act.


4. Unconscious Competence: Boom! Now the act is autopilot. At this stage, you can let your creativity shine. You no longer have to think too much. The neural pathways have solidified & now this act is a part of you. Pretty fascinating when you think about it.


Bonus Tip: Teach Someone


You never know how much you don’t know until you try teaching someone.

Once you have figured out how to do the task, I want you to try teaching someone how to reach mastery like yourself.

‘Teaching?? That just sounds like more work.’

It is.


But remember grasshopper:

Teaching is a selfish & selfless act.


-Selfless: because you impart knowledge to the external world.

-Selfish: because you reinforce concepts to the internal world.


Teaching will allow you to fill in the gaps on concepts that you weren’t too proficient on.

It will have you doing further research & gaining more mastery.

That’s how you learn like you get paid for it.


Learn like a Rockstar in the Information Age


Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Think, Control


We are currently living in the information age.

Any knowledge that you desire is at the end of your fingertips.



Yessir. World wide.

You have a straightforward blueprint on how to learn in this article.

Now it’s just a matter of executing.


In school, we were never taught the art of learning.

So a part of us assigned a negative perception to the act.

But let me tell you.

Self-education done properly is one of the MOST fulfilling acts out there.


You can learn anything that your heart desires.

So spot what that desire is & go all in.

Have fun, build mastery & work the path to become a genius.

Best wishes.


– ArmaniTalks ????️????


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