How to do Visualization to Build Spatial Intelligence

How to do Visualization to Build Spatial Intelligence


Visualization is a powerful concept in many circles.

From the circles of athletics, self-improvement, artists, and much more.


This site deals with communication skills.

Can visualization help you become a better communicator?

Of course!


Visualization is the training of the mind.

And the beauty is that it’s a skillset.

Meaning that we can learn a few fundamentals & practice it to get better.


The problem is that everyone thinks they are a master at visualization.

But they aren’t.


‘Why do you say that?’

Because they don’t visualize.

They daydream.


A difference we are going to cover in this article.


Visualization is a powerful skill set for the mind.

And it’s time we learn how to visualize for dummies.


All you need is 5-10 minutes of your time every day.

Can you do that?


Perfect. Let’s cut to the core concepts of this subject.


What’s the Difference between Day Dreaming & Visualizing?


From afar, the 2 concepts seem the same.

Daydreaming involves images.

Visualizing involves images.


But when you look closer, you’ll notice the intent is different between the 2 acts.

And that makes all the difference.


For daydreaming, you are in a mindless state.

For visualizing, you are in a mindful state.


The mind naturally wants to daydream.

Hopping from thought to thought.


But for visualization, you are choosing a target.

You are NOT hopping from thought to thought.

Instead, you are focusing on one image.

The goal is to be able to hold that image.


And from holding that image, we can eventually make it move.


Seems simple.

But it’s an extremely difficult concept to execute.


Biggest ERROR When it Comes to Visualizing


‘What would you say holds people back when it comes to visualizing?’

Trying to do too much.


Rather than focusing on perfecting one image…

We try to perfect too many images.

The mind becomes overloaded.

Aka: The Monkey Mind.


In the world of the mind, less is WAY more.

We are on a lifelong journey to reduce the entropy of the mind.

Which means to still it & make it relax.


Thoughts are the waves.

And consciousness is the ocean.

When we can relax the waves, we are pure & can see reality better.


One of the best ways to calm the waves is to train the mind to focus on a TARGET.

‘Focus on a target? Hm…this seems a little like meditation.’

Yep. Visualization done correctly is a form of meditation.

It’s a form of mental training…


So start viewing your mind the same way you view your body.

You don’t go to the gym & try to do 10 workouts at once, right?

‘Fuck no!’

Then what do you do?

‘I focus on executing one workout perfectly, complete it, and then go to the next.’



Likewise, with visualization, we are training our minds to focus on LESS.

That’s the intent.


Visualization for Dummies



Now that we understand that visualization requires less, the question is, where do we start?

How do we choose an image?


Truth be told, any image will do.

I recommend starting off SIMPLE.


Start off with an apple.

An apple is an easy image for your mind to warm up too.

We want to warm up the mind so we don’t overwork it.


We don’t want to be that skinny kid who tries bench pressing 400 pounds during their first time in the gym lol.

No thanks.


Leave your ego out of this.


So you have an apple (or any simple image of your choice).

Now the goal is to be able to create the image in your mind’s eye.

Can you do it?

Be honest with yourself.


We are going for CONCRETE images.

If it’s fuzzy, then keep focusing on making the image more concrete.

This can take a few sessions.


Once you are able to produce a concrete image of the apple, give yourself a pat on the back!

‘Why? It’s just an apple.’

That’s not the point.


Focus on the concept of what you just did.

What you did was reproduce an image out of thin air with your mind.

It’s quite profound when you break it down.


‘Awesome bro! Am I done?’


You were able to produce a concrete image of the apple, great.

Now the question is, can you hold onto the image?

That’s key.


Visualization isn’t just about seeing flashes of an image.

It’s about holding the image as well.


‘Why is holding onto the image important?’

Because then you have control.

‘And why is control important?’

Because now you have the power to turn 2D into 3D.


Strengthening the Visualization Muscle


Most think they visualize in 3D, but they don’t.

They can barely control their own concentration.

They have so many thoughts showing up while they are envisioning the apple, that they mistake a 2D image for 3D.

3D requires work.


Thus far, we have warmed up with the apple.

We focused on making the image go from fuzzy to CONCRETE.

As we made the image clear and concrete, we focused on holding onto it.

The more we hold onto the image, the more depth we are able to give it.


Seeing a 3D image in your mind is powerful.

This is a thought that you were in charge of creating.


For a lot of people, they are not in charge of their thoughts.

Gossip, mainstream media & marketers are in charge of their thoughts.


Each 3D image you are able to create gives you more power over your destiny.

And that’s why we want to keep gradually building our visualization muscle.


As you keep zoning in on that ONE image, you will soon be able to see 3D with ease.

The apple is now more in your control.


Envision you picking it up.

Envision you throwing it.

And envision you cutting it.


As you are envisioning yourself doing these acts, your body will get involved with visualization as well.

You’ll notice a few sensations from your palm will light up when you pick up the apple to throw it.


Embrace all the physical sensations.

Those sensations give you more connection with the image you just created.


As you get advanced in 3D images, you body will naturally play a bigger role.

To speed up your journey, actively try to get your body involved rather than waiting for it to step up.


Feel the sensations of the palms.

Create a sound as you bite into the apple.

Do your best to taste it.

Get creative.


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Understanding the Practical Benefits of Visualization


You now have a clear understanding of how the game works.

But let’s clarify the major points one more time.


What separates visualization from daydreaming is the intent.

You are consciously choosing an image to focus your mind on.


Just like anything in life, we need to work our way up.

Instead of trying to envision 10 different images, we will just envision 1.


Once we choose our 1 image, our goal is to:

  1. Produce a concrete image of it.
  2. Be able to hold onto the image.
  3. Turn the image from 2D to 3D.
  4. Animate the 3D image.
  5. Get our body senses gradually more engaged.


As you are able to do this, you can move onto bigger images.

If you want to visualize yourself, a pro tip is to find ONE picture of you & visualize that. Build a relationship with this image.

It trains your mind to see yourself from a 3rd perspective.


At this point, you have all the knowledge to begin visualization.

But will you begin?

Some will, some may not.


‘Why would anyone possibly not begin?’

Because they don’t understand the benefits on a deeper level or may not have the time.


A few benefits include:

-Your subconscious mind (the mind that dictates 95% of your life) cannot tell the difference between what is imagined & what is real.

-Visualization primes your body to be more ready for a task.

-Enhances Spatial Intelligence.

-Visualization helps you build concentration.


These are just 4 benefits I’ve noticed from my journey.

But take some time to browse the internet & evaluate your experiences to notice your personal benefits.


This is a mental workout that helps you think in the images of your choice.


See Clarity in the Mind’s Eyes


With all that being said, visualization is a cornerstone habit.

A cornerstone habit is something that has an impact on other parts of your life.


From visualization, you build creativity, concentration, mental toughness etc.

All signs of a great communicator.

In the world of telling stories, it’s all a game of how well you can create images.


As information technology grows, we are noticing a blurring of realities.

What was considered fake a couple of years ago is now considered real.


Is this blog real?

Well, if you made it this far, then the blog may have added practical value to your life.

So in the context of your reality, yes it is real.

Even though you cannot hold it, touch it, smell it, etc.


Your mind is not something you can hold.

Your mind is something that you can experience.


But why only experience?

Take control.

And you do that by leveling up your visualization game.

Go from the warmup stage to mastery in real-time.

Clear mind videos are on the horizon.


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