What Causes Imposter Syndrome?


The Jig Is Up…


This is the narrative of someone who thinks they will be exposed any second.

A person who thinks they will be bought to light as a fraud.


It’s hard to blame someone who is dealing with imposter syndrome.

Especially with the polarity that is happening.


There are certain people who are all talk but don’t back it up.

They are the scam artists.


Other people go out of their way to build a following by tearing others down.

The ‘exposers’.


In this polarity, a lot of subject matter experts are hesitant to put themselves out there.

Even if you’re not a subject matter expert, you will want to continue reading on.


Because anyone who considers themselves as an expert has already lost.

The most brilliant minds always remain at a beginner level to stay updated with the latest trends.

The brilliant mind will use the phrase ‘subject matter expert’ for the sake of business lingo.


The only problem is that this lingo is one of the causes of imposter syndrome.

In this blog, we are going from macro to micro.

We will find out what causes imposter syndrome once and for all.


The Feeling of Self Doubt


The mind has a few faculties that allow it to create narratives.

‘Why are narratives important, Armani?’

It’s because that’s how we process information at rapid rates.


If I just say a bunch of random facts to you, then the brain will not know what to do with that.

The narrative engages your experiences, which allows you to extract meaning from the data.


The narrative mind is a blessing and a curse.

Blessing because it allows for rapid information acquisition.

A curse because it can create false narratives which impair judgment.


The average bubba only focuses on the physical world while ignoring the mental.

They move so much with their body.

While they think that becoming a bit more aware of their thoughts is busy work.


That’s why the average bubba scoffs at practices like gratitude.

However, the main purpose of gratitude is to create a narrative mind that favors you!

A mind left unchecked will tilt towards negative.

Hey, I don’t make the rules, I’m just reporting it.


Execute your gratitude practice like an athlete.

An athlete moves with intention and discipline.

They don’t just show up because they feel like it.

Adopt the same mindset for gratitude.


List out 10 things a day that you’re grateful for.

Check out the Opulence: Daily Gratitude List Journal to take your mind to the gym.

Become mentally RICH.

The Deadline Mentality


The narrative mind is one thing.

But what really causes imposter syndrome is the deadline mentality.

This fuels you to think that you’re some sort of fraud.


‘Deadline mentality? I thought deadlines were a good thing?’

Deadlines are good for tracking goals, but awful for self-improvement.


We are taught deadlines in a formal environment like school.

Which is where it’s needed.

However, once you begin your career, there is no such thing as a deadline.


For example, an engineer learns forever.


They always have to stay updated with the latest software patches, technological innovations, product development strategies, etc.

If you go up to them and ask, ‘Hey, are you a subject matter expert?’

They may say, yes. Let’s say they have 30+ years of experience in the industry.

However, in the back of their mind, they may feel some doubt because there are some pockets of information they are not updated on.


That’s completely fine.

The smart engineer will know that the deadline is a finite goal created on infinite potential.

This deadline is a form of language to help humans communicate.


You’ll have imposter syndrome forever if you keep identifying with this mythical deadline.

The point being, as you keep growing in ANY field, the deadline keeps getting pushed back and back.

For you to discover this deadline was an illusion all along.


How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome



‘So you mentioned practicing gratitude to cultivate a narrative mind that works in my favor.’


‘You also mentioned that a cause for imposter syndrome is identifying too much with deadlines.’


‘And you’re saying the deadline is an arbitrary date we set in order to communicate. But in reality, this deadline in terms of our growth is an illusion.’

Yes, guess you were paying attention.


‘So how do I exactly overcome imposter syndrome?’

Define, overcome.

‘How do I kill imposter syndrome for good?’

You don’t.


A little bit of doubt is good.

This keeps you in growth mode.

Otherwise, you get too complacent.


Having some imposter syndrome in you keeps the mind agile.

Some mild anxiety has the heart shoot up elevated feelings into the mind which allows for grander thinking.


With that being said, most people who suffer from imposter syndrome are overdoing it.

Rather than using it as a vehicle to move with more curiosity, they are simply fueling doubt.


For this group of people, it’s a game of putting yourself out there regardless.

Fear is rarely conquered instantaneously.

For the most part, it’s conquered in increments.


So if you hate recording YouTube videos.

Then you have to record YouTube videos and hit publish.


The good news is that your video doesn’t have to be a full-blown documentary.

A tiny story talking about your day is more than enough.


Do the scary act and acknowledge that you did the scary act.

Each time you acknowledge, each time you practiced a bit of gratitude.

Each time you practice a bit of gratitude, each time your narrative mind works in your favor.


Turning Dirt into Diamonds


Now you know what causes imposter syndrome.

It’s your narrative mind and the tendency to identify with deadlines.


You can overcome this syndrome with a strict gratitude practice and incremental progress towards whatever you fear.


Those who stop learning begin dying.

The human is made up of 2 bodies.

A body that you cannot see, the mind.

A body that you can see, the physical body.


When the mind is deemed as unimportant, simply because it’s invisible, that’s when self-doubt comes knocking at your door.

Respect both bodies and always rise to the occasion.


Scratch that, rise BEYOND the occasion.

Exceed expectations.


There is still some imposter syndrome within you.

And that’s good.

A bit of tension leads to diamonds being made.


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