How to Be Self Disciplined For the Long Run

How to Be Self Disciplined For the Long Run


Self-discipline is a foundational skill set of winners.

It’s a muscle that needs to be cultivated.


Plateau’s are a strange thing.

At one moment, you are on top of the world.

The next moment, you are struggling to stay afloat.


Did something break??


That’s just the nature of the game.


Bulldoze through the plateau through hard work, discipline, and consistency.

That’s what allows you to develop a new level.


This post is going to discuss the nitty-gritty details of how to develop self-discipline.

Understand the benefits of discipline so it’s easier to implement it into your life.

That’s where we will begin.


Benefits of Self Discipline


Discipline is the art of programming yourself.

There is a certain goal and system you want to implement, so you implement it.


The surface-level Perception vs Reality – Armani Talksof discipline seems like a bunch of moments.

However, the essence driving the movements is where the money lies.


To learn how to be self-disciplined requires a strong why.

Why are you doing these tasks when you could not be doing these tasks?

Think about this for some time.

You’re on the right track when you can state your why in 1 sentence.


-I have fun being disciplined.

-I have been undisciplined before and I hated the outcome.

-My goals cannot be reached without finetuning.


All strong whys.

My favorite is the first 1.

Have fun being disciplined due to the benefits you gain:

-Added confidence

-Less stress

-Completed to do list

-Added skills

And much more.


How to Start Being Disciplined


To learn how to be self-disciplined, it’s better to start off with 1 and build your way up rather than trying to do too much.

That’s skill stacking.


A foundational habit is a habit that spills over to all other parts of life.

If you can focus on this one habit, all other parts of your life improves.


2 foundational habits are starting a business and lifting weights.


‘Starting a business is no habit!’

It can be. Especially depending on your business model.


If you’re a writer whose business is wrapped around your books, you’ll see yourself building discipline in a unique way.

Let’s say you’re in the early stages so you have to do a lot of work by yourself.

Writing, you do.

Editing, you do.

These 2 acts alone change the physiology of your brain.


If you want to bulldoze through the work, you’ll see yourself building writing systems.

The writing systems make it easier to communicate.

The systems allow you to time your breaks and get back to work to meet deadlines.

In this case, you started with one act, and discipline fell out of that.


Another core habit is lifting.

Where starting a business is more advanced, lifting is beginner-friendly.


The mere act of incorporating the gym into your life changes everything.

From lifting weights at the gym to sleeping well at night.

From meal prepping in the weekends to cutting back on alcohol.

Lifting weights allows other parts of discipline to slowly build up.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Discipline is a lifestyle rather than an act.

When treating it as an act, discipline becomes situational.


‘Are you telling me I can never rest?’

Not quite.

I’m telling you to rest because that’s a part of discipline.


It’s the art of programming yourself, remember?

Therefore, you can have a set time when you won’t touch work.

Not even look at it.


It’s easier to relax when you put in the work beforehand.

Incorporating rest into your game plan makes it easier to be disciplined for the long run.

Slow and steady wins the race in the world of productivity.

1 can annihilate many in the world of productivity.


Just like complex machines in fortune 500 companies need rest time allocated, so do you.

Without it, you aren’t doing slow and steady.

You are doing fast and choppy.


Private or Public?


There are different personalities out there.

Some people like to announce their goals.

Others like to keep it private.


Keeping it private is for the people who don’t have too hard of a time being disciplined or are just more lowkey.

That’s a strategy.


Another strategy is being public with discipline.

Set a standard for yourself, yes.

But also allow others to set a standard for you.


I have been writing on a daily email list for over 700 days now.

I do it for myself.

Plus, I have accumulated readers who would know if I didn’t write on a certain day.


The long streak of 700 plus days will come crashing down before my very eyes if I chose to skip a day.

And my ego doesn’t want that.

This keeps me motivated to keep the streak going.


Another example includes 2 friends who set a bet with each other to see who could get a 6 pack first.

In this situation, multiple parties were involved and fitness was set as a target.

The loser has to buy dinner.


Although the bet is friendly, it is highly potent.

This public strategy forces you on track even on the lazy days.


Creating a public streak or leveraging pride through a bet are great ways to learn how to be self-disciplined if you keep straying off track.


Write Daily


How you start the morning influences your day.

How you end the day influences your morning.


To keep your discipline strong, start writing every morning.

This is a cheat code that crystallizes the mind to see clearly.


A clear mind is a happy mind.

A muddied mind is an anxious mind.


Where most people are starting their day off with Instagram scrolling, don’t even check your phone!

Get at least 2 hard tasks done before checking your phone.


One of those hard tasks is writing.

‘Writing is hard? Any bubba can do that!’

Nope. Writing by hand is not easy.

It takes work.


Work is good because it makes the thoughts stickier.

And it creates a beautiful tone for the day.

This act creates a tsunami of benefits.

‘What do I write about?’

Anything. Just try to end it off with a to-do list for the day.

You don’t need to get super detailed. The simple act of writing a to-do list helps you think and act differently.


Self Discipline or Fade Away


Discipline feels like work until it feels like play.

Do you know what’s worse tougher than being disciplined?


Not being disciplined.


Hopping around from activity to activity.

Yawning away despite doing nothing..

Little work to show every night…

No thanks.


Learn how to be self-disciplined.

Incorporate it.

That’s when the hidden joys speak for themselves.


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