The 1 Minute Story Exercise: How to tell a Story

The 1 Minute Story Exercise: How to tell a Story


If you want to build a house, then it’s important that you get the foundations right.

With a weak foundation, you will have a weak house.

Just like anything, fundamentals beat everything else.


So why isn’t that the case with a story?

If you find storytelling difficult, then ask yourself:

‘Have you built the fundamentals?’


You may have no clue what storytelling fundamentals are.

Therefore, you are prone to make a fun task very difficult.


If you are someone who rambles at parties, finds it difficult to sprinkle stories in your content or have no clue what makes a storyteller engaging, then this article is for you.

Stories make the world go round.

A lot of timeless classics are here to this day because it was wrapped in a story package.


So let’s build your foundations via the 1-minute story.


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Why Do So Many People Struggle with Storytelling?


The reason people struggle is because they operate without intent.

When you have 0 intent, you think every detail is relevant.


You probably had moments in your life when you thought you had the intent.

‘I am going to talk about the time I got a speeding ticket & how rude the cop was!’

But when you began the story, you lost track of your intent.


And when that happens, you start going down multiple amounts of rabbit holes.

This leads you to plummet engagement & water down your message.


The reason you lose track of time is that you are unaware of how to:

  1. Stay on track.
  2. Deliver within a time zone.

If you fix those 2 elements, then your storytelling skills will improve.


The 1 Minute Story


The 1-minute story is when you tell a story in 1 minute or less.

This is highly powerful for a few reasons:

  1. Helps you be more mindful of speaking within a time.
  2. Allows you to focus on crucial details.
  3. Helps you build characters.
  4. Allows you to learn how to properly structure a story from scratch.


Also, did I mention that you can’t prepare?


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You are not allowed to prepare.

That is what makes the 1-minute story so special.

It allows you to lead with your creative brain rather than your logical brain.


Improving your thinking on feet skills is HUGE in order to be a great storyteller.

If you can create a brilliant story without preparation, then preparing for a story become much easier.


I am making it difficult for you now so you can practice & build your storytelling muscle like a champ.


How to Tell a 1 Minute Story


Creating a 1-minute story is not too complicated, but there are frameworks involved.

In order to get the most out of the exercise, you will need a timer.

Use the one from your phone or get a physical timer to make this exercise feel more official.


Now pick 1 topic.

It could be about zebras for all I care.


Then begin the timer & start your story!

Make sure your story has a character, conflict & resolution.


  • Character/s – have a protagonist for sure. You can add in other characters & antagonist depending on your conflict.
  • Conflict- The problem of the story.
  • Resolution- how the character overcomes or does not overcome the conflict.


Consciously focus on hitting those 3 elements & you are Gucci.


If you go over 1 minute, then you need to hold yourself accountable.

Do 10 pushups or something so you associate rambling with pain.

Then begin again.


Over & over you will notice yourself building the fundamentals of storytelling.

Your whole life, you made storytelling so complicated.

But now?

You realize stories are comprised of characters, conflicts & resolutions.


Side Effects of the 1 Minute Story


The 1-minute story does not simply end with storytelling.

You are going to feel the effects of it immediately in terms of your communication skills.


When you are mindful of your time & learn to communicate with intent, it spills over to your social life.

You’ll have this strange sense of confidence when you are speaking to others.

And more importantly, rather than viewing a story as a conscious act, it will become a subconscious act.


After doing this exercise daily for a few months, I noticed myself sprinkling stories in my topics rather than viewing it some holy act.

I remember before, I had to tell people ‘Stop everything & gather around me. I am about to tell a story.’


But once I gained experience, I could sprinkle stories into my speech, teaching routines, digital content & much more.

The side effects are huge.


Currently, you may think telling long stories is hard.

But no! That’s the easy part.

The hard part is telling short stories.


How to Hold Yourself Accountable


Storytelling is a major superpower, so hopefully, you see the value in this exercise.

But we are human, I get it.

There are times we get lazy.

But lazy & momentum to build a habit don’t go hand in hand.


Which is why I recommend the 90-day video challenge.

Record yourself 1st thing in the morning telling a quick 1-minute story.

You just need at least tell 1 story, every day.


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This does not mean that if you miss a day, then you do 2 tomorrow.


1 EVERY SINGLE DAY for 90 days.


Up for the challenge?

I know you are!

Let’s get it done!


Be an Expert Storyteller


Storytelling allows you to connect with someone’s primal side.

Master it & you have a weapon to hack the universe.


The beauty of storytelling is that it allows you to connect with a human’s emotions & imagination.

These are 2 components that are the core of a human.

When you can speak the language of emotions & imagination, you will notice it is much easier to sell, persuade & communicate!


Remember grasshopper, build the foundations first & then work your way up from there.

Once you get the foundations built, what you build on top will be sturdy & stand the test of time.


If you are interested in learning the art of storytelling to communicate more effectively, then sign up for my free daily newsletter.

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Read stories, tell stories & become a confident communicator.


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