How to Respond to Mean Comments & Cyberbullying

How to Respond to Mean Comments & Cyberbullying


Mean comments are not a new phenomenon.

Nowadays, it just happens to be visible.


Back in the day, if someone was gossiping about you, you may have never heard it.

Other times, when you did hear about it, their voice was temporary.

Eventually, their voice disappeared, and the memory faded.


But nowadays, it’s easier to FREEZE hate.

Where you make eye contact with the mean comment over and over again.


It’s easy to ask:

‘How can I make others stop being so mean to me?’


It’s tougher to ask:

‘How can I remain composed no matter what the world throws at me?’


This blog will take the path of toughness.

Mean comments will eventually just be comments.


What Exactly Is a Mean Comment?


To learn how to respond to mean comments, we need to define it.

A mean comment is:

A comment that has been written with negative intent.


Even this definition is blurry.

Because a lot of social media users write mean comments because they are bored.

They have no ill intent towards the person they are making fun of.

But they just write the comment to temporarily be a part of a community.


Social media has made it easier to insulate a hater from the world.

It’s hard to insult someone when you are making eye contact with them.

But behind a screen, it’s easier to type and hit enter.


Understanding why people leave mean comments will free up a lot of turmoil within.

They predominantly leave mean comments because:

  • They hate you.
  • Are bored.
  • Want to see you do better.


How to Respond to Mean Comments & Cyberbullying


If I called you an alien, would you be sad?

‘Of course not.’

Why not?

‘Because I am not an alien.’

Then why do you get sad when someone calls you a loser?



It’s because you may feel like a loser at times.


The fix for remaining unbothered with mean comments is to level up.

You are too busy improving to sit idle and read (or think) about mean comments all day.


In the level-up process, it’s not like we ignore mean comments.

We read it just like anything else out there.

However, we are not dwelling on it.

That’s the biggest difference.


A person who is not doing any form of leveling up will take the insult of being called an alien seriously.

They will be like:

‘Why’d the person write that I was an alien? Is it because I have a big head? I knew I had a big head! I’m so sad.’


A person who levels up views means comments as motivation to level up further.

‘Wait, I can use mean comments to level up?’

Yeah, you can.


All Mean Comments Are Not Created Equal


Some mean comments are mean.

While other mean comments are insightful.


Want to know a stellar way to not be bothered by mean comments and cyberbullying?


Learn from them.


There was a guy who told me that the beginning of my YouTube videos was stiff & lame.

He hated it.

I took in the words and realized his mean words had some truth to them.


I noticed while starting a video, my face was stiff, and it would gradually loosen up over time.

My goal was to have it loose from the get-go.


That mean comment was insightful & I never took it personally.

Not taking things personally makes your life much easier and allows for more areas of improvement.


The Danger of Writing Back Mean Comments


I know some people who clap back at haters.

But I think that’s a waste of time.


Mainly because words have a powerful effect on your subconscious mind.

Reading another person’s words is one thing…

But writing your own words is a whole different ball game.


If you’re spending minutes, hours, and days writing mean comments back, that’s not good for the subconscious mind.

Too much negative energy.

It’s hard to be great when you are willingly participating with that energy.


‘Is it wrong to get revenge bro???’

Sometimes, I see the logic behind revenge.

But writing back to mean comments is a first-world problem.

You’ll see people treat this as a big problem when they don’t have much else going on for them.


Remember this bud:

The mind is BUILT to solve problems.

When you don’t have enough problems to solve, it will create its own.


That’s why leveling up is such a great fix.

It’s because as you level up, you invite empowering problems into your life that will lead to dividends once you solve them.


While writing back to mean comments will just lead to more mean comments.

Haters are not people you try to logic with.

Instead, turn them into a joke.


View Mean Comments as Jokes


Jimmy Kimmel has this section of his show where celebrities read out mean comments they received on Twitter.

This bit on Jimmy Kimmel’s show has become legendary.


The celebrity reads off the mean tweet, the audience laughs, and the celeb often laughs too.

The mean comment has officially become a joke.


When you turn darkness into humor, thick skin builds like non-other.

Also, you build creativity.


Another thing I noticed from Jimmy Kimmel’s show is that a WIDE range of people get mean comments.

It’s not just 1 person getting attacked.

Seeing others experiencing mean comments allows you to not personalize attacks or cyberbullying.


Look out for the mean comments which will help you level up & ignore or find humor in the mean comments which don’t allow you to level up.

This is a simple solution to cyberbullying so we can learn how to respond (not react) to mean comments.


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