What to Do When You’re Always Bored

What to Do When You’re Always Bored


Being bored every now and then is fine.

But being bored too much is an emotionally unintelligent move.


Whether people care to admit it or not, they are more bored than they let on.

And there is a reason for this.


You may initially be wondering what to do when you’re bored.

But there’s a deeper question that you want to answer…

The question is:

‘Why is boredom becoming a part of my personality?’


When an act is repeated, it becomes ingrained into the personality.

Better nip it in the bud real quick, otherwise, you’ll become a zombie for life.


Why You Are Continuously Bored


Predictability is good in certain parts of life.

For example: street lights.


I like it when I drive on the road and there is a predictability to the streetlights:

  • Red means to stop.
  • Yellow means to slow down.
  • Green means to go.


This is an occasion where predictability is great!

However, when there is too much predictability in life, then that implies growth mode has faded.


‘Wait a minute, bro. Routines are predictable. People with a growth mindset have routines, no?

Correct, they have routines.

But how they execute those routines varies depending on the person.



There’s Johnny & Billy.

They both consistently go to the gym.


Johnny routinely goes to the gym & lifts the same weights.

He’s been bicep curling 20 pounds for ages!

Day in and day out…

He never cares to explore beyond the same weights.


While Billy routinely goes to the gym & does a thing called progressive overloads.

He starts off at a certain weight.

But throughout his gym sessions, he makes it an effort to bump up his weight.


Both are executing a routine.

However, one is exercising growth mode within that routine while the other is not.


What To Do When You’re Bored


When you’re bored, the first thing to assess is:

  • Why did everything become so predictable?

Isn’t there any form or unpredictability that you can go through?


Normally, unpredictability comes in the form of problems.

Problems are a feature of nature, not a bug.

Meaning, everyone has problems.

How vocal they are about their problems varies depending on the person.

When was the last time you had an unpredictable problem?


There are 2 kinds of problems:

  • Bad ones and good ones.


Bad problems are where you were talking shit about a friend

And now they are confronting you with a baseball bat.


Good problems are when you tried to implement a new project…

And ran into some errors.


With the first problem, the intent was negative.

  • You were trying to cause someone harm.


With the second problem, the intent was pure.

  • Your goal was to grow.


When you’re bored, it’s best to see how you can do activities that cause you to grow & evolve.

Along the way, you’ll invite good problems which introduce you to a level of unpredictability.


Is Boredom Ever Good?


‘So, boredom as a personality trait is bad. But is boredom as an isolated act ever good?’

Every emotion is needed to build emotional intelligence.


Rather than labeling something as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ too fast.

It’s smarter to experience the emotion without judgment.


‘Is boredom even an emotion?’

For practicality’s sake, yes.


It’s like the color black or white.

Hardcore artists will say that those aren’t really colors, but the absence of colors.


But the average person is like:

‘Who gives a shit! They are colors to me. Especially when I am contrasting it with something else.’


Likewise, when you contrast boredom along with the other emotions in your life.

That’s when boredom becomes an emotion to experience and level up your EQ.


Every now and then, boredom is good.

It allows you to assess which parts of your life you can strategically invite unpredictability to.


Learning While You’re Bored


Sometimes, people don’t do an act because they didn’t know about it.

But when they do know about it, they are like:

‘If I had known this earlier, then I would have been doing this all along!


That’s why one of the safest acts to do when you’re bored is to learn.


Learning is a skill set.

It’s not something that ends when you are done with school.

It’s a process for life.


‘What should I learn about?’

Learn about whatever you are curious about.


Even during boredom, if you analyze closely, you can still spot curiosities.

Curiosity is a compass for the body.

Let go of control and let the body lead the way.

The body has a lot of answers.


Often, the body is the first instrument that will actively try to pull you out of boredom.

  • When you’re bored, learn.
  • When you have no clue what to learn, follow your curiosities.

What you learn during these moments will often change your perspective for the future.

To learn how to learn, check out my Studying Skills for Dummies Class on Skillshare.


Becoming an Interesting Personality


There are tons of activities on what to do when you’re bored.

When you’re bored too much…it’s simply a sign.

A sign that you need some much-needed unpredictability.


A battery has a negative symbol and a positivity symbol.

Between that polarity is how pressure is created.

And that pressure allows for the functioning of the digital world.


A fiction book has negative and positive emotions.

Between that polarity is how a story is created.

And that story allows for the functioning of our imagination.


Don’t optimize for predictability so much that unpredictability is vilified.

Strategically invite in good problems as you are leveling up.

The more you level up, the more your perception of life changes.

It’s hard to be bored when you’re in growth mode.


Looking to level up but have no clue where to start?

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  • How to build emotional intelligence.
  • Develop sharp problem-solving skills.
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