3 Ways to Articulate Like Jordan Peterson

3 Ways to Articulate Like Jordan Peterson


Jordan Peterson is one of the most articulate people out there.

What makes him articulate is that he is capable of sharing grand ideas in a simple way.


That’s how we know we have a great communicator before us:

  • They are a simple speaker who is easy to understand.


Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist who came into national recognition with his polarizing stance on mandated pronoun usage.


Since then, he has carved out a career for himself as a speaker.

He discusses the role of religion in society, dark psychology, and how to be disciplined.


In this article, I will share 3 tips that will teach you how to articulate like Jordan Peterson.

Plus, there may be a possible bonus tip at the end…


1. Respect Language Arts



When you think of someone who reads and writes effectively, what do you think of?

I will tell you what you don’t think of:

  • A warrior.


But Jordan Peterson has a different belief.

He believes someone who is an avid reader, writer, and speaker is a modern-day warrior.


In the modern day, we aren’t running around with a sword and shield.

That would be silly.


Instead, there is an ideological warfare going on.

Others are forcing you to think like them.

If you can’t logically defend your beliefs, guess what?

It’s easier to get brainwashed like the billions of people on this planet.


Walking Dead is not fiction.

It’s based on reality.

But rather than becoming a zombie in a physical sense.

Many are becoming a zombie in a mental sense.


Jordan Peterson’s articulation skills are not to show off how smart he is.

Instead, it is to learn how to express and defend the truth.


2. Know a lot


In the social skills world, rambling is a bad thing.

In the content creation world, rambling can be a good thing.


Rambling in content creation shows that you know the topic.

If you know the topic, then you are well-equipped to talk about it.


But if you can’t even ramble about the topic, then chances are that you don’t know it.

So, study more.

The more you know, the more the information pours out.


I believe Jordan said that a speaker should be able to speak triple the amount of what they plan to speak about.

So hypothetically, if they are going to be giving a 10-minute speech.

Then they should be able to give a 30-minute speech if needed.


I’m not sure of the numbers.

That part doesn’t matter much.


It’s the concept that matters the most:

Know a lot about the topic.


3. Passion Serves as an Amplifier


I’ve noticed as of late, Jordan Peterson cries a lot.

If he’s not crying, then he’s on the verge of crying.


Also, there are moments when he says, bloody, a lot.

I heard in Canada that ‘bloody‘ is a pretty strong word.

Some may say that it’s a fighting word!


Why use such a strong word?

It’s because he believes in his message.


In public speaking, an occasional curse word wakes up the audience.

They are like:

‘Whoa, what just happened here?’


A strong word shows that the speaker cares about the topic.


That doesn’t mean to curse away.

It means that an occasional strong word displays passion.

Focus on the passion part, not the profanity.


This point connects back with the last point.

  • For you to know A LOT about a topic, then you must care A LOT.


Jordan Peterson is so able to articulate so smoothly because he was a psychologist.

He knows a ton about the human mind.


He knows the good parts of human nature.

But more importantly, the dark parts.


‘Why did you say, more importantly, the dark parts?’

Because those are the parts society tends to undermine or forget.


Jordan has studied history enough to be aware of what happens when society ignores the dark parts of the human mind.


He is fearful of history repeating itself.

Causing for the passion to spill from his voice.


Bonus Step: Practice A Lot


If you think Jordan Peterson is an overnight success, then you are mistaken.


Jordan Peterson has been doing lectures for decades.

I saw a few.

He used to have a very bad haircut.

Mullet Jordan was still refining his skills.


When a newbie speaker looks at Jordan Peterson effortlessly breaking down complex topics, the newbie thinks:

‘I can never do that.’


The newbie forgets about the origins of Jordan.


Jordan started off lecturing.

That’s where he was sharpening his linguistics muscle.

He was sharpening his sword and strengthening his shield.

Later, when opportunities were presented, he was ready to seize them.


Practice giving talks at Toastmasters.

Start a podcast.

Create a blog.



Great speaking skills are not just given to you.

They are earned.


Articulating Like Jordan Peterson


Quick recap:

  1. View language arts from the mindset of a warrior.
  2. Know a lot.
  3. Passion is an amplifier.

Plus, practice a ton because you never know when an opportunity presents itself.


By doing these few steps, you’ll learn to articulate like Jordan Peterson.

Crystal clarity.


I’d be remiss if I did not bring up one of the criticisms often thrown at him:

  • Jordan has the tendency to dance around certain questions.

I can see merit in this critique.


If there was another bonus tip I would add, it is:

  • No communicator is perfect.

They have their flaws.


Don’t allow your flaws to stop you.

Instead, allow your flaws to inspire you to get better.


For more practical tips to improve your speaking skills, be sure to check out my book:

  • Speak Easy: How to be Articulate, Assertive, and Audacious Around People


This book will teach you how to:

  • Study effectively to know a lot about a variety of topics.
  • Sharpen speaking skills in an articulation chamber.
  • Speak simply so others can understand your points.
  • Build a brand with your words.

Along with plenty of other topics!



– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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