Is Brainwashing Possible?


Brainwashing is a subtle move.

And then comes as a lightning strike.


What is it exactly?

Brainwashing is the active altering of an individual/s thought patterns.


The thought patterns lead to behavior.

So when you change someone’s thought patterns, then the behavior follows suit.


Lokwey, this is terrifying.

And more people than ever are susceptible to it.


Want to know what is highkey terrifying?


The victims of brainwashing have no clue that brainwashing is even a thing.


How Brainwashing Happens


To control someone’s mind, you need to first control their heart.

And the heart is controlled by playing with someone’s emotions.


Thought waves are not too difficult to alter.

‘Yea, it is.’

No it’s not.

‘Well, prove it!’

Picture a purple elephant. Do you see it?

‘Dammit, I do.’



Thought waves are easy to alter.

But after some time, you will forget this purple elephant.


Because the purple elephant was a thought without any form of energy associated with it.


That’s what I call a lifeless thought.

A thought with life is a thought with energy.


Introspection & meditation shows this.

A lot of dead images show up, yes.

But the thoughts which are actively noticed are the one’s with energy.


Brainwashing always happens by controlling someone’s emotions.

The question is, what kind of emotions?


It was the Best of Times & It Was the Worst of Times



Emotions are a spectrum.

The bottom tier emotions are fear & despair.

A sense of helplessness.


The high tier emotions are joy & love.

A sense of hope.


Which emotions do you think brainwashers leverage?

‘Despair & fear.’

You are correct.

Sorry, I don’t have a prize for you.


When a person is made dependent, it is easier to warp their mind.


Sometimes, warping a mind is a good thing.

‘Get the fuck out of here.’

No, sometimes it is a good thing.


Understand means to stand under.

Anytime we are trying to learn, we are giving another source some power over our minds.


Because in some fields, we are just not the subject matter expert.


An example is what goes on in my body.

I give authority to the textbook to tell me that I have kidneys, a heart, liver, and all of that.

I’m not cutting myself open to find out for myself.


I give the source power so I can increase my chances of learning.


The danger is giving the wrong source, power.

Because the wrong source will take advantage.


Through fear mongering & scare tactics, thoughts are easily capable of penetrating the target’s mind.

And it’s not always through fear.

‘What is another strategy?’

Repetition, repetition, repetition.


Why Repetition Can Be Weaponized


If I want to learn a skill, I will practice.


Because repetition is a language for the brain.


Repetition is a simplified way of saying ‘rewire the nervous system.’

When learning how to drive, the reps needed to be practiced over and over.

Let me guess, you learned in a park.

‘No, I’m bootleg. I learned in the back of a K Mart parking lot.’

Yea, you are bootlegged.


While learning to drive, you were firing & wiring new neural pathways.

Aka: a new mode of being.


Brainwashers leverage repetition because it is more subtle.


If the brainwasher was constantly trying to scare you day in and day out, then the recipient may eventually take notice.

Why are you always trying to scare me? Something fishy may be going on.


The line above is the enquiry of someone with a modicum of common sense.

But guess what?

Common sense isn’t that common.


Nowadays, brainwashers are getting bolder due to the lack of common sense.

They repeat, sure.

But these brainwashers still leverage negativity at abundant rates to take over their target’s mind


What to Do about Brainwashing


Not evolving into a polymath in the information age is suicide for the mind.

‘Aren’t you being a little dramatic?’

Okay, probably just a little.


Seriously though, becoming a polymath creates an armor for the mind.

A polymath is a driven individual who is well versed in theoretical and practical knowledge of MULTIPLE fields.


‘Why is this important in terms of avoiding brainwashing?’

Because awareness of multiple fields allows a person to spot bullshit much quicker.


Intellectual giants fall because they can’t control their emotions.

It’s easy to be Einstein when you are calm.

But it’s difficult to be Einstein when pressure is added.


Agitate these intellectual giants & they become primal.

Their normal human emotions seamlessly overpower their super human intellect.


Becoming a genius in multiple fields slows down one’s movements.

In the journey to becoming a polymath, one changes the core of their being.


By the way, I’m not talking about a polymath in an academic sense.

I’m talking about a polymath in a real world practical sense.


It’s not as difficult as you think to get started.

Don’t let some scholars & suits shove a bunch of papers in your face telling you how impossible your chances are.


The key traits are stuff which can be exercised into our system:

Work ethic, curiosity & desire.


Begin trying to master 1 field, and it will be impossible not to master many other fields in the process.


Johnny, the boy who is learning public speaking is investing years into the craft.

Along learning public speaking, he learns breath control, fashion sense, persuasion, humor and much more.


Slowly, a practical polymath is being born.

And in Johnny’s transformation, emotions are coming under HIS control.

Not the brainwasher’s.


Guard your Heart so you can Guard your Mind


The average person spends 5+ hours a day consuming media.

And the average person has no clue what media literacy is.


They can’t even spell “media literacy.”


Anything they see on the internet is seen as the Holy Grail.

Sad because these poor souls can’t spot the difference between propaganda and insight.

And worse, they confuse one for the other.


In the information age, it’s easier than ever for sinister people to release a message.

All it takes is an idea plus rapid execution.


Guard your heart by becoming an enhanced version of yourself.

The practical polymath can see through the rubbish from 100 miles away.


Controlling the mind does not always guarantee controlling the heart.

But controlling the heart always guarantees controlling the mind.


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