How to Teach Public Speaking


You’ve been learning public speaking for a while.

You’ve given hundreds of speeches.

Now it’s time to level up.


It’s time to teach.


In basketball, there is a saying:

  • “The greatest players are the worst coaches.”


The reason why is that a lot of the best players intuitively have a feel for the game.

So, they are not able to empathize with the players who aren’t as good when they are coaches.


The best coaches used to be awful players.

They know the struggles of being on the bench.


We want to be the public speaking teacher who knows the dark parts of learning this skill set.

It’s the #1 fear on the planet for a reason.

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking.


Our goal with teaching is to cure glossophobia.


Assume the Student Is Scared


The first tip for teaching your student public speaking is to acknowledge they are terrified.

Not just a bit scared…

They are terrified.


They are scared of fumbling their words.

They are scared of giving a talk in front of familiar faces.

And they can’t sleep because they keep dreading the day of their talk.


When you assume they are terrified, you are more compassionate with their mannerisms.


Public speaking is an emotional sport.

A lot of people know how to create speeches, but they just lack the courage to deliver them.


Have a Bias for Action


With that being said, we don’t want to be too compassionate.

Where we are talking about our feelings for too long.


Don’t talk too much.



From the beginning, plop your butt on a chair, and have the student stand up and give you a talk.

Assign them a random topic and make them give you a 2-minute speech on it.


They are going to fight you.

‘What?? I just got here. Can’t I get settled in before we give speeches? Also, I didn’t prepare!’


No preparation needed.

Give a talk right now!!


When you get them into action fast, you help them understand what public speaking is about.

It’s about talking.


Critique their movements as they are talking.


If they are delivering their talk in an uncertain way, coach them midway in by saying:

‘Stand up straight. Act like you want to give the talk!!’


This will help them refine basic movements while they are near you.

Keep polishing them up.


Assign Them Homework


Basic homework keeps the student thinking about public speaking after the session ends.

A sample homework:

  • Create a speech on X topic for Y amount of time.


If you want to be serious about it, have them dress up before their talk as well.

Get them in the public speaking mood.


The homework will give the student the option to take your insights from the public speaking sessions and apply them directly to their speech.


Whenever they are being lackadaisical with their preparation, your voice will echo in their ear.

‘Come on!! Act like you want to be here!!’


Graduate to the Bigger Stage


The student isn’t going to learn public speaking if they are just talking in front of you.

They will build a false sense of confidence if they only talk in front of you.


Don’t spend 15 sessions on 1-on-1 interactions to slowly build them up to speak in front of an audience.

Get them started early.


After meeting 2 or 3, let them know that the next meeting will be in front of an audience.

It’s hard to find an audience on the whim.


One path is Toastmasters.

When you and your student go to the club together, you watch them give a talk, then evaluate them later.


Another option is to throw an event yourself and have them be a cohost.

This path will allow your student to see how an event is thrown and gain hosting experience.


A lot of public speakers do this.

To market their services, they throw an informational once a month.

Allow your student to be your sidekick in these informationals.


Teaching More Than One Student


If you have more than one student, then you’re in luck.

An audience has been given to you!


I recommend giving these students a warmup before they begin giving speeches in front of each other.


Here’s a game to play:

  • Finish each other’s sentences!


The way this game works is that the group gets around in a circle.

Each member is only allowed to contribute one sentence at a time.

You set a timer for 5-10 minutes.


Then you start off with the beginning of a story:

“There was one day a girl was walking into the forest.”


Once you finish the sentence, the person next to you has to contribute a sentence:

“Everything was going well, until the girl tripped on a branch and hurt her ankle.”


Then the next person in the group contributes a sentence:

“When she was on the ground, she heard ruffling sounds in the bushes.”


You guys are working together to create a story!


This exercise helps the different students build a rapport with each other.

Once they have rapport, they are more inclined to speak in front of each other.


After completing this rapport-building exercise, dive into giving speeches.

Have a student go up, give a talk on a random topic, and fine-tune their movements while on stage.

After the sessions are done, give them homework.


Public Speaking Made Easy


Students are going to be nervous when learning public speaking.

Public speaking isn’t like learning the piano.


With speech building, all of you gets a workout.


You need to deal with uncertainty and speak.

Utilize creative muscles that have been dormant.

Deal with criticism from your public speaking coach.


Public speaking is way more intense than playing piano can ever be.


When teaching your student, help them bypass their overthinking tendencies.

Get them started ASAP.

The more speeches you have them give, the more you will rewire their perception of public speaking for the best.


For more insights into public speaking, check out the Speaking Wizard eBook

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