How to ALWAYS Get Unique Video Ideas

How to ALWAYS Get Unique Video Ideas


With the ArmaniTalks business, I have a section reserved for consulting.

This is when I work with engineers and entrepreneurs to help them improve their speaking & writing skills.


My friends who are hardcore into wealth-building view consulting as a waste of time:

‘You do realize you are trading your time in for money, right? Why not write more books and make more YouTube videos? Books and YouTube videos work for you after the effort.’


Because here’s why:

  • Consulting leads to unique content creation ideas!


If you’re someone who has a consulting side to your business, I recommend you don’t get rid of it.

Instead, use the problems you solve as inspiration to create more content.


The Non-Blinking Speaker


One time, I posted a YouTube video on my channel.

One of the comments said:

‘This guy doesn’t blink at all!’


I thought that was a dumb comment.

‘This was an 8-minute video. Of course, I blinked!!’


I watched the video back…


I was shocked.


The comment was right!

I didn’t blink at all.


How could this be?

I’ve participated in staring contests before to only lose in 7 seconds.

How was it possible that I didn’t blink for 8 minutes?


3 months pass by.


One day, I’m working with an entrepreneur who is looking to make LinkedIn videos.

He sent me one of his videos and asked me what I thought.


Overall, the talk was good.

But I noticed something.

He didn’t blink at all.


‘Hey Arun, the talk was great. However, you may want to blink.’


He responded the same way I did:

‘Of course, I blinked! This was a 6-minute talk.’


I told him to watch it again.

He did.


He was shocked.


This happened a 3rd time until I was able to extract a pattern.

‘People who are initially presenting in front of a camera can forget to blink.’


Since then, I discovered why.

When you look at a certain portion of the camera, your eyes are relaxed enough to not blink.

Rather than staring at the camera, talk to it like a friend.


Also, when you’re nervous, your face becomes stiff.

Blinking reduces.


This was a unique topic to create a talk on!

I got this topic through consulting.


What To Do If You Don’t Have a Consulting Practice


What exactly is content creation?

Most of it is noticing problems or solving problems.

If you can do both, then you become a monster.


‘But Armani, what should I do if I don’t have a consulting practice?’

Listen carefully to people whining.


Whenever someone tells you bad news, they want 2 possible things:

  • They want you to listen.
  • They want you to make the problem go away.

Both these bullets allow you to get more ideas on what to talk about.


Imagine that your brand discusses relationship issues.


One week, you’re running out of ideas.

You talk to a few of your single friends.


One friend says:

‘Tinder sucks nowadays. Everyone is trying to promote their OnlyFans or Instagram.’


Another friend says:

‘I keep getting ghosted.’


At this point, you don’t have much to extract a pattern.

However, you do have problems.


The first friend wants a solution, while the second friend wants to vent.


You tell the first friend to try out Dill Mil instead.

‘It’s a platform where people who are more marriage-minded can meet other Desis’.


This friend thanks you.


The other friend is whining away:

‘I do everything right bro, but I keep getting ghosted. I carry the conversation so much. Every now and then, I’m feeling off. But when I’m feeling off, the other person doesn’t carry the conversation at all. So, I’m short with my responses. Instead of putting in effort, the other person just leaves.’


This guy is giving you endless topic ideas:

  • Who should take the lead in conversations?
  • The ghosting epidemic.
  • Different ways an interaction can fizzle out.

All video ideas.


Where there are problems, irritation, and whining, there are potential video ideas.


The Magic of Spin-Off Ideas


With content creation, there is a concept known as “spin-off ideas.”

This is when you solve one issue, to only be presented with something else.


Back to your first friend who was whining about the downfall of Tinder.

You recommended a platform called Dil Mil.

This is a dating platform for South Asians.


You publish the video.

Someone comments:

‘I like Dill Mil, but I found my partner on Minder.’


Just like that, you’ve been introduced to a new idea.

‘What the hell is Minder?’


You do your research and see that it’s a dating platform for South Asian Muslims.

  • Muslim Tinder = Minder

Since your brand covers relationships, knowing about another dating platform is high ROI information.


You have spun off from Dil Mil to Minder.

That’s how ideas work.

You start in Point A.

And randomly end up in Point Q.


Always Have Compelling Video Ideas


To always have compelling video ideas, follow the problems.

If there is a consulting side to your business, you are sitting on a goldmine of ideas.


People will come to you with the most random of problems.

It’s your job to solve them.


After a while, you’ll notice a pattern of problems happening among people who don’t know each other.

Turn that pattern into a video!


If you don’t have a consulting practice, then listen to those who whine to you:

  • My sister never calls me.
  • I always get ghosted.
  • I’m always broke.


If your brand covers a certain topic, then you can zone in on the whining.

Let’s say your brand covers ‘family repair.’


Then from these 3 bullets:

  • My sister never calls me.
  • I always get ghosted.
  • I’m always broke.

One sticks out!

My sister never calls me.


What should you do now?

Answer how to get your sister to call you.


You never run out of ideas.

The more ideas that you get, the more ideas you’re capable of getting.


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