8 Benefits of Starting a YouTube Channel

8 Benefits of Starting a YouTube Channel


I initially started my YouTube channel to host my speeches.

But after some time, I decided it was best to actively produce content for YouTube.


It’s been a few months of posting at least 1 video a week, and I must say, I have learned a lot about myself.

The ArmaniTalks brand covers communication skills in-depth & provides practical insights on how to become better with words.


Well, let me tell you, starting a YouTube channel is truly a hack into building your message.

I have developed myself mentally, emotionally, in terms of communication and much more.


Today’s blog post will cover the benefits of starting a YouTube channel.

If you have been on the fence about starting one, then hopefully this article will help you connect some dots!


Benefits of Starting a YouTube Channel


1. Improve speaking in front of the camera


When I first started my YouTube channel, I approached it with a cocky attitude.

I thought:

‘I am a public speaker. I speak in front of big audiences. What could be so hard about speaking in front of a camera?’

Boy was I wrong…


Speaking in front of a camera is no easy task.

When you are speaking in front of an audience, you are able to get an idea of how you are doing.

You are able to analyze the facial expressions of the audience to see if you’re on the right track.


But with a camera?

Exact opposite.


Speaking in front of the camera requires PLENTY of confidence in your message.

It requires you to speak with conviction and work through uncertainty.

2 skillsets that develop your street smarts.


2. Adding Nuance to Ideas


Have you ever had that moment when you had an idea, but felt uncomfortable expressing it?

It was Albert Einstein who said:

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

What’s funny about this notion is that there are many topics that we THINK we know, but we don’t.

We struggle to put it into words because it makes sense in our heads, but not in reality.


A YouTube channel forces you to get the ideas out & express them.

But what’s better is that you begin to add nuance to the ideas.


When you see the initial idea out there in the real world, you are able to spot holes in the logic that you initially overlooked.

That allows you to add depth to the idea which was not previously considered.


3. You Build a Tribe


Traditionally, with my clients, I have them first start a private YouTube channel to get warmed up in front of the camera.

This gives them the chance to fail a few times in comfort.


But once they build comfort, now we open the floodgates and make the channel public.

That’s when things get fun.


A public YouTube channel allows you to connect with individuals from all around the WORLD.

Pretty nutty when you put it into perspective.


I once watched a documentary that said that the world had to wait a few weeks/months to learn when Benjamin Franklin had discovered electricity.


The world gets our message when we are finished uploading.


4. Improved Body Language


During my time at Toastmasters, the veterans would typically tell the new members to record their speech.

Something about seeing yourself in 3rd perspective really builds awareness.


Not going to lie though…

Seeing yourself on camera is SUPER cringeworthy at first.

But over time, you begin to see certain quirks which you didn’t initially notice.

Simply becoming aware of the quirks is a stepping stone to overcoming them.


The beauty of the YouTube channel is that you get to see yourself in 3rd perspective.

  • You get to hear your tonality.
  • Work on your enunciation.
  • See which filler words you commonly use.
  • Measure the confidence of your body language.

And much more.


Like I said, simply making yourself aware is the stepping stone towards improvement.

Once you are aware, you are extra conscious of making mistakes.

Over time, your body language becomes MUCH more refined.


5. Improved Public Speaking


Public Speaking, Flare, Abstract, Bokeh, Light, Circle


This benefit actually shocked me at first.

I wasn’t expecting to improve my public speaking, when I started my YouTube channel.

But it’s not that weird of a concept when you really break it down.


For public speaking, most people worry about HOW to say something rather than WHAT to say.

Big mistake.


This sort of mentality has you resorting to gimmicks rather than fine-tuning your message.

Speech anxiety is imminent.


However, after consistently posting on YouTube, things change.

You are much more aware of your message.

The WHAT of your topic.

When you have built confidence towards the message, then the HOW just follows suit.


You ever noticed people who are truly passionate when they speak?

They seem so comfortable, right?

Well, that’s because they BELIEVE in what they are saying.

The YouTube channel gives you the playing field to discover what you stand for and create an authentic message.


Plus, as point 4 states, your body language improves.

So you become a much dynamic speaker when on stage.


6. Potential to Run a Business



When you are first starting your YouTube channel, don’t focus just on the money.

That is a losing strategy.

Focus on having fun, becoming a better communicator, and sharing your skills/message with the world.


But over time, don’t be surprised if this can turn into a potential business opportunity.


When I first started my YouTube channel, my main goal was to help individuals develop their communication skills.

As the months piled up, so did the videos.

As the videos grew, so did the subscribers.


A growing level of subscribers serves as your market.

And this market will often ask you for certain services or products if your content allows for it.

This is a brilliant move when you think about it.


Rather than chasing a market to fit into, you are CREATING one in real-time!

As Jay Z once said:

I’m not a businessman, I’m a BUSINESS man…


7. Having a Creative Outlet to Express Yourself


As we get older, many of us begin to undermine creativity.

Very bad move, considering we are imaginative creatures by birth.

No one ever taught us how to imagine. It was simply a gift that we were born with.


However, many of us grow up to become overly logical.

But remember, just because you are overly logical does not mean that your creativity goes away.

Rather, unused creativity turns into anxiety.

You use your imaginative powers to worry & pre-plan failures.


With the YouTube channel, things become different.

Now you take an ACTIVE control over your imagination.


You use your imagination to think of topics & then bring it into existence.

This is a very dope concept when you think about it.

Once you have uploaded a few videos, you grasp the powers of your mind’s eye.


8. Leaving a Legacy


How cool would it have been to see our grandparents or parents when they were our age?

‘Supercool bro!’

Well, YouTube gives you the power to do that.


Nowadays, you are able to capture yourself in real-time & freeze that moment in history.

Your future children, grandchildren, and family will get to see you evolve in real-time.

It’s a chronicle of your journey.


When you begin viewing YouTube regards to your legacy, that’s when you fully begin to digest the benefits of starting a YouTube channel.

An evergreen digital real estate that will grow in power over time.


Camera, Photography, Portrait, Film, Negative, Vintage


The Time is Now


Not sure if you are aware, but we are living in the information age.

I remember watching the Jetsons growing up.

I was always wondering when the future will come!


Well, it’s here.

Even though we are not routinely flying cars, we are exhibiting other superpowers.


  • We now have the power to become omnipresent with digital content.
  • We have the power to become globalized with the internet.
  • And nowadays, we have the ability to do work without being present through automation.


Don’t let this golden era slip through your fingers.

Your ancestors would have KILLED to be in this moment.


You are now living in it.

The benefits of starting a YouTube channel is staggering.

Make the most of it & begin creating your legacy today.



– ArmaniTalks ????️????

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