The Creative Brain

A human being has 2 sides to them.

We have our logical side & we have our creative side.

But when you delve deep into it, you may not know much about the latter.


Because creativity is a very ambiguous term.

It is something that is difficult to conceptualize, explain or understand.

But it’s very difficult because it’s something that is open to interpretation.

Each human has a different understanding of what creativity means to them.

Logic cannot be argued with.

It’s either true or not.

The facts either add up or it doesn’t.

Very black & white.

But in a strange way, that’s where the beauty of creativity lies.

The open for interpretation nature of the word is a great way to add some color into your life.

Colour, Smoke, Rainbow, Color, Design, Creative

Let’s discuss the creative side to you & help you understand it.

Soon, you will realize that you were creative all along, it was just a matter of rediscovering it once more.

The Child State

When you are a child, you are creative by nature.

You are born imagining.

Imagination is the lifeblood of creativity.

To show you how powerful imagination is, I want you to envision this:

Picture that 1 toy that you always carried with you.

I had a red Power Ranger that I would carry with me all the time.

That Power Ranger was the first toy that I would run to when I came back from school.

That toy was the main toy that I would play with on the weekends.

I had inside jokes with the toy.

In many ways, I considered the Power Ranger my best friend.

power ranger


Because my imagination turned this toy into a HUMANIZED entity.


What about you? What toy did you have?

Or were you someone with the imaginary best friend?

Either or, you get the point.

The child’s imagination allowed them to see the world in a different light.

They would get bored when you spoke very logically to them.

This is why the most logical boring person talks to a child, like a child.

They speak with more enthusiasm, are more animated with their body & tell simplified stories.

They realize that talking to a kid, requires getting their imagination involved.

So what happened to the child who leads with imagination?

Society happened.

The Re-Programming of Society

The creative brain becomes tamed as you progress throughout a certain segment of your life.

In this segment of life, you are being reprogrammed.

Remember earlier how I was mentioning that creativity is difficult to quantify?

Well, something that is difficult to quantify registers as a red flag for society.

They know they can’t measure your creativity with some exam.

So what do they do?

They force logical subjects into your reality.

Subjects that you can learn & be tested on.

History, algebra, reading comprehension, etc.

These subjects are important, don’t get me wrong.

But the school system subtly reprograms you into suppressing the creative brain & focusing solely on the logical brain.

Heck, in many ways they punish you if you show creativity!

They will tell you that you are thinking beyond the scope of their curriculum.

So they penalize you with a lower grade.

This sort of reprogramming often goes on thru:

Elementary school

Middle school

High school


But what about the next step?

The Next Chapter?

The next chapter depends on the person.

More often than not, the person never really deprograms themselves from their logical programming.

So what happens is that they settle into that role, for life.

A logical life leads to the comfort zone.

The comfort zone is the life mantra that a person follows which prevents them from challenging themselves.

The comfort zone is the by-product of being way too logical.

At this point, they can’t fathom leveraging their imagination for anything.

They stick to the confines that have been set for them by society.

This is why a lot of people have limiting beliefs.

They have had their subconscious mind so deeply ingrained with facts & logic that they begin to place an invisible ceiling over their head.

Sad, but true.

This is Path 1.

What about the next path?

Shattering the Comfort Zone

People don’t just break thru years of programming out of the blue moon.

They do it out of trauma.



This may sound very peculiar to you, but people rediscover their creative elements after they hit rock bottom.

During rock bottom, they question their existence.

They are so low into darkness, that they realize the only way to get out is through self-improvement.

The journey towards self-improvement has them imagining their future.

They imagine what could happen if they show courage & navigate out of the comfort zone that has been designed for them.

Through this imagination stage, they get something that they desperately crave during a dark time:


Tunnel, Light, Hope, Mystical, Black, Atmosphere

So they begin their journey towards leveling up.

Once they begin their journey, they begin challenging themselves more.

Each challenge they set, each challenge they overcome.

Each challenge they overcome, each limiting belief that is shattered.

They begin deprogramming the societal logical beliefs & begin replacing it with imaginative empowering beliefs.

Once this path has been taken, something magical happens.

Their creative brain from childhood is once again tapped into.

And this creativity allows them to rewire their journey towards greatness.


Unleashing the Creative Brain

The imaginative side to you is a very magical thing that allows you to grow as a human.

But sadly, it’s only a limited part of the population that is able to tap back into this power.

If you don’t believe me, look at the consumer to producer ratio.

How many people are producers? I’d estimate it’s 3% or less of the world population.

In order to be a producer, you need to be a creator.

In order to be a creator, you need to unleash the creative brain.

There is no book to read in order to unleash your inner child.

It’s just a matter of going thru your process & rediscovering what you have been suppressing for so long.

But you’ll know when you are taking the path towards creativity.

This is a path that will seem daunting at first.

But it will be fulfilling once you start seeing the puzzle pieces begin to take formation.

That’s when you will realize the power you have been burying for so long.

Now it’s time to decide which path you will take.

Path 1: Do nothing & remain in the comfort zone.

Path 2: Challenge yourself & shatter past the comfort zone.

Choose wisely.

Best of luck.

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