How to Talk to a Global Audience

How to Talk to a Global Audience


In the book, How to Be a Million Dollar Speaker, the author made a prediction.

He said in the future, more public speakers were going to have globalized audiences rather than localized ones.


Back then, this was a stunning prediction.

How could a man or a woman have the ears of the world?


Public speaking was localized you know…


By localized, I mean public speakers were slaves to their geographic location.

Back then, you could only gather a group of people in your local region and talk to them.


Then technology happened.


Once technology happened, messages could be spread all over the internet.

A talk that was recorded in Tampa could easily be heard by someone in France.


Times are changing.

Here are some tips to talk to a global audience.


Which Topics Will Be Relevant 5000 Years from Now?


A lot of creators talk about trendy topics.

They do their market research, see what’s hot right now, and create content on that.


I believe this is the appealing thing to do.

The reason why is because that’s what algorithms reward.


Most of these keyword research tools have segments where you can see what’s hot for the day.


Some of these topics may work on a global audience.

However, most of these topics are localized.

They talk about political scandals, stories about a certain sports team, weather havocs, etc.


Although these topics can reach the entire world, that’s not fully guaranteed.

Times will pass for these topics.


When I ask the question:

‘Will this topic still resonate 5000 years from now?’

It makes me think long-term.


The topics I’m presented when I ask this question relate to human beings rather than localized regions.

  • How to write, how to give a speech, how to connect with others.


People from all over the world will search for content like that.


Embrace Decentralization


When public speakers are talking to the entire world, they need to understand that progress is going to come a bit slower.

On the internet, when things are slow, it feels like a pain.

We don’t like it when we aren’t immediately getting traction.


The reason that progress comes slower for public speakers targeting the global market is because this speaker is reaching pockets of people before they are reaching tsunamis of people.


Jack Ma has a famous saying:

“Attract the shrimps and the sharks will come.”


That’s what public speakers of the future need to do.

They need to target more topics that are the low-hanging fruit.

Target the topics that need to be discussed, however, no one is bold enough to discuss them.


Enhance your perspective.

Just because the content didn’t pop off today doesn’t mean that the content won’t pop off in 50 years.


The Public Speaking Rhythm


You know what has always intrigued me?



Why do we like it?

There is no logic behind it.



  • We get to turn off our logical mind and just enjoy the rhythm.


Where music doesn’t always have the power to educate, the voice of a speaker can.

The public speaker’s voice has the power to deliver logic AND rhythm.


When a public speaker is targeting a global audience, their voice may often be a bit more rhythmic.

This rhythmic voice goes beyond a geographic location and appeals to the world’s nervous system.


There are certain things that humans are programmed for.

And one is to listen to melodic messages.


That’s why a lot of preachers have this cadence to their voice.

It FORCES others to listen.


I see more public speakers in the future having rhythmic voices.


Creating an Awesome Studio


Thus far, I talked about targeting evergreen topics vs trendy topics, delivering the content in a certain way, and embracing decentralization.

Another thing to keep in mind is the studio.


Before, a lot of these public speakers delivered live talks.

The audience were capable of seeing the real speaker.

Nowadays, the audience is watching a content version of them.


The public speaker is being recorded, converted from 3D to 2D, and distributed all around the planet.


Back then, we mainly had to focus on the message and that was it.

Nowadays, public speakers need to focus on the presentation as well.


  • How to properly dress.
  • The right haircut for their face.
  • Go clean-shaven or get a proper lineup for the beard?
  • Light theory.


Oh yes…

Light theory.

Is the camera angled properly, is the lighting okay, is the speaker getting that 3D-shadowy look?


Each content that you create is going to be content that lasts forever.

Think like that.


#1 Lesson from Interacting with a Global Audience


Whenever I post a blog, I will open my Google Analytics.

For a few, I will see who is checking out my website.

Right now, as I’m looking at my website, I’m seeing people from:

  • Russia, France, India and so much more.


I live in the United States.


‘How does it feel to have a global audience, Armani?’

You want to know the truth?


It doesn’t feel special.


It just feels like a normal thing.

And it may feel like the normal thing for you too.


You may have no clue how much of an impact you’re making because technology is blinding you from your impact.

You’ll think:

‘What’s the big deal? I’m just publishing a talk.’


The big deal is that you are defying geography.

If you went to Aristotle and said:

‘My talk was heard by people from Africa, India, and South America.’


He’d be like:

‘What?? Did you go on tour or something?’


You respond, ‘nah I just hit publish.’


He won’t even know where to begin.

He’d think you’re a magician.


It’s easy to lose sight of the gargantuan feats that the modern publics speakers are doing.

That’s because technology shields us from these feats.


Every now and then, make yourself cognizant of your impact.

‘I, the public speaker, am creating talks for the world.’


For more insights into public speaking, check out the Speaking Wizard

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