Global Communications: An Interconnected World

Global Communications: An Interconnected World


If you were to tell me a few years ago, that I could seamlessly communicate with the world, I’d laugh at you.

And most likely, you would understand where I was coming from.


When my family moved here from Bangladesh, it was a PROCESS to communicate with our home country.

-You needed to get phone cards.

-Scrape off a black bar.

-Get some secret code.

-And type it into the phone hoping that the card was still active.



You just hit the call button on your Whatsapp & you’re good to go.

Pretty nutty when you put it into preservative.


Today’s article is going to be about global communications.


When technology meets the world of humans.

We get something that was never experienced.


So let’s break down this form of communication.

Let’s see what role we can play as this new field is developing before our very eyes..


global communications


The History of Communication


I am a firm believer that humans were wired to inform one another.

It’s a primal need to fill in curiosity & get information that could benefit our lives.


Back in the days, we had caveman drawing cave paintings.

This allowed them to express their ideas & share a story.


Over time, we had storytellers who would tell stories in one on one settings or a group.

Fast forward a few more years.

Paper is discovered.

Now humans can physically write their ideas out.


Lets fast forward a few more years.

-We got the printing presses.

-Then the wired telegraph.

-Wireless telegraph.



-And finally, the internet.


The internet has shifted our entire paradigm regarding communication skills.

As humans have discovered and created new technology, human interactions have evolved.


How have Communications Evolved?


Well as you can tell, we went from drawing to seamlessly expressing our ideas to different continents.

This has come with the good and the bad.


Which one do you want to hear about first?

‘Let’s start off with bad.’



The bad part is that as the internet has developed, there have been less face to face interactions.

Humans are now able to CHOOSE which media they would like to consume.


Back in the days, the TV had certain shows that were airing & we would watch what they were showing.

But nowadays, the consumer has more power.


The rise of global communications may be a big reason why face to face interactions have dropped.

As virtual connections rise, real life connections can plumment.

It’s like that with many things digital.


How often do you physically go to a store when the same product is on Amazon?

As technology evolves, or behaviors can change if we aren’t mindful.


‘What is the good news?’

The good news is that the world has gotten smaller.


Earlier today, I got off a Skype call with one of my clients from Dubai.


I live in Florida.


The fact that I can so easily provide a consulting session to someone from a different part of the world blows my mind.

It shows that we are free to express our ideas easier than ever.


Check out the network of the internet.

Now zoom out.

Doesn’t it look like the neurons of a human brain?


It seems as though the earth is maturing before our very eyes.

The interconnected world is allowing new synapses for the world to develop.


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How To Navigate Around Global Communications


I am a firm believer that technology just amplifies who you are as a person.

Sort of like power.


If you are a corrupt person, then power will simply highlight that.

It gives you a peek into the internal world.


Same with technology.

Some will use global communications as a way to escape, spread hatred & disinformation.

While others will use global communications to spread ideas & collaborate.


Whichever route you use comes with its benefits & setbacks.

With that being said, here are certain things to keep in mind.


Be MindFul of Cultures


Let’s say you have a YouTube account with a global following.

Then realize that you have TONS of cultures within that following.


Humans interpret your messages based on their belief system.

Cultures will play a big role in how your message is interpreted.


Global communications allow people to tap into the world for suppliers.

If there is a miscommunication, be extra hesitant of personalizing.


Take some time to understand how different cultures work.

For example:

In some countries, it’s rude to ask personal questions in business interactions.

In other centuries, it’s rude not to ask.


The best way to learn about cultures is by engaging with different cultures.

There’s no book that will give you real-life experience.

So engage with your followers, talk to your suppliers & be more observant as a whole.


Every Piece of Media has an Intent


The internet gives a voice to anyone with an internet connection.

And it gives a peek into human nature.


This is important to keep in mind since everyone with a voice does not equate to value.

There are a lot of people who use their worlds to spread disinformation or misinformation.

Every piece of media is having an effect on you.


The piece of media is trying to inform, entertain, educate or influence you.

Take some time to be aware of the potential intentions of each media that you consume.


Stay Updated with Technology


It is very important to stay updated with the latest technology if you are working on global communications.

Technology is the reason communicating with the world is possible in the first place!

Stay updated with the latest technology in your industry.


I am not telling you to get engulfed in them.

However, I do think being informed on these technologies can help you build a competitive advantage.


If you are on YouTube, then see if there are any updates coming up.

Got a consulting business? Then see if Skype or Zoom are better.

Mailchimp giving you problems? Then do more research into other services!


So stay updated with technology to stay in the loop.


Global Village


Globe, Earth, Planet, Hand, Keep


It was Marshall McLuhan who stated in the mid-90s that the world will one day become a global village.

It’s going to feel like the world has flattened.

And we will be able to communicate seamlessly.


Well, my friend.

That time has arrived.

Our world is more interconnected than ever before.


So ask yourself if there is a certain skill set that you have.

See if there is someone that you want to network with from another side of the planet.

Evaluate how others are leveraging their platform.


Then, stay updated by becoming a creator in this new world.

The global communications world allows you to spread your message on a larger scale than ever.


If you are looking to spread a message, there has never been a better time.


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