How to Sound More Confident on the Phone

How to Sound More Confident on the Phone


The phone is a medium that allows you to build a connection.

It can be used for personal relationships and for professional relationships.


A lot of people hate talking on the phone.

They would rather text instead.


I’m one of those people!


Whenever someone is calling me, I think:

‘Um… Why are you calling me?’

I’m not going to answer until you text.


That’s not the right mentality to have though.

It’s good to keep the phone muscle strong.


  • Relationships will be built via the phone.
  • Jobs are going to be sealed via the phone.
  • Deals are going to be closed via the phone.


It’s time we learn how to sound more confident on the phone.


Do you Really Need to Sound Confident for This Call?


The phone is a multifaceted medium.

It can be used for personal and professional reasons.


I believe if you are using it for a personal reason, then you don’t need to sound too confident on the phone.


Initially, when you are talking to someone, you will be putting up a guard.

You’re enunciating more than usual, trying to make your voice sound deep, standing up straight.


Over time, as you get close to someone, you are more chill.

You go with the flow.


During moments like this, it’s easy to slip out of the confidence trance every now and then.

Your conversation partner will ask you a really personal question that catches you off-guard.


You need to think of an answer on the spot.

As you are responding, you sound unsure and unconfident.


I believe this is fine.


The more we develop a personal connection, the more we are going to explore uncharted topics.

If the rapport is there, we can be relaxed with our communication then.

We don’t have to be so uppity.


By being relaxed and laid back with personal phone calls, we won’t have such a formal view of the phone.

We will begin to view the phone as a medium that allows us to relax.


When to Sound Confident Over the Phone


The times to sound confident over the phone are when you are negotiating, applying for a job, closing a deal, etc.

This isn’t the time to mumble and sound unsure.


You need a precise voice with your thoughts gathered.


First things first, do your homework.

Let’s say you are doing a job interview…

Don’t just go to the job interview unprepared.


  • Understand the role of your job.
  • Look over your resume.
  • Read the history of the company that you are applying for.


Knowledge gives courage.

If you have some basic knowledge, then you will sound confident by accident.


Be aware of the phrases.

Each field has relevant phrases that are very important.

Learn those phrases.


YouTube exists for a reason.


If you are a first-time homebuyer, you have to get familiar with so many phrases.

  • A pre-approval letter, mortgage interest rate, and inspection costs.


At the beginning of your calls, you may sound unsure and unprepared.

Don’t give up so soon!

Just keep having more calls.


The more you use these phrases and answer questions about these phrases, the more confident you’ll sound after each call.





Most will overlook this tip.

Here it goes:

  • Have a professional scent.


If I have a big call for the day, I will get ready for it.

I’ll take a shower, iron my clothes, comb my hair.

And most importantly, put on a specific cologne.


This is the scent that I only use for high-pressure calls.


‘Why is the scent important, Armani?’

Because we process a lot of information with our nose.


What was the cologne you wore in high school?

I used to wear Bod body spray.

If I spray that nowadays, I’m automatically reverted back to my high school days.


Scent is a powerful memory retrieval tool.

It allows your nervous system to get into a different groove.


Let’s say you use a specific scent that makes you feel confident for a high-pressure call…

And you are successful in the call.


In the future, when you wear this scent again, then you will recall memories of successfully tackling a high-pressure call.


This scent grows in power the more you use it.

Bring out the scent for high-pressure calls.


It’s All About Practice


Our generation prefers written communication over audio communication.

However, a lot of information can get lost via text.


It’s important to be patient and practice your phone-calling skills.

You’ll be forced to practice too by the way.


Maybe you got into a new relationship, and your girl wants to talk on the phone a lot.

Maybe you have a job interview coming up, and the recruiter wants to get you on a call to ask you some questions.

Or maybe, your emails had been working thus far, but now, you need to get the lead on the call to close the deal.


Don’t be a deer stuck in the headlights when you answer a call.


Sound composed and confident.

You do that by practicing.


Every now and then, pick up random calls from a telemarketer and say:

‘Sorry, wrong number.’


‘I’m not interested.’


By at least saying 3 words rather than 0, you will build your stomach for answering more calls in the future.


Build a Relationship with This Medium


If you tell a lot of people nowadays that the phone can be used to call someone, they’ll be like:

‘What?? I thought this was a tool to just watch TikToks and play Candy Crush!’


You level up your communication arsenal when you can handle any call with no problem.

High-pressure calls, laid-back calls, group calls, etc.


I’m sure your phone is going to ring at least once this week.

Rather than automatically rejecting it or letting it go to voice mail:

  1. Answer it.
  2. Talk a bit.
  3. Then hang up when you must.


That little practice will keep your phone call muscle sharp.

Eventually, you’ll sound confident on autopilot.


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