5 Benefits of Learning Public Speaking

5 Benefits of Learning Public Speaking

The following chapter is from the Speaking Wizard ebook.

To ever fully invest in a skill, you must learn what’s in it for you.

Once you realize the benefits, you WANT to do the task rather than being forced into it.


Your mindset goes from:

  • ‘I have to give a speech’ -> ‘I get to give a speech.’


Public speaking is designed to increase your confidence.

‘I don’t want to be more confident!’ said no one ever.


Confidence is something that we are all striving for.

We often undermine our own confidence and amplify someone else’s.


Let me tell you the truth, NO ONE is fully confident.


It is a lifelong journey to keep on improving our internal self-worth.

That’s because each chapter in life allows us to level up if we welcome the opportunity.


Well, public speaking will level you up in many facets.

Let’s talk about a couple of the benefits you can expect.


1. Improved Body Language


The 7-38-55 rule from Dr. Albert Mehrabian states that for personal communication, the impact levels come down to:

  • 7% on the words
  • 38% on the tonality
  • 55% on body language


Personally, I consider tonality to be a part of body language.

Even though you cannot see the voice, it is still physical.


So imagine that, 93% of personal communication comes down to the BODY!


Luckily, public speaking helps you develop a more confident body language.

It may not feel like this at first as you are working out of the speech anxiety.

But with practice, you will notice yourself feeling more composed.


After a handful of speeches, you’ll notice strong eye contact, a warmer voice & less fidgety body movement.


2. Conquering Social Anxiety


If you break down most of your anxieties, you’ll notice that it deals with people.

  • Humans are not afraid of failing.
  • Humans are afraid of being JUDGED for failing.


And who are we being judged by?

Other humans.


The fear of judgment is so strong that it sparks our social anxiety & causes us to avoid a lot of big events.

Avoid enough big events and you’ll begin to grow jaded towards opportunities.


The beauty about conquering speech anxiety is that you conquer social anxiety as well.

When you can speak in front of 50 people with grace, talking to 5 becomes much easier.

And those 5 will get a much more powerful version of you.


3. Enhanced Confidence


Earlier, I was talking about how everyone wants to be more confident.

Most of our life decisions come down to improving our self-image.

Well, what is a better way to improve your self-image than conquering the #1 fear on the planet?


Courage is something that makes you feel proud.

And you know deep inside when you showed courage & when you acted like a coward.


We may be able to fool others, but we cannot fool our subconscious mind.


Emotions are a part of us like our eyeballs.

When you know in your core that you committed to conquering speech anxiety AND you did it?

Well, that’s when courage falls out.

With courage comes confidence.


4. Enhanced Persuasion


Persuasion is all around us.

Whether you are trying to get a cute girl’s number or you are trying to close a transaction for your ecommerce business.


Public speaking aids in your persuasion because you are performing ONE-MANY communication.

ONE-MANY communication is when you serve as the central information of knowledge (during your speech).

All eyes are on you.


The speaker who is confident often influences perceptions at a rapid rate due to showing guts while being on stage.


Humans have brains that are lazy.

It likes to short-circuit decisions, so it does not have to overthink.

This is the brain’s way of evolving to leave us enough energy to focus on other tasks.


Well, a brain that sees a confident speaker on stage, short circuits to viewing the speaker as competent.

When you give speeches, it’s easier to persuade and get your call to action taken care of.


5. Less Fear of a Potential Speech


When I used to have massive speech anxiety, a lot of my thoughts were clouded with:

‘Oh no, what if I get called on stage to speak one day? Others will know that I’m a fraud.’


I kid you not.. but these thoughts would come when I was just chilling and having a good time, completely ruining my mood.


Also, when I see people get asked to be a Best Man for someone’s speech, here is the life cycle:

  1. They feel ecstatic that from everyone on the planet, they were asked to be the best man.
  1. They feel annoyed that from EVERYONE on the planet, they were asked to be the best man.
  1. Speech anxiety ensues.


Well, when you conquer speech anxiety, you are not afraid of these big moments.

You are more poised to pick up these moments & tackle it like a G.




These are just 5 of many benefits out there when you start practicing public speaking.

A few of the benefits are confidence, enhanced persuasion, and an improved social life.


Humans are spending SOO much money to tackle the 3 benefits above that I just mentioned.


Only if they knew that the solution was free.

You don’t have to shell out 1000s of dollars.

Speaking Wizard Mentality is all that you need.

Public speaking is an art & a magic pill for many of your life’s issues.


Get the Full Speaking Wizard Book here!

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥
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