Why You Should Read at the Same Time Everyday

Why You Should Read at the Same Time Everyday



Whenever someone is trying to get back into reading after a long time, I recommend them to keep it simple.

  • Pick books that you’re curious about.
  • Be physically comfortable while you are reading.
  • Read at the same time every day.


Reading at the same time every day adds predictability.

The nervous system loves predictability when picking up a new habit.


If you’re reading in the morning one day, the evening one day, and not reading at all another day, then the nervous system is confused.


Just like we brush our teeth as soon as we wake up, we can do other things in an autopilot way.


Take the guesswork out of it.

Read at the same time every day if you want to read long-term.


Why Reading is Important


To read, you need a strong why.

Especially nowadays.


Because nowadays, the media landscape is filled with competition.

There are books, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and more.


Why read when you can watch?


Mainly because reading is active consumption while watching is passive consumption.

Nothing personal against watching, I’m a big fan of it.

However, whenever you watch something, your imagination is not being exercised to the level of reading.


A director is presenting the images to you.

When you read, you are being forced to turn words into images.

Your mind is forced to turn scribbles into wizards, settings, spaceships, and more.


This is what I mean by active consumption.


Active consumption:

  • Increases the signal and reduces the noise of your mind (melts overthinking tendencies).
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Allows you to view your mind as a tool.
  • The knowledge becomes embedded in you.


Find a strong why for why you want to read.


Solving a Problem


Don’t worry, I’m going to share why you should read at the same time every day shortly.

I just want to hammer home the point that it’s really tough for adults to read.

Unless you have the why pinned down, then you will stray.


The easiest way to get a why is through a problem.

What problem are you trying to solve?


I have ArmaniTalks.

This is a business that helps engineers and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills.

At the beginning of my journey, my goal was to net 10,000 dollars in passive income per month.


The problem?

I was nowhere near that amount at the time of creating my goal.


Suddenly, I was given a bridge.

  • Where I am vs where I want to go.


During the formation of that bridge, I suddenly became curious about different topics.

I became curious about:

  • Fast food franchises.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • Assets vs liabilities.
  • Autobiographies of past entrepreneurs.
  • History.

And more.


Once that bridge was created in my life, I wanted to read.


What’s a potential bridge you can create?

Maybe you really want to be in a relationship but find yourself always being single.

  • You are single -> Want to be in a relationship.


This is a bridge.


Once you acknowledge the bridge, no need to do anything else.

Your curiosity will gradually begin lighting up!


Suddenly, you’ll get curious about:

  • Intersexual dynamics.
  • The history of marriage.
  • Common causes for divorce.



You’ll become a magnet for topics that deal with your bridge.

This is how you get your foot in the door.


Reading at the Same Time Every Day


To read at the same time every day, find a good location to read.

I recommend having 2 good locations.


For me, it’s my living room and my bed.

Sometimes, I love reading in the living room for a while.

When I get tired of the living room, I’ll switch to my bed.

Having a second spot is completely optional.


Next, choose your time.

Stay consistent with this time for a while.

Invest in this time.

Don’t do anything else during this time.


I recommend starting off light and phrasing your reading times in a simple way.

“So simple a monkey could do it” type of way.



  • At 6 pm, I will finish a chapter.
  • I will read a page as soon as I wake up.
  • Around 2 pm, I will re-read the sections that I highlighted yesterday.


Starting off light is an effective way to get back into reading.


After you are done with your reading session, reward yourself.

Each time you reward yourself, each time you look forward to future reading sessions.


Changing the Times


‘Question, Armani. Let’s say I initially chose 5-6 pm as my reading time, can I ever switch the time frame?’

Yes, you can switch your time frame once you grow tired of it.


For me, I read at the 5-7 pm range for the longest time.

However, after 6 months of doing it, I switched it up.

I began to do 8-10 am.


When I switched the time block, my reading schedule felt recharged.


I didn’t want to keep hopping around though.

So, I did 8-10 am for a couple of months before switching back.


I think switching time frames is fine as long as you were patient with the initial time frame.

Teach your body to commit to a process before wavering.


Take Out The Guesswork


When you take out the guesswork with reading, you do it.

There is a joy to reading when you find the right book.


You’ll find the right book when you create a bridge.

What is a problem you’re trying to solve?

What is your why?


Read. At. The. Same. Time. Everyday.

These 5 words will show you that reading can still be a tangible reality to your adult life.


The bonus tip since you made it this far is to also invest in a Kindle.

At times, you may get tired of reading paperback.

This is when you can switch to a Kindle.

Use the Kindle until you get tired of it, then switch back to paperback.


Reading comes in waves.

Sometimes you like something, then you grow tired of it…then you come back to it.


Other things can change…

But do your best to keep the time you read consistent.


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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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