Why Am I So Sensitive?


The communication skills world is a jungle.

And all jungles come with the good and the bad.


When you first think jungle, you think a savage area.

A place where you can get your head bitten off.


But no need to be so negative, my friend.

Look around you.

The jungle has a lot of beauty to it.


The sounds of nature.

Pretty scenery.

The beautiful water.

Bird chirping. 


Now that we talked briefly about the beauty, we need to also talk about the things that can bite your head off.


The lions, tigers & other animals that see you as food.


African Lion, Wildcat, Mane, Closeup, Wildlife, Wild


Communication skills have beauty to it.

But the wide array of personalities out there has room for entropy.


Entropy is Chaos.

You can never fully predict humans.

Therefore, being too sensitive can make your life feel difficult.


You’ll dwell on small things & overlook the big things.


Getting your head bitten off.


Today, you are going to learn about sensitivity.

Why does it happen and how you can navigate around it?


Your mindset & your emotions are highly linked.

Influence 1 and you’ll find yourself influencing the other.

Let’s begin.


The Cause for Sensitivity


Are you someone who wonders:

Why am I so sensitive?


Well, let’s talk about that.

What is sensitivity exactly?

According to Google, sensitive is defined as:

A quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.


If you ask me, that seems like a GOOD thing.


Seems like the definition is defining a very astute person.


When would a strong level of astuteness like this be needed?

Use your imagination.


If you answered:

“Well Armani, astuteness like this would be needed by my ancient ancestors. You know, those fellas who could have gotten their head bitten off by a sabretooth tiger!”

Then you’d be right.


Sensitivity is needed for humans to absorb data from the external world.

You take up data via your 5 senses:







With these 5 senses, you are able to INPUT data into your internal world.

Once the data is inputted into your internal world, that’s when you can process the data via your past experiences & present-day perceptions.

That’s what it means to perceive an event.


‘So question bro. What you are defining seems cool. But how come I feel so bad with my sensitivity?’

Because you have overdone it, my friend.

Time to fine-tune your mindset.


Humans Are Natural Creatures of Chaos


We are born into this planet crying.

And as little babies, if something seems to alert us, we will cry.

Crying was never taught.

It was something that was ingrained.


At a baseline state, we are creatures of chaos.

Very high entropy.


The goal of maturing is to LOWER our entropy.

Which means, lower the chaos.

This requires a reactive -> responsive transformation.


Reactivity is when you are impulsive.

An example is when someone cuts you off in traffic & you go on road rage mode.


Responsiveness is when you are more well thought out.

Someone cuts you off in traffic, you say ‘oh well’ and go about your day, unbothered.


Let me reiterate:

The point of maturing is to lower your entropy.

Being sensitive isn’t bad perse.

But being too sensitive is very bad.


It can make your life feel like hell.

Like a jungle where you are constantly being hunted.


You know what they say:

A mind can make a heaven out of hell & a hell out of heaven.



Why Being too Sensitive is Bad


‘Why is being too sensitive bad?’

Doing anything too much is bad.


The gym for example.

Overall, the gym is a great place to workout & get healthy.


But if you are someone who goes there 10 times a day & lifts weights till you vomit, then even the gym becomes bad.


Your nature programmed sensitivity in you to be aware of your environment.

However, you’ve gone past that.


Nowadays, things that are not in your immediate danger, is PERCEIVED to be in your immediate danger.

‘Any idea why this is?’

Because of the blurring of reality…


Our ancestors didn’t have to deal with sad movies.

Sad movies have the capability of feeding your 5 senses an illusion of an environment that causes you to perceive something.


That one scene from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will is sad that his dad doesn’t want him….made the strongest people feel weak.


However, sad movies aren’t the only reason for over sensitivity.

The reason is the blurring of realities.

The information that you consume, plays a big role in your reality.


And in our era, information overload, mixed in with a lack of challenges causes overly sensitive individuals.


Why Am I So Sensitive


Back in the days, you didn’t have the time to cry if someone hurt your feelings.

You were to busy trying to stay alive.


With today’s era, many survival issues have been mitigated.

Which opens up more bandwidth in our mind to dwell.


If someone hurts our feelings, then we have the time to magnify it.

And as I stated earlier, mind controls emotions & emotions control mind.


You are no longer someone who is aware of their environment.

Rather nowadays, you have the tendency to overdo it.

Getting offended by tweets of strangers, someone cutting you off in a convo & being called mean names.


Getting offended is normal.

But causing it to disrupt your behavior makes you adopt the life of a victim.


A victim finger points, make excuses & lists out 100 reasons why something won’t work out.

Bottom line?

Being overly sensitive can make your life feel like hell.


Lowering your Entropy & Toughening Up


I’m not telling you not to feel emotion.

Instead, I am saying the opposite.


I am telling you to acknowledge your emotions and THEN make a responsive decision.


Remember, your senses are meant to SERVE you.

Want to know something?


Greatness is fine-tuned sensitivity.

‘Hm…mind giving me an example?’


There is a story about a time when Kobe Bryant was practicing his jump shots.

He was known to be a BEAST when it came to practicing.

Well, this particular day, things were different.

His shot didn’t feel right.


After some time, he felt that the rim was a quarter of an inch too low.

And once he had someone check it, his intuition was right.

The rim happened to be off from the traditional standard.


That right there is FINE-TUNED sensitivity.

When you put in your reps for a certain craft, you notice your sensitivity sparks intuition.


Even great music producers exhibit this trait.

When they hear a song, they can FEEL when something is right or if something is off.

Once again, FINE-TUNED sensitivity.


That’s what you want as well.

Rather than crying nonstop about things out of your control, gain more control.

Combine your mindset with the heart for a deadly combo.


Be emotionally intelligent rather than just emotional.


This just requires you to slow down your life a little.

Having that hobby that you are leveling up on will aid your journey.


But before being impulsive, just take a pause.

That space will give you more insights than a book ever can.


Look around your living room, or wherever you’re reading this blog from.

Most of your environment is EMPTY.

Yup, it’s just space.

Space is POWERFUL.

Embrace it.


The more you embrace those spaces, the more you slow down your moves.

Not slow in a boring way. But slow in a dynamic way.


Instead of taking 50 dribbles to get to the rim, you take 5.

That’s because you’re well thought out.


Your ancestors didn’t have the luxury of being well thought out.

Because around then, the human intellect wasn’t as evolved as it is nowadays.

The intellect can be your best friend or your worst enemy.


Rather than using the intellect to make yourself a victim, use it to slow things down.

Absorb the data from the external world, yes.

But then process it like an adult.


There is no cheat code for this.

Maturity is an arduous process that requires effort.

Embrace that effort.


We come onto this planet crying.

We are overly sensitive.

If you are overly sensitive as an adult, then no one feels bad for you champ.

Instead, you just come off as a nuisance.


The world isn’t always going to be able to give you your ‘trigger warnings’ and safe spaces.

Toughen up.

And you can toughen up thru your own choice or the world will do it for ya.


However, maturity isn’t a choice.

And we learn that at one point or another.


Fantasy, Warrior, Mystical, Man, Fairy Tales, Sword


Put Over Sensitivity to a Back Burner


If you were wondering ‘why am I so sensitive?’

Then hopefully you got some answers.


Too much of anything good turns bad.

But luckily, us humans are magnificent creatures.

We can always rewire ourselves when we feel like something is off.


In this case, just slow it down.

Embrace those spaces more.

Try to channel your mind into a task and go ALL IN.

You’ll develop fine-tuned sensitivity.


Your emotions are nature’s way of telling you to wake up.

If you can channel your emotions, then a part of you feels limitless.

The beauty?

You can always channel your emotions via the power of your mind.


Use your mind to grow.

And make your internal world stronger than the world around you.

That’s the magic formula.


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– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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