Think Like A Winner: Optimistic People

Think Like A Winner: Optimistic People


There’s a lot of negativity going on around nowadays. Optimistic people are rare.

I remember I logged onto Facebook recently & was very surprised by what I saw.


Bitching, whining, complaining, venting & all the above.

‘What were they so negative about?’

Wrong question.

The right question is: ‘What were they not so negative about?’



Our society nowadays glorifies negativity & scoffs at positivity.

I remember a while back, I went to a restaurant with a bunch of old friends.

Soon as we got in, they began complaining, talking about why the place sucks & the food is bound to be bad.


Well, guess what??

Their food was bad.

While mine was delicious.

Want to know why?


It was based on their thinking.


thinking like optimistic people


You see, they thought their food was going to suck & their perception led them to view their taste buds in a negative light.

Those people were running a race with an anchor tied to them.


It’s time for a change.

My page focuses on optimism & thinking like a winner.

But what does that really mean?

And if you think like a loser, can you still change the game around?



Your damn skippy you can!

And in this article, I am going to help you break out of your negative Facebook whining ways & carve out the path of a winner.

Today, I am going to give you an insight into the minds of optimistic people.


Why Are People So Negative?


People are so negative nowadays because negativity sells.

If you tune into the news media, you are not seeing stories of positivity, abundance & wins.

You are seeing political scandals, murders & crimes.


I’m not saying making the public aware of the negatives in our world is bad.

But nowadays, mainstream entertainment & media focuses predominantly on that to capture & keep attention.

This is dangerous because it is influencing your thought patterns.


You ever heard of: you become what you eat.


Well, in the real world there is another one. It is: you become what you consume.


Consuming negative trash will have you thinking negative thoughts.


Repetition and visuals are the languages of your subconscious mind.


And when you repeatedly watch graphics with negativity, your subconscious mind will become polluted.

The polluted subconscious mind will relay negative thoughts to the conscious mind.

And the polluted conscious thoughts will reaffirm the paradigms to the subconscious mind.

Aka: The circle of death.


This extends past consumption of content though.

This also deals with the squad you hang out with.

Who do you hang out with homie?

Negative clowns?

Because your immediate squad will play a massive role in your thinking, make no mistake about that.


Pessimism vs Optimism.


Water, Cup, Beverages, Drinking, Drink, Glass, Fluid


You’ve heard the old analogy of the glass filled with water to the middle.


The pessimist sees the glass as half empty.

The optimist sees the glass as half full.


Although this may seem like a small detail to you, the concept is HUGE.

This is what truly separate the losers from the winners.


A pessimist looks for 100 reasons as to why it will not work out.

The optimist looks for 1 reason as to why it will.

It’s sad because the pessimist actually gets happy when it doesn’t work out.

Their strange mind thinks ‘told ya so.’


Now I’m not saying having some pessimism automatically makes you a loser.

I think strategic pessimism is great.

It builds awareness and allows you to see something that you were not initially considering.

But pessimism becomes a problem when it is a character trait.


You start talking yourself out of opportunities before you even begin!

And to make matters worse, you may be subconsciously doing the same for your friends as well.


Optimistic people, on the other hand, have empowering thoughts & then fact check with pessimism.

And optimistic people every now and then run some ideas by pessimists.

But a winner is not a pessimist.

Not now, not ever.


How Optimistic People Are Born


‘So Armani, if pessimism is so bad, then why are so many people choosing that lifestyle?’

Because they are either unaware they are pessimistic or lazy.


I remember one of my cousins was a HUGE pessimist. And one day after discouraging me left & right, I gave him a piece of my mind.

He was shocked when he found out I viewed him as a pessimist.

He had no clue!

Emphasis on he had no clue.


Now there is another group who has a clue.

But they think nothing is wrong with the lifestyle.

Pretty sad considering their low energy affects not only their life but their surroundings.

But it’s deeper than that.


Often these people don’t have what it takes to put in the WORK to become optimistic.

Optimism requires work.

And often, optimism is born from pain.


A human is born happy & carefree.

Then this human is taken thru the school system & released onto the real world.

In the real world, they deal with MULTIPLE failures in a repeated fashion which causes them to become pessimistic.

They become negative & jaded.


Well, one day something traumatic happens.

The trauma depends on the person.

Sometimes the trauma can be something as small seeing other people move up while they remain a bum.


Anyways, during the moment of darkness, this fellow learns that they need to fix their life.

They need to shift their thinking or they will remain in darkness.

That’s when they become AWARE of being optimistic.


The bridge between Pessimistic People & Optimistic People


Bridge, Golden, Light, Mystical, Dramatic, Woods


Once this fellow becomes aware of optimism, they do 1 major life exercise which will change their life.

‘Which is?’



Gratitude is the bridge between pessimism & optimism.


It is the bridge that can change your thought patterns.


When you are being grateful, you are conditioning your brain to think with the ‘glass is half full mentality’ vs empty.

Huge key.


Your brain is either predominantly pessimistic or predominantly optimistic.

But it can’t be both.

Making gratitude a habit is what will allow you to shift your paradigm & become a winner.


  • Count your small wins.
  • Write it out or say it out loud
  • Do it in the morning & night.
  • Soon, you’ll be counting your big wins on autopilot.


That’s the key to thinking like a winner.


Be Grateful & Think Like a Winner


If the whiners on Facebook would practice gratitude every now and then, then whining on any social media would not even be a consideration.

Really is that simple.

Gratitude rewires your brain & installs new neural pathways in there.

A huge key to change your world.


Think like a winner.

Feel like a winner.

Act like a winner.


This is the mega key in the level up world.

To get more practical mind hacks to help you grow & become your best self, then be sure to check out my book Level Up Mentality.

You’ll learn practice mind hacks, how to manage your emotions & the art of building social connections.

Improve your life today!


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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