Put Your Dog On a Leash! [Spotting Selfish People]

Put Your Dog On a Leash! [Spotting Selfish People]


I’ve been noticing this trend as of late where people are walking their dogs without putting them on a leash.

At first, I thought it was a one-off thing.

After some time, I realized this was a trend to be on the lookout for.


There was this day when I had a public speaking event, and I was dressed up.

As I got in my car, I saw some trash that I had to throw away.

I parked my car next to the garbage can and began throwing away the junk.


As I’m throwing away the junk, I heard a dog barking.

I turn around and see this big dog running towards me.


I also see a little girl chasing the dog shouting:

‘Bucky, come back!!’


Bucky runs up to me, begins licking my hand, and gets fur all over my dress pants.

As I open my car door to get in, Bucky gets in my car!!


A dog had never been in my car before.

Now I had this huge pitbull sniffing my driver seat, rubbing his ass on my passenger seat, and jumping in the back!


I was getting furious at this girl for weakly saying:

‘Bucky, come back!!’


Bitch, gets your hands dirty and drag Bucky out of my car.


I told her:

‘Get your dog out of my car,’ in a stern voice.


She broke out of her spell.

She stopped using her words, got in my car, and grabbed Bucky.


Soon, Bucky was out of my car.

She kept apologizing to me.


Save your apologies.

Instead, learn a lesson.

  • You don’t have full control over your dog.


How to Spot Selfish People


One way I spot selfish people is by seeing how many of their behaviors they take from a personal level to a societal level.


I have no problem if you let your dog roam freely in the comfort of your house.

I do have a problem when you take that line of thinking and apply it on a societal level.

Where you let your dog roam freely in the streets.


Here’s the thing with selfish people:

  • They are ALWAYS logically able to explain their case.


This girl who lost control of her dog will say:

‘Bucky is older, I don’t want to put him on a leash in his final days. Plus, Bucky is harmless. He will listen to everything I say.’


Let’s take the final statement to be true (it’s not).

Bucky “listens” to everything you say.


That’s still not the point!

There are a lot of people on this planet who are terrified of dogs.


Whenever I bring up that point, dog owners who don’t put their dog on a leash give a smug look.

‘Scared of dogs? Really?’

As if the fear can’t exist.


Guess what…

2 can play this game.


Are You Afraid of Snakes?


Be honest.

Are you afraid of snakes?

Because most people are.


I’m not though.


Obviously, I’m not going to find a snake in the woods and pick it up.

But if a snake owner gives me their word that the snake won’t bite, then I will gladly put it around my neck.


However, I’m not the norm.

If you ask most people if they are scared of snakes, they will nod their heads.

They don’t care if the snake owner says the snake doesn’t bite.

Most people do not want a snake in their vicinity.


Imagine I begin walking with a snake around my neck in public areas.

How do you think others will react?


Some may faint.


I can always justify it:

‘My snake doesn’t bite, trust me.’


These strangers don’t know me, so they won’t trust me.

Even if the snake doesn’t bite, they will still be fearful!!


Keep the snake indoors.

Put the dog on a damn leash.


What Selfishness Does to You


All selfish people are capable of logically explaining their case.

And that’s the problem.

Because since they can explain logic from their side, they doubt logic from the other side.


If you come with logic from your end, now the question becomes:

  • Whose logic is right?


Both selfish and selfless people exhibit logic in their arguments to some degree.

The main difference is the depth of perspective.


Selfless people adopt a bigger perspective when reaching their logical conclusions.


Let’s say you’re a loud talker.

In your house, you’re allowed to talk as loud as you want.

No need to factor society into the mix.


But let’s say you’re in the library.

You’re surrounded by others.

Now it would be smart to adopt a bigger perspective when assessing your next steps.


When factoring in the other members of the library, would it be smart to speak loudly?

No, because it will cause an inconvenience to others.


We can still be logical from a selfish aspect.

‘Yes, I should still speak loudly because that’s who I am. If I change myself for society, what else will I have to change for them? 


Both statements seem logical depending on the perspective you are operating with.

Selfish people only operate from their perspective.

While selfless people see the bigger picture.


Put Your Dogs on a Leash


Selfish people can easily spark a movement.

When one selfish dog owner doesn’t put their dog on a leash, it will embolden another selfish dog owner to do the same.

These people move fast.


This is why we often see great basketball players suddenly being traded away.

‘What the heck? Why would the team trade that superstar player??’


Because look closer…

That superstar player only cares about himself.

He doesn’t care about the team.

There is a ceiling on the team for that reason.


Unless the team trades the selfish player, the selfish gene will spread.

More players in the team will play for contract extensions rather than to win the game.

Best to nip it in the bud fast.


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