How To Build Your Own Content Universe

How To Build Your Own Content Universe



Before, major entities were the only ones who could create a content universe.

  • Disney.
  • Marvel.
  • Pixar.


Nowadays, individuals can create a content universe.

With all the technology out there, we are capable of creating anything we want.


There is a problem though.

  • Small thinking!


Many creators only focus on one platform.


When you ask them what they do, they will say:

  • I’m a YouTuber.
  • I’m a blogger.
  • Or I’m a podcaster.


This behavior actually matches conventional wisdom.

Avoid doing too many things so you don’t spread yourself thin.


But conventional wisdom won’t lead to greatness.

It will lead to being conventional.


To create a content universe, you need to mix and match.


What is a Content Universe?


A content universe is a collection of your content from multiple platforms.


Another way to look at it is as a multimedia company.

Where you have podcasts, books, videos, articles and more.


An example is Disney.

They have comics, toys, movies, TV series, and more.

They dominate multiple platforms.


Another example is professional wrestling.

They don’t only have their wrestling matches.

They also have action figures of the top wrestlers, T-shirts, and cartoons too.


By taking a wide approach, they are capable of creating synergistic effects.


The more you like a wrestler, the more you want to wear a shirt that writes their punchline.

For example, if you’re a Stone Cold fan, you want to wear a Austin 3:16 shirt.


If your kid is getting into wrestling, then you want him to like your favorite wrestler so you 2 can bond together.

So, you get him a toy of Stone Cold.


The main idea to grasp with a content universe is that it’s one brand with multiple touch points.

Where 1 meets many…


How to Create a Content Universe


The formula to create a content universe is to:

  1. Create content.
  2. Connect content.


Imagine a YouTuber who also has a blog.

He creates a YouTube video and a blog.

Step 1, create content: accomplished.


For him to veer into the content universe territory, he needs to connect the content.

One way to do that is to use his YouTube video to promote his blog.

‘Do you dislike watching videos? Do you like reading instead? Then get the same ideas in the written word on my blog!’


Just like that… a connection has been formed.


It starts off light.

But the more interconnections you are capable of creating, the more powerful your network grows.


In the future, you can use your blog to promote a Skillshare class that you made.

Another connection has been made!


It’s hard to measure a content universe because you are trading in a linear worldview for a nonlinear one.

When you are growing your Twitter account, that’s easy to measure.

But when you are creating a richness of connections in your content universe, that’s harder to measure.




I know someone does NOT have a content universe when they are certain of their metrics.

If someone says:

‘I will grow 100 Twitter followers this month.’

There’s too much certainty in that statement.


Chances are that he doesn’t have a content universe.

Instead, his main focus is growing on Twitter.

Rather than a universe, he has a planet.


Which is not wrong.

I don’t think everyone should build content universes.

For most people, I think it’s smart to just keep it limited to 1-2 platforms.


However, certain brands are perfect for the content universe model.

Where this creator can write and speak.

If they can do both, then why limit themselves?


The more a content universe is being formed, the harder it is to measure the data.


Because there are interconnections among the platforms.

Sure, you can look at 1 platform’s analytics, but that doesn’t mean you are getting data with context.


‘Should I stop looking at the data if I’m creating a content universe?’


Still consume the data.

Just understand that a lot of context may be missing.


Why Individuals Create a Content Universe


I think a lot of creators are forced into creating a universe.

The reason why is because of disloyal platforms.


Platforms are quick to throw creators under the bus when things get tough.

The same creators that made the platform big are the same creators that are quickly discarded.


There are tons of horror stories like this.


When the creator is kicked off a platform, what do they do?

Do they get a 9-5 job?

Some may.

Others will try their luck at something else.


There is a popular creator on Twitter who talks about online business.

His Twitter account has not been getting as many impressions as it used to.

So, he took his talents to Instagram.

He has been popping off on Instagram.


He keeps coming back on Twitter to tell people that Twitter sucks, and that they should begin investing in Instagram asap!


What caused the jump into Instagram?

A stressor of being shadowbanned on Twitter.


We are often forced into creating a content universe because the same platforms we were loyal to were the same platforms that kicked us when we were down.


I’ll never be loyal to only 1 platform again.

Even if they have the best intentions, they can still have technical glitches.


Should You Create a Content Universe?


I think you should just keep doing what you are doing.

If everything is going well, then no need to switch strategies.


But my prediction is that you will be forced to create a content universe in the future.

Either your desire will grow too strong to create a multimedia brand, or the platforms will continue to piss you off until you explore your options.


Create content, then connect content.

That’s how you build a universe.


A universe is a network of networks.

It’s impossible to take your brand down once it grows in richness.

Take the time to invest in your brand.

One day, your brand will invest in you.


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