7 Public Speaking Tips to Dominate a Speech

7 Public Speaking Tips to Dominate a Speech


Giving a speech is a daunting task.

Especially because it feels like we weren’t taught much about it growing up.


Oh well..

We are growing up regardless.

And there’s nothing that we can change about the past.


At this stage in the game, it’s all about adapting.

And how well you adapt will showcase how well you level up.


In the world of leveling up, communication skills are huge.

If you want to be a somebody in this world, you need to be able to present yourself if need be.


Although public speaking wasn’t taught in detail…

It’s a skill.

Meaning that we can learn it & practice it to get better.


Today, you are going to be learning a few public speaking tips that I have learned throughout my journey doing Toastmasters, Keynote speeches, talking at weddings, etc.


It doesn’t matter if you are the worst speaker that you know.

Many of us perceive ourselves that way.


We can still improve.

And that we must.


In this blog, you’ll gain 7 exclusive public speaking tips in order to sharpen your game!

Let’s begin.


1. Have Conversations Rather than Talking to an Audience


At the core level, you are having a conversation with individuals.

Yet many of us miss this memo when giving a speech.

Especially as a beginner.


When we are a beginner, we try speaking to a crowd.

Looking at everyone.

And being a shell of ourselves.

Nah, don’t do that.


Instead, segment the audience into 3 parts.

Left, middle & right.


Now pick the most engaged member from each segment & talk to them.

Have a conversation.

Everyone around that person will think you’re talking to them as well.


You can add more people to your segments with the more experience that you get.

But for now, 3 is plenty.



2. Get Active Leading up to the Speech


If speech anxiety is getting the best of you, then start getting more active.

Go to the gym, play some sports, do some yoga, etc.

‘Yoga?? That’s for wussies!’

Not at all.


Yoga is a spiritual process geared to help us connect with our divine self.

But the yoga that we are familiar with in the West is called hatha yoga.

And this is the physical workout that we know.


Yoga is powerful because it allows you to get to know your body on a deeper level.

And the more that you know it, the more that you learn to feel the sensations of the body without attaching a narrative to it.

That’s emotional intelligence.


The main thing though is that you want to get active in some way.

A speech takes energy to deliver.

So show up in a healthy physique or do your best to get to that level.


3. Focus on Less is More!


Less is way more in the public speaking world.

Yet, we often want to do a lot as a beginner.


-We want to give a speech with a lot of points.

-A speech that uses big fancy words.

-We want to move all-around stage & use our palms non stop.


All this because we are nervous or show that we aren’t nervous…

Don’t do any of that.



-Have 1 big point.

-Use simple vocabulary.

-Move less around the stage. Only move when it complements your speech.


Less is way more in the world of communication.

Humans have a monkey mind.

It’s hard for them to focus for long.


So cut back when you feel like there is a reason to cut back.

It may be your gut trying to tell you something.


4. Record your Practice Sessions


The camera allows you to build more confidence in your delivery.

That’s one of the public speaking tips I wished that I was aware of before.


One of the reasons we have speech anxiety is because we think we look ugly while speaking.

This is due to the illusion of transparency.

This illusion is when we think our nerves are leaking out to the public.

Spoiler alert: it isn’t.


The camera allows us to bring awareness to how we look.

We gain the perspective of the audience and see ourselves in 3rd party.


This helps out tremendously in realizing that we don’t look half bad!

And this helps you get rid of redundant movements, filler words, unnecessary speech points, etc.


5. Get your Clothes Ready the Night Before


Speech anxiety is the worst leading up to the speech.

And the day of the speech, you may feel the most nervous.


This is why it’s good to get rid of the busywork.


Like picking out your damn clothes!


Instead of waiting to pick and iron your clothes right before the speech, do it the night or 2 before.

This allows you to have a level of composure

And it’s just one thing that is off your plate.


It becomes nerve-wracking when you procrastinate and are rushing to the speech in the dangers of being late.

Or you know… showing up with wrinkly attire.

Prep the night before!


6. Eat a Clean Light Meal on Speech Day & Stay Hydrated


One of the worst things you can do is eat a big, fat, greasy, unhealthy meal before you’re about to get on stage.

Scratch that.

The WORST thing you can do is eat a big, fat, greasy, unhealthy meal AND drink a fuck ton of coffee before you’re about to get on stage.

Avoid that.


Instead, eat clean before.

And reward yourself after.


‘What do you think I should eat?’

Food with fewer ingredients.

Like fruit, chicken, salmon, peanuts etc.


But if it’s one of those foods with 30 different ingredients on the label, then watch out.

Those can get you thirsty.


And speaking of thirsty, drink water.

You’ll have a cottonmouth when you’re nervous.

And you may lose some energy.


This may cause you to drink a WHOLE lotta coffee.


Drink water and sip on coffee as needed.


7. Become Body-Focused on Speech Day


I like to stop practicing my speech a day or 2 before the speech.

At that point, I have rehearsed plenty!


Now it’s a game of relaxing and chilling.

That’s up to you.


But on speech day?

Become body focused.


Focus on the sensations in your body.

How you physically feel.

And bring your awareness to the present.


A hack I learned is that whenever you’re focusing on your body, you are in the present moment.

As the speech is coming up, your body is going to be feeling warm & have a lot of noticeable sensations.

Focus on that.


The more you focus on it, the more therapeutic the sensations feel.

And it allows you to have a stronger sense of charm once you take up the stage!



Dominating the Stage


The public speaking journey is unique in many ways.

You are able to cultivate a skill that you never thought was possible.

But it was possible all along.


Giving a speech becomes fun the more that you practice & give speeches.

Collect that data!


As time elapses, you learn that taking the message from your mind to the mind of the audience feels magical.

Almost a form of hypnosis.


During the moment of your speech, you are the star of the show.

Own the spotlight.


Leverage these tips leading up to your speech & kill it!

Your speech journey awaits.



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