3 Popular Types of Essays

The following chapter is from, Get To The Point: A Beginner’s Guide to Essay Writing, Critical Thinking Skills & Logical Reasoning

There are a lot of essay styles out there.

Let’s talk about a few of the most popular ones.




Arguing is often annoying in conversations.

But arguing is very good in the world of essay writing.


This is when you are exposing the weakness of a point to persuade the reader to take another path.

One example that I have with this style is when I break down the negative stigma of failing.


Growing up, I was not a big fan of formal education.

I didn’t like tests.


I had a problem where I would study a lot for the test…

But on the day of the exam, I would not do well.


So, there was a personal vendetta against tests!!


As I started ArmaniTalks, I realized how much I needed to fail in order to learn public speaking.

Without failures, progress in public speaking would have been tremendously reduced.


My vendetta against the formal education system became reignited and I wrote an essay on the value of failing.


The essay used logic to share how failures were just as important as wins for the process of learning. Rather than labeling things as ‘failures’ so much, it would be wiser to view it as ‘data.’


From there, I proposed an alternate solution to formal education. Rather than having so many tests in school, have more labs. Labs allow students to get their hands dirty and allow them to fail!


Failing in this context is another word for tinkering. Tinkering is the mother of true understanding. This is the type of understanding that a multiple-choice exam could never give.


This arguing/persuasive style of essay writing is often born from passion.

  • What irks you?


  • What do you love?


Don’t allow the passion to make you unhinged and biased. Do your best to see the case of the other party as well.

I get why formal education has tests. It’s an easy measurement tool as a school system scales.


Once acknowledging the pros of the other side, surgically use logic to tear the other side apart and propose your solution.


Critical Analysis


This style of essay writing is not arguing for anything or choosing any sides.

Instead, it’s just getting an idea and breaking it apart.


One example essay topic is:

Analyze the role social media will play on the culture 100 years from now.


This is when the essay writer will spend time accumulating knowledge on communications technology, social media’s effects on different age groups, and the role technology and culture played on each other throughout history.


From there, the writer uses logic on a forward-thinking style.


Finally, they can propose their predictions.


This type of essay writing allows the essayist to develop a deeper understanding of the field.




The point of this essay style is to give directions.

An example is how to make eye contact with someone when you’re nervous.


This essay may include the role of eye contact in communication.

Then the essayist will share a systematic process on how to look someone in the eyes, how to break eye contact, and how to have a gentle squint in the eyes.


This type of essay removes guesswork and allows the reader to follow a simple guide to go from:

  • A->Z


A lot of restaurant owners are given pockets of essays describing how certain machines in the restaurant works.


The owner is given the processes so they can run their systems without much trouble and have reference material for future employees.


These popular essay styles can often be intertwined with one another depending on the topic.


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