You Become What you Feed your Mind

You Become What you Feed your Mind


You are the average of your 5 best friends.

That’s a common saying.


This saying is so common that it is being echoed in all forms of groups.

Especially groups who are trying to improve.


Even groups who are not trying to improve…

Deep inside, a part of them knows that the squad can help influence thoughts.


In addition to the squad, what else influences us?

Our own thinking patterns, yes.

But what else?


‘Hm… there are a lot of options.’

One option sticks out more nowadays.

And that’s content.


Not only are you the average of your closest friends.

You are also the average of the content that you consume.

You become what you feed your mind.


What is Content Exactly?


It’s been estimated that the average person consumes at least 4 hours of media a day.

And there are tons of different forms of media.


Radio, tv shows, youtube clips, podcasts episodes, etc.



Although all these media look different, what is the underlying reality that they all share?


The media is someone else’s thoughts.


Right now, you are technically reading my thoughts.

And if you are paying attention, then your mind is being molded by the thoughts.

A form of influence going on.


If you are not paying attention, then your eyes, aka the senses, are seeing the content.

However, you are being molded by your own thoughts.


In regards to content & media, thoughts are involved.

That’s all the internet is by the way.


Our eyes may see different buttons, numbers, banners, ads, etc on the internet.

However, without thoughts, the World Wide Web would collapse immediately.


Mind on Mind Influence


So thus far, we have noticed that media is another word for someone else’s mind.

However, this mind is wrapped up in a shiny package, layered in words & covered with information technology.


How much influence does someone else’s mind have on our mind?

It can be a lot.


Especially depending on the level of filter that we have.


A filter can start off as something intangible.

It’s when you are molded regarding certain experiences.


Then the filter can grow into something tangible.

The reticular activating system.



A nursing student who spends classes with nurses, reads content on medicine and daydreams about her homework…

She is creating a filter for nursing content.


Eventually, the reticular activating system, aka the neurons in the brain stem, will begin to take up the nurse’s mind.

It will create a filter for specified content.


You don’t want to focus too much on the content in this case.

You want to focus more on how the intangible thoughts influenced her physiology.


When the Filtration is Weak


In the nurse’s example, I gave a very outlandish scenario.

I created a scenario where this nurse is 100% locked in with the nursing grind.


However, in the real world, the mind does not always work like that.

A mind is a complex system.

And there are multiple moving parts.


Maybe this nurse is also thinking about her relationships.

Her family problems.

Maybe she’s thinking about dropping out of the nursing program to start a career building video games.


In this situation, a complex situation was introduced.

And now the reticular activating system does not have a THEME to the filter.


So in this situation, it’s more so a game of more information coming in from the:

  • Outside world to the internal world.

And the mind becomes overwhelmed.


Feed your Mind or Get Fed


The above situation is much more likely.

A mind without a set theme.


A mind without a set theme is a highly suggestible mind.

And this is where content comes in.


The mindset which is disheveled and thinking about 100 different things will have no problem adding in another thing.

What’s the difference between 100 and 101?



Well, it starts off like that.

This mind consumes content without a purpose.

And gets new narratives programmed within it.


A cluttered mind will lead to sloppy behavior.

The person goes up.

The person goes down.


There aren’t many trajectories for this poor fellow.

Just a dance of going up and down.

From the lens of this persons’ life, they are in maintenance mode.


Aka, the wheels are moving, but the car ain’t going nowhere.


Why the Themed Mind Wins


A mind with a theme is able to filter thru information better.

Let’s use this nurse as an example again.


Let’s say this nurse actually did love her job.

She wanted to spend her career building & rising to the top of her field.


At this point, it’s not as though she stops consuming all non-nursing-related content.

However, what it does mean is that the content will have to pass a filter.

She is able to unlock a new lens.


There is gossip magazine that’s talking about the Prince & Princess’s rocky relationship…

This content passes thru the nurse’s mind.

But she doesn’t necessarily perceive the drama part, first.


What she perceives is how in this situation, a media piece is trying to paint the Prince & Princess in a negative light.

This reminds her of how her co-worker is gossiping about her to upper management.


How her co-worker is acting like the media piece.


The nurse fed her mind negative content.

But she reached a weird insight.


In this moment, seeing the Prince & the Princess caught up in a similar conundrum as her…

Allowed her to NOT take her situation personally.

And this realization allows her to move differently.


Rather than dropkicking her co-worker, she reached the insight that malicious people do exist.

No matter which field you are in.

Rise above anyways.


You become what you feed your mind.

But since you made it this far…

ANYTHING you feed your mind can have a UNIQUE twist of lesson when there is a theme set.


Finding your Theme


Finding your theme is a lifelong journey.

Maybe this particular nurse will one day change the theme of her life from:

  • Being a top nurse.
  • To being the greatest grandma that she can possibly be.


In a series of decades, the theme changed.

However, during those decades, consumption of content still took place.


If you live in a society, you will have to get familiar with money & media.

These 2 are elements that keep society functioning.


As the media rise, keep evaluating the theme of the mind.

You are the average of your 5 best friends.

But the friends leave after a certain period of the day.


Your phone and computer are normally close by.

If the content behind the screen is not being perceived by a THEMED, programmed mind…

Then you are playing someone else’s game, not yours.


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