Writing with Personality


One of the most unique insights I’ve learned is that writing is just thinking.

It’s a form of thinking out loud.


Writing is one of the most effective ways to change yourself on a:

  • mental
  • physiological
  • and spiritual level


When the true understanding of writing is internalized, that’s when a massive aha moment occurs.

Grammar, words, and syntax are just a means to an end.


In reality, writing should have a big WHY.

Low-level details are just that.

Low level.


It’s the vision that makes the writer.

And it’s the vision that allows the writer to write with some damn Personality.


Creative Writing vs All Other Types


Creative writing can be boiled down to writing with personality.

Something that is an extension of the source.

Source = Writer or team creating the content.


‘Isn’t that how everyone writes?’

Not really.


Most people nowadays write for an audience, first.

And this alters the situation dramatically.


In terms of delivery.


Writing for an audience can scatter the focus by a lot.

And that scattered focus reduces the creative energy.


You are writing, yes.

But the voice is much different.


It’s very much focused on impressing.

Making sure the engagement is high.

And the words are punchy, to make sure that you are doing something “right.”


‘Is this method wrong?’

Not necessarily.


Movie industries are an example of writing for the audience.

That’s what allows them to become a potential box office hit.


Authentic Ideas vs Layers


To stretch the movie industry example further, let’s go to the source.

I’m sure many parties were involved in terms of making the movie.


There were actors, screenwriters, movie editors, directors, etc.

But there was most likely that ONE guy who thought of the movie idea.


Then the idea may have been pitched to a bunch of other parties.

As time went by, that simple idea added in complexity.


However, in the seed form, the idea was predominantly crafted by that ONE person.

Let’s observe that idea in a seed state.


Was that individual writing for an audience?

For some people, maybe.

But for plenty of other people, it was much more personal.


One example is Sylvester Stallone.

His creations of Rocky & Rambo were extensions of his personal experiences.

His experience of being an underdog who never quits.


Before he was ever writing for an audience, he was in a search for his real self.

And that search eventually saw modes of expression in terms of an artistic channel.


Why is Seeking & Writing with Personality, Connected?


When we go to the source of most creative works, the artist was not writing for the audience first.

Sure, the audience became an extension later on.

But in the initial stages, it was the creator and THEIR internal world.


As I said earlier…

Writing is an extension of thinking.


And thinking is something no one can do for us.

It’s a game of us exercising the skillset for ourselves.


The only way to really exercise the skillset of thinking is by becoming curious.

It’s curiosity that takes us from the mundane to the divine.


A lack of curiosity keeps the mind thinking about the same stuff.

On repeat.


Humans are creatures of habit..

And the habits are not just with the body.

It’s with the same mental narratives playing out over and over again.


Curiosity on the bigger questions in life is what breaks someone out of the rat race for the mind.

This is the seed of writing with personality.

It’s when you have the awakening that you should be in charge of your thinking.


Note: I said ‘should’ be in charge.

The dark truth is that should does not always imply, will….


Practicing the Art Form of Writing


Anytime we wanna take something seriously, it should be classified as art.

The mind loves that word:

  • Art.


I can find a nasty garbage can with a big red X mark on it.

At first, I say:

“Ew, what trash!”


Then a snobby guy comes to me & is like:

“No you fool, that is art.”


Temporarily, my mind will perceive the trash as potential art.

Something that should be valued.


Well, writing is an art.

And once we frame it as that, we practice it.


‘And what do I talk about?’

That’s a journey of your own.

It’s a game of introspecting out loud.


The pro tip is that feelings serve as the compass.

But the feelings are hidden behind a lot of intellect & logic.


Let’s make a point clear.

It’s not intellect vs emotions.

Writing with personality is a game of making the intellect & emotions, friends.


Our whole life, the 2 were seen as polarities.

Writing is about viewing the coin, rather than the head or tail.


So what do you do?

Just keep writing.

Every day.

‘Every day?? I thought you were going to say once a week.’

Nope, every day.


Get a Twitter, journal, Microsoft word, blog, etc.

Doesn’t matter the medium.

It just matters that you do it every day.


The more you write about anything that is on your mind, the more the dead words fall off.


The dead words are the words that your ego says to sound like ‘a writer.’

These dead words are often written with fear…


A part of you is like ‘what if I miss a point? No, I can’t do that. I need to write everything!’

Dead words are normal for a beginner writer.


However, once the dead words fall off, that’s when your true personality shines.


Thru the simple act of writing consistently, thinking improves.

Along with improved thinking, energy levels skyrocket.

And along with energy levels skyrocketing, emotions & intellect starts building a bridge with one another.


Writing with personality is all about writing for yourself before you even think about writing for the world.

And even when you do write for the world, you’re really just writing for yourself.


Fall in Love with the Game


Just like ‘art’ is loved by the mind.

So is ‘game.’


When you view something as a game rather than work, the whole game changes.

That’s what gives you the drive to continue.


A combo of ‘art’ and ‘game’ leads to the word that the mind and heart loves.

‘And what is that?’



Fun can turn your writing from force to flow.

From rigid to dynamic.

And from following trends to giving body to inspiration.


Fun is the sign that your personality is slowly starting to show in your writing.

The transformation from a rigid writer to a fluid writer can take:

  • weeks
  • months
  • years…


Scratch that, it’s a lifelong process.


When you begin enjoying the writing process & the tangible proof of your own growth.

That’s when the tendency of counting time towards the craft begins to shed away.


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