Why Writing is Important


What makes the internet run?

If you look at the majority of the content, it is delivered in writing format.

As of late, videos & podcasts are picking up, sure.

But for the most part, the written content is the most dominant.


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‘Why is writing important?’

Too many reasons to explain in a paragraph homie.

Which is why I decided to dedicate a whole blog to it.


I am a firm believer in writing every day.

‘Every day??’

Yes, every day.


This is a skill that you want to incorporate in your world.

Not only will you become a better communicator, but you will become a better human.

This blog will discuss the importance of the written word & why it’s never too late to add it into your toolbox.

Let’s begin.


Using Writing to Become a Better Communicator


You’ll often notice that public speakers, comedians & musicians love to write.

It’s a part of their process to produce a strong body of work.

Why though? Why don’t they just skip the writing part?


It’s because writing allows them to clarify their thoughts.

This is a huge key to become a better communicator.


You’ll often struggle with communication skills when your thoughts are messy.

You go from thought to thought & have a whirlwind of a mind.


Writing helps you slow your thoughts down.

It allows you to remove the fog from your mind & see the sun once again.


When you write down your thoughts via a blog, journal, tweet, email etc you refine your thinking patterns.

‘Will writing help me reduce my rambling?’



Writing makes you much more mindful of your words.

A clear speech will simply be a byproduct.


Using Writing to Build Emotional Intelligence


I mentioned that many of us have a whirlwind of a mind.

Well, that whirlwind is spilling over to our emotions.


Chaotic thinking leads to chaotic feelings.

And misaligned emotions tarnishes our confidence.


A big part of becoming a better communicator is by having a BELIEF in yourself.

And when you lack confidence, it shows in your voice.


A person with poor control over their emotions, tend to have doubt seep into their words.

They sound hesitant, have a soft voice & make statements sound like questions.


Big mistake.


‘Well, how does writing fix that?’

Writing allows you to make SENSE of your emotions.

That’s what we are going for.


A traditional journaling session allows you to put words to your emotions.

When you put words to your emotions, you build emotional literacy.

Emotional literacy is when you are able to describe the different nuances of emotions.


You see past happy, sad, angry, etc.

But now you realize you can be happy & anxious.

Confident & doubtful.

Angry & disappointed.

You realize there are a lot of nuances to your internal world.


Once you make that connection, you build your emotional intelligence.

A high level of self-confidence will follow.


Using Writing To Become a Creator


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With the rise of the digital age, we will continue to see a divide between consumers and producers.

Which group do you fall in?

Be honest.


Nowadays, it’s super easy to be a consumer.

We have Netflix, tons of YouTube channels, nonstop social media posts etc.

Being a producer is VERY hard.


But luckily, writing allows you to change that.

There are a lot of platforms available for you to actively CREATE via writing.

You have Medium, Twitter, different blogging platforms and much more.


Big corporations no longer fully control the market.

The people do.

If you have a creative spirit in you, then now is the time to showcase that.


Writing is a skill set that allows you to build a tribe.

My brand of ArmaniTalks began on Twitter where I would consistently write tweets & threads.

After showing up every day, I was able to build a following of 23,000+ people & start a business.

‘What did you talk about?’

Just my experiences in life. I recommend you do the same.


In this generation, writing not only allows you to have a voice, but it also allows you to create it.

The more your writing voice develops, the more you develop.

The more you develop, the more your writing voice develops.

This is a cheat code for self-improvement.


How To Make Writing A Habit


This is a habit that you NEED to incorporate into your life.

I like to refer to writing as active meditation.

You are putting in work & staying mindful of the moment.


A few benefits of writing include:

  • Enhanced concentration
  • Ability to see patterns
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Higher self-awareness


The best way to make writing a habit is to set a time period to do it every day.

My personal suggestion?

Do it in the morning.


I recommend starting off in the morning as you are developing this habit.

Once the habit picks up some momentum, then you can play around with the schedule.


‘Why the morning?’

Because we all have busy days.

We may have the intent to write sometime throughout the day. But random conflicts pop up & we may get distracted.

Therefore, its best to knock it out in the morning so you can build the momentum.


No need to complicate it.

Just get a journal or a bundle of journals (if you’re VERY serious) and jot down your thoughts in the morning.

‘What do I talk about?’

Talk about whatever.


I don’t want to tell you what to talk about, because that stifles your creativity.

The process of turning a blank paper into one filled with words is what makes writing fun in the first place.

Let your intuition & gut guide you.


why writing is important


At first, you’ll be prone to free writing. A process where you just write about whatever.

The more you practice, the more you’ll discover patterns in your content.

This will give you ideas to expand on for your future practice.


Get the journals & make it a PRIORITY to write every day.

And remember, 1 line beats no lines.


Writing = Evergreen Art


Writing will never go out of style.

It is a beautiful blend of hard & soft skills combined into one.


If there was one activity I’d tell my younger self to have incorporated earlier in life, it would definitely be writing.

At this point, your boy has been writing every single day since June 28th, 2018.

‘And how have you been feeling?’

I’ve been feeling like a million bucks.


As technology rises, you need to equip yourself with this skillset to have a strong control over your mind, communication skills & emotions.

Keep it simple & knock it out, day by day.

The effects will begin to compound in no time.


Now begin!

And enjoy your own personal writing journey.


– ArmaniTalks ????️????

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