Why Should you Journal in 2022?

Why Should you Journal in 2022?


Why should you journal?

At the time of writing this, it’s January 1st, 2022.

Therefore, you guessed it….

Tons of New Year’s Resolutions going on.


Some people are setting goals to become wealthier.

Some are trying to become healthier.

And others want to be more creative.


They’ve heard from their creative peers that journaling is a good habit.

These creative people swear by the positive effects of journaling.

However, the person thinking about picking up the habit is skeptical.


‘Should I really journal? Am I willing to put in the commitment?’

Amazing questions.

Great to be inquisitive from the get-go.


why should you journal


What is Journaling?


Journaling is the art of writing your thoughts down.

Don’t you love simple definitions like this?


There are different types of journaling methods out there, such as:

-Creative writing prompts method.

-Gratitude journaling.

-Free flow method.

And much more.


There are probably just as many journaling methods as there are meditation methods.

So, the simple way to remember journaling is as:

  • The art of writing your thoughts down.


Why is Journaling Powerful?


‘Okay, now I know what it is. But why should I do it?’

This answer is not simple.


Because different people journal for different reasons.

Therefore, there is not 1 cookie-cutter response.


What makes journaling powerful is the different benefits which address a unique pain point.

One benefit is clear communication.


Some of the better communicators out there have some form of a journal.

‘Does a to-do list count as a journal?’

Technically, yes.


These people understand that managing the mind by itself is not always easy.

But it’s much easier to manage the mind through the fingers.

By writing, they are able to manage their mind and articulate their thoughts.


Some people journal only for mind management.

Not everyone can afford a therapist or finds the need for one at the moment.

Journaling your thoughts down builds emotional regulation and turns your thoughts into objects.


‘What’s the importance of turning thoughts into objects?’

This allows you to not view thoughts as the subject.


A person who is nervous is identifying with the thoughts.

Then they put more awareness on those thoughts.

And they live those thoughts out in their nervous system.

Now their behavior is altered.


The more we objectify our thoughts, the more we detach from them.

Much easier to be emotionally intelligent that way.


‘Better communication skills & controlled emotions. Anything else?’

Yea, there are plenty of other benefits.

But for the sake of simplicity, keep these 2 benefits in the front of your mind.


Added Creativity


You know what?

Let me give you one more benefit.

‘Okay, shoot!’

Added creativity.


I’m not only interested in managing my emotions.

I want to transmute them into something powerful so I get paid.


Nowadays, different fields require content creation.

You can’t fully automate content creation with a script.


People who used to be in a cube all day are now being called to create procedures for their systems.

Then email those procedures to other employees to drive action.


If this person has 0 content creation experience, then they will feel nervous.

They’ll overthink each word and sound stiff.


This is where journaling helps.

It helps you learn the art of expressing yourself.


The goal is to think less and just flow.

However, flowing is difficult.

Therefore, training yourself to relax is a crucial skill set.

Especially in the era where interconnectedness is on the rise.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, there are growing reasons as to why you should journal.


2 Ways to Journal


There are 2 ways to get started.

Digital or analog.


Writing by hand is the analog option.

The Story Mode Journal is an option for free-flow journaling.

You are given blank lined pages to write your thoughts down on.

Grab a copy on Amazon:


And if you want the creative writing prompts method, that’s what the Idea Machine is for.

Grab a copy on Amazon.


Another option of journaling is through the digital method.

This is when you use a Word Document or Twitter.

‘Twitter? Isn’t that a social media tool?’


‘Can I journal there?’



As a matter of fact, that’s how I started the ArmaniTalks Twitter page.

I started off journaling there.

My draft section and Hypefury are filled with tons of tweets that I wrote.

I talk about my life experiences, problems, lessons, and much more.


This type of journaling wasn’t even a thing 100 years ago.

So, if you are looking to use your social media effectively, journal your thoughts there.


Boost Tweeting Skills!

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Sign up for a copy.


How to Pick Up the Journaling Habit


Now you know why you should journal.

But you may be a little iffy on how to begin.

I’ll keep my answer simple:

Keep it simple.


Avoid getting cute with it.

The fewer variables, the better.


Some people begin journaling with 5 different pens.

A red pen for Monday, a blue pen for Tuesday, a purple pen for Wednesday, etc.


Too many variables will ensure that you quit.


Start off light.

Find a way to integrate journaling into your lifestyle.


I make the effort to write 16 tweets a day.

I’ll post 10 and keep 6 saved in my draft section.

For me to write 16 tweets, I set the timer for 12 minutes.

These are unedited by the way. I don’t care about spelling, punctuation, and all that.

I edit later when I’m about to post.


Those 12 minutes are when I normally relax after coming back from the gym.

Rather than sitting in silence doing nothing.

I gently integrate the journaling practice into that slot.


So, the 2 tips are:

  1. Reduce variables.
  2. And find a way to integrate journaling into your already existing lifestyle.


Class on Free Flow Journaling


Creative writing prompts journaling is straightforward.

You get a prompt and just write on that.


But I started off my journey with free-flow journaling.

This is when I would write down whatever was on my mind without judgment.

But here’s the kicker:

The ego is a judging machine.


Writing without judgment is tough.

The intellect is like:

‘I’m sure there are more directions.’

Nope! Just write.


I recommend starting off with free-flow journaling because it is the most beginner-friendly.

Plus, it’s easier to pick up other journaling methods later on.


I made a Free-Flow Journaling for Dummies Class to help you get started.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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