Why is Public Speaking Important?

Why is Public Speaking Important?

In today’s digital era, you would assume that the power of public speaking is a lost art.

But is it?

Not remotely.

Public speaking is more important than it’s ever been.

And the beauty is that it is now easier than ever to hop in & master this super skill.

So why aren’t more people jumping on the train?

Plenty of reasons.

It starts from 3 particular reasons:

1. Fear

2. The rise of digital platforms

3. Disinterest

These 3 elements have caused many people to settle into their comfort zones rather than expect more out of life.

And to be honest, this is a little good for you.

‘Good for me? Why?’

Because you have the power to stand out.

A person that can command a room will always have more opportunities in life than the one who cowers at the sight of getting on stage.

But it all starts with fixing your mindset.

It all starts with understanding why is public speaking so important?

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3 Reasons People avoid Public Speaking:

Let me break down the 3 attributes that I listed earlier.


Fear is one hell of a disease.

It is one of the main reasons people decide to stay in their comfort zones their entire life.

They cower at the sight of embarrassing themselves.

They shrivel at he sight of being judged by their peers.

This is why they give up even before they begin.

The rise of digital platforms:

Social media has been a gift and a curse.

A gift because it has broken down the barriers of the world & now allows all of us to communicate.

A curse because it has gotten us too comfortable.

Social media is sort of like crack if you have low awareness.

You will get addicted without even noticing.

And your addiction will sap you from trying any bold tasks.

Public speaking being one of them.


Isn’t it sad?

We live in the most advanced generation in human civilization, but people are lazy!

Their ideal day looks like: work, come home, watch Netflix & eat chicken wings till they fall asleep.

The abundance of disinterest & lack of curiosity has them shutting down new experiences real quick.

Why is this the Golden Era of Public Speaking?

Because of all the reasons I mentioned above.

Believe it or not, the majority of humans fall into the mediocre category.

If you are one of those individuals who have a desire to improve, then this is your golden era.

Public speaking resources were nonexistent back in the days.

The leaders of the past generations had to experiment non stop to find out what made an engaging speech.

But nowadays, there is a boatload of ways to level up.

You have the power to:

  1. Join your local Toastmasters club.
  2. Watch world class speakers on Youtube & learn from them.
  3. Follow blogs & twitter pages of public speaker *cough* armanitalks *cough*

Point being, the internet is giving you access to what the leaders of our past generation didn’t have.


You are the car.

Information is the gas.

Load it in your tank (brain) & drive (give speeches)


You really don’t have much competition as you think.

From my many years of being a part of Toastmasters, I estimate that ~1 out of 10 people make the effort to make the most of out this era.

So be the rare few that capitalizes.

Does Public Speaking Level you Up?

Throughout my years of public speaking, one of the most important lessons I learned is that the speaking isn’t even the most important part.

‘Huh? I thought that’s what we were public speaking for?’


Enhanced speaking is just a side effect.

In reality, every time you give a speech, you are exercising your:

·       Mindset

·       Courage

·       Leadership Skills

·       Thick skin

·       Emotional Stability

·       Body language

·       Eye contact skills

·       Charisma

These are elements that level you the fuck up & make your life 10000x easier in the process.

I said it before & I’ll say it again:

Learning to public speak is the ultimate life hack.

All the benefits of public speaking that I have listed above shows that this is an evergreen skill.

The need for it will never go away.

Because as long as you want to level up to your grandest self, it will be a skill worth investing in.

How to Approach Public Speaking

Now that you understand why public speaking is so important & that you are a rare group of people that is wiling to learn it, how should you approach it?

Thru a very simple framework my friend.

I am going to give you a few lessons that I wished I knew myself, so get ready.

  1. Commit to the process– Public speaking is difficult before it is fun. It will be difficult because you will have to fight thru speech anxiety at first. But as you continue to give speeches, you WILL improve.

2. Record your speeches– This step keeps you accountable to the process. Plus, seeing yourself in 3rd person skyrockets your improvement. If you’re up for it, make a         YouTube channel so others can learn from your mistakes & see you blossom before their very eyes. You can subscribe to my channel here.

  1. Execute first, perfect later– When you try to get it perfect from the get go, you never begin! Just join a Toastmasters and give at least 1 speech every 2 weeks & learn from your videos. Fail as much as you can in the beginning so you can skyrocket your learning curve.

4. Ask for feedback– one beauty about Toastmasters is that you are given an evaluation of your speech right after you are done. Plus, you get a mentor as well. Don’t be         hurt by criticism, welcome it! That’s how you level up.

5. Consume public speaking content– Watch the delivery of comedians & other speakers. Watch their mannerisms, pauses, stage movement etc. This allows your         subconscious mind to start seeing public speaking moves to implement when you are on stage.

comedy show

Follow these 5 steps & you will be ahead of the herd!

Public Speaking will ALWAYS be Important

While you are sitting on your ass, wondering if you should pick up this skill set, the winners of our generation are grinding away.

What are you waiting for?



There is no excuse homie.

You’ll one day realize why this skill set was so important.

And you will be happy that you took the time to invest in this mega skill.

Now invest in yourself by investing in public speaking.

Life will never be the same.

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