Why Confidence is Important


Confidence was one of those words we used to hear a lot growing up.

And for good reason, of course.

The word represents an act that has a huge effect on our reality.


But if the word is so important, how come we weren’t taught HOW to be confident growing up?

Isn’t it a little strange we view confidence as the holy grail, but we were given little to no training on it?

It sure is.


As you continue to mature, you’ll notice the content which actually matters in the real world, is rarely taught in school.

And so much more.


But just because you weren’t’ taught how to be confident in school does not mean you should not self educate yourself on the topic.

In today’s blog post, I want to share why confidence is important & why you need to start mastering this skillset asap.


why confidence is important


What is Confidence?


At the core of it all:

Confidence is a strong belief in an entity.

That is it.

You can assign what the entity is.



  • When the entity is your business, then you have a strong level of confidence towards your business.
  • When the entity is you, then you have a strong level of confidence towards your own competence.
    • Aka: self-confidence.


You need to have self-confidence before you can have anything else.

Without self-confidence, you got nothing OG.


I remember as an electrical engineer, I used to work on a lot of electrical circuits.

And I used to notice how complex and unique the design was once I was complete.

However, it didn’t matter how great the circuit was if I had no battery.

Without the battery, the circuit simply wouldn’t function.


You are the battery towards your life.

It doesn’t matter how many opportunities you are given in this life if you don’t have the SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Without self-confidence, you will blow most of those opportunities.



Because you feel like you aren’t worthy.


However, when you are confident, things change.

It doesn’t matter if you have opportunities or not.

Deep inside, you know it’s coming.


You have such a STRONG belief in yourself, that you know that the belief mixed with your work ethic will CREATE opportunities.

You create a bent reality.



Can anyone become Confident?



Confidence is a skillset.

It is something that can be learned, practiced and mastered.

However, there is a catch.


If you are someone who is leveling up, you have to understand that confidence is not an act, it is a lifestyle.

You are going to have to continue practicing confidence for the rest of your life.


Every new stage in your life that you go thru will require a new you.

Therefore, you need to have the BELIEF that you will eventually figure it out.

That’s how you keep stretching yourself to new levels.


‘Wait a minute Armani! So you’re telling me that I have to be confident towards acts that I’ve never done?’


The core of confidence stems from the CAPABILITY  to do something, rather than having already done it.

You need to ask yourself if you are capable of doing the task.


Can'T, Can, Motivation, Positivity, Encouragement, Self


I remember when I first started public speaking, I had 0 confidence towards the task.

It’s because I hadn’t successfully given speeches yet.

But that didn’t mean that I just ignore the task completely.


Rather, I knew that I was CAPABLE of doing the task.

I was alive and breathing. Therefore, I knew I could speak in front of a group of people.


Confidence comes from the BELIEF where you know you are capable of doing something.


So spot something that you have been running away from.

Then ask yourself:

  • Is someone else doing it?

If so, then ask yourself:

  • If they can do it, why not YOU?


This will get you thinking the right way.


Being Nervous is Necessary


Look, you want to be real with yourself.

Imprint this quote into your mind.

It’s okay to be nervous before you are about to be brave.


Even if you are capable of doing something, understand that you will still feel nervous.

Nerves are normal.

A great deal of confidence comes down to feeling nerves and taking action anyway.

That’s why confidence is important.


Imagine if our history required people to feel 0 nerves before they took action.

Then, we wouldn’t have any form of innovation!


It requires you to show courage to be confident.

No matter what kind of dark feelings you have, understand that they are just feelings.

Dark emotions will come and go.

Don’t make permanent decisions due to dark emotions.

Rather, make permanent decisions in SPITE of dark emotions.


You’ll continue to surprise yourself.


Why is Confidence So Important to your Life?


The reason confidence is important is because it is the lifeblood of your life.

Whatever you do, you should be doing it with intent.

Without the intent, you will half-ass the process and eventually quit.


Confidence allows you to form intent in your act.

Notice how I said FORM an intent.


You are not born with intent.

It is exercised into your existence.


So, nothing is going to be comfortable at first.

But you need to take action anyways, go through the nerves, and over time, the intent will be formed.


  • Intent creates a stronger belief in yourself.
  • A stronger belief in yourself creates a stronger belief towards the act.
  • A stronger belief towards the act leads to more results.
  • And more results lead to more value.


Confidence in yourself leads to more value for yourself and others.

That’s why confidence is so important.


Treat Confidence like a Skillset from Here on Out


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It’s okay to not feel confident at times.


A lot of the times when you don’t feel confident, it’s because you are about to take a new stage in life.

You are about to level up into something grander.

So go through the process and TRUST that the nerves will go away.


Confidence is the staple of communication skills and most of the acts out there.

It’s a universal skill that will be evergreen.


So invest in this skillset by doing hard shit and fighting through the emotions.

Rinse and repeat.

Over time, you will feel bulletproof mentally & emotionally.

That’s when you will give yourself a pat on the back for taking the road less taken.


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