What is the Psychoneuromuscular Theory?

What is the Psychoneuromuscular Theory?


Don’t run away.

This concept is not scary as it seems.


I’m sure you have played sports before.

Or you have watched sports movies growing up.


Do you recall the concept of, watching film?


This is when the athlete is watching the game back with their coach.

The coach says:

  • ‘You should have done x, y, and z here. Good job on this play.’


Well, if we apply this concept of watching film to communication skills, then we will make stellar progress.

And ‘watching film’ simply means consuming your own content (videos, podcasts, blogs) back.


Let’s first learn what the psychoneuromuscular theory is.

From there, we will see why and how this theory sharpens our content-creation skills.


What is the Psychoneuromuscular Theory?


The psychoneuromuscular theory states that:

  • Imagery influences the nervous system.


This is why athletes consume their content back.

Once they see themselves:

  • They become objectified.

Not only do they become objectified, but it’s also easier to be objective.


When playing a football game, there are a lot of emotions in the air.

After the play, emotions may jade a player’s perception.


But by watching the game back at a later time, the emotions subside and the player will view reality for what it is.


Plenty of neuroscientists talk about the role of thoughts on the body.

Bad stress is having excessive negative thoughts.

Too many negative thoughts release cortisol in the body.


We don’t want the bad kind of stress.

We want the good kind of stress.

The good kind of stress helps us grow.


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


A while back, I was doing a research paper on artificial intelligence and big data.

I was amazed by something.


Big data and artificial intelligence have a synergistic response to one another.


In the past 12 years, we have collected more data than all of human history combined.

However, there is a problem.

Regular computers are not capable of processing such an immense amount of data.


We don’t want regular computers though.

We want computers with advanced infrastructure.

  • Aka: artificial intelligence.


Not only can artificial intelligence process big data.

But big data also makes artificial intelligence smarter.

Isn’t that cool???


‘Uh, Armani…?’


‘What the fuck does this all have to do with the psycho whatever theory?!’


Because when you look out for the right things…

Humans are not too far from artificial intelligence.


psychoneuromuscular theory


Why Consume Your Content Back


Let’s say you’re a person who has a YouTube channel.

You have been making videos for the past 4 years.

400 videos.

That is your big data.


What are videos?

Simply film.


The same film that athletes watch back, we can do that with our content.

Athletes have a very detailed approach to watching film.

Breaking down play by play.


As content creators, we don’t want an overly detailed approach.

We want the general gist of things.

More on that shortly.


You have the big data.

Guess where you are feeding it?


To your nervous system!


As you’re consuming the content back, you’ll feel physical buzzing sensations in your brain.

The buzzing sensations are subjective.

So only you feel it.


The content (big data) is being processed by your nervous system (artificial intelligence).

Soon, refining happens.


How to Consume Content Back


We want to consume our content by focusing on the bigger picture.

The gestalt of things!


First, I recommend watching the content on TV rather than on your cellphone.

Because the TV has your real-sized head.

Or close to it.


When you have dimensions that are similar to you, it engages you more.

The nervous system loves to personalize.

That’s why there is a physical feeling when someone says your name vs a name you’ve never heard before.


Once you have the content pulled up, fall back.

Allow the body to be the compass.


The body will occasionally indicate:

  • Good.


  • Not good.

Most of the time, it will be neutral.


It’s very easy to judge yourself.

But avoid doing that.

With data, good and bad are viewed in an equal light.


What to Expect


I already mentioned the buzzing sensations in the brain.

But another thing to expect is an initial distaste for this activity.

There may be a repulsion.


Because naturally, humans view life from a first-person perspective.

When it’s abruptly introduced to a third-person perspective, there is a resistance.


It’s like trying to stick your cat in a cage so you can take it back home.

The cat doesn’t want to get in the cage.

It will initially fight you.


But soon, the cat will get in the cage.

And during the drive, the cat will be calm and mellow.

Purring away.


It’s the same with the brain.

At first, it will fight you.

But then… there will be a mellowness to it.


Consuming your own content leads to more self-awareness.

A large reason for social anxiety is because we have no clue how we look.

But when we know how we look, we feel better.


Half Artist and Half Athlete


It’s difficult to strictly be an artist.

Have you noticed how a lot of artists go crazy?


It’s because they rely on inspiration alone.

The mind is a beautiful thing.

But an untamed mind is like a category 5 hurricane in the internal world.


There was a study that said an average creator’s career is 5-6 years before they burn out.

I think that’s a damn shame.


An average creator’s life should be forever.


Each content should allow them to feel more powered up.




This is where strategically borrowing concepts allow an artist to increase their life span.

Apply the tools of an athlete.


Consume the content back.

  • Take what works.
  • Discard what doesn’t.


A big part of creativity is surprising yourself.

And when you sharpen your nervous system, you can’t help but surprise yourself.


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