What is Content Creation?


Content creation is a very popular phrase that is used during the information age.

With the rise of the internet & information, content is important.


But what exactly is it?

Does it seem too simple that you are lowkey embarrassed to ask?


If so, this article is going to be for you.

The first time I realized I was a content creator, I had a big light bulb moment.


Because I never considered myself that in the initial stages.


In today’s article, you are going to learn what content creation is, the different types of content & how to become one yourself!

We are about to enter the creativity generation to the peak.

Stay ahead of the curve & level up your creative genius.


What is Content Creation?


What is Content Creation?


In a very fundamental view, content is information.

‘What kind of information?’

Valuable information.


‘How do I know if something is valuable?’

If it helps someone with one or more of the core desires.


The 5 Core Human Desires stated in the Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman are the desires to:

  1. Learn– fulfill curiosities.
  2. Bond– friendships, family & romantic connections.
  3. Feel– feel physical and emotional sensations.
  4. Protect– protect possessions, self & loved ones.
  5. Acquire – get something tangible like a car or intangible like influence.


If you provide information that helps someone in those desires, then you have given that individual valuable information.




Let’s say your friend Matt wants to start an online business but has no clue how.

Luckily, you have not only started an online business but have made it profitable as well.


In this situation, if you give Matt information on how to start a business, then you are hitting a few of his core desires:

  • You gave him the knowledge that fulfilled his desire to learn online business.
  • This knowledge when applied will allow Matt to fulfill his desire to acquire an online business.
  • And finally, with newfound knowledge & acquiring an online business, Matt has fulfilled his desire to feel free.

You get the point.


Value is completely subjective.

What one person finds valuable may not be found valuable by someone else.


Say your friend John just got a promotion at work & despises online businesses.

Then giving John the same information you gave Matt will not be valuable to him.

So know who you are speaking to.


Different Vehicles for Content Creation


Media is the vehicle to relay communication messages.

The content is the message.


There are different vehicles, aka mediums out there.

If you are someone who has an interest in videos, then you may be great for:

  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok


Do you have a nice voice or want to improve your voice? Then your vehicle of choice may be:

  • Podcast
  • Radio


For writers, your vehicles may be:


Do you enjoin Photography? Then try:

  • Instagram
  • Flickr


There are plenty of vehicles out there.

Focus on the message first & then cater your vehicle around that.

If you have no clue what your message is or should be, then keep reading.



How to Discover your Message


Each industry is different.

I recommend having a long term mindset.


The biggest mistake is picking a niche that you have NO interest in & your sole intention is just making money.

If that’s the case, then you are going to have a very bad time champ.


Instead, ask yourself what YOU enjoy.

Content creation comes down to a game of longevity.

Which is why it is not the traditional get rich quick scheme.


In the information age, content is a form of showcasing value & building rapport with the audience.


My tip?

Ask yourself what YOU can see being a hobby down the line.


For me, I always enjoyed communication skills.

Learning & teaching about this topic feels effortless for me.

Therefore, my content at ArmaniTalks focuses on providing entertaining educational content on communication skills.


Communication skills seem general at first.

But for content creation, it’s best not to niche down TOO much.

Then you will often find yourself running out of topics.

A general theme allows you to have infinite content.



  • Communication skills can be broken down into public speaking, social skills, emotional intelligence, content creation, etc.
  • Cooking can be broken down into snacks, beverages, entrees, outdoor meals, family meals, etc.
  • Finance can be broken down into making money, managing money, multiplying money, etc.


The first question to help you become a content creator is to ask yourself what you can see yourself doing as a hobby.

This makes the journey a tension-free process.


When you are meeting one or more of YOUR 5 core human desires, you’ll see many others are resonating with your message as well.

This will allow you to attract your tribe rather than desperately chasing them down.


Increase, Followers, Page Fans, Subscribe, Button, Sign


Become a Content Creator by CREATING Content


And the final portion is to create content.

Tell entertaining stories about your niche of choice.


This part confuses many people.

They study weeks and weeks on how to create content, but fail to begin.

Analysis paralysis.


Say they want to start a YouTube channel.

They’ll just watch videos about how to start a YouTube channel, THINKING they are producing.


Consumption will get you started.

But actually creating videos is when you begin the journey as a content creator.


Set the right expectations from the beginning.

The first time you were learning how to drive, you knew you weren’t going to be a pro.

Most likely, you started learning in a vacant park.

It would be foolish to think that you would’ve been driving on the highway for your first time.


Same concept with content creation.

You may start off bumpy. It won’t always be easy to create videos, podcasts, blogs, etc.

But keep going.

The more you practice, the more your unnecessary movements begin to melt away.


Have fun & know it’s a long term journey that you will improve.

But you will only improve if you are creating content & consuming it as well.


Remember, you need to watch, listen or read your stuff back.

That’s a feedback loop that allows you to improve.


Content Creation Equals Modern Art


Bicycle, Children, Graffiti, Art, Artistic, Paint


Overall, this is a very fun way to level up as a person.

You will become a better communicator & more confident.


A lot of people are too much in a rush nowadays.

Enjoy the process.


Content creation is a real-life school in storytelling.

You begin seeing what it is that you can contribute to the world.


The website, YouTube Channel, podcast, etc…

All digital assets.

When centuries pass on by, your future generations can see you leveling up in real-time.


Content creation requires the right mindset.

1. Choose a topic that interests you.

2. Create content

3. And consume it back.

4. Repeat from 2.


Good luck & leave your special splash on this world.

For more resources on communication skills & personal branding check out my resources.


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥


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