What is Attraction Marketing?

What is Attraction Marketing?


It feels like content on the law of attraction was at an all-time high in 2017 ish.

A remix to the law of attraction is:

  • Attraction marketing.


With the law of attraction, the thoughts, intention, and actions you put out is the energy that you attract back.

With attraction marketing, the content you put out is the tribe that you attract back.


This is a very different look at marketing.

Where nowadays, paid traffic is at an all-time high.

An attraction marketer flips the script.


Rather than chasing…

They place bundles of energy (content) around the internet and have their target audience come to them.

In this article, we will be breaking down:

  • What is attraction marketing?


What is Marketing?


There are 3 steps to any business:

  1. Create value.
  2. Communicate value.
  3. Capture value.


Creating value is the useful product and/or service.

Communicating value is marketing.

And capturing value is getting some cash for all your hard work.


Therefore, marketing is communicating value.

There are all these fancy definitions for ‘marketing’ nowadays that has the person searching for the definition leaving confused.

Let’s keep it simple:

  • Communicate value, stupid.


‘How does someone communicate value?’

Through a variety of ways!


  • The business owner can create content on their products/services in video format.
  • The business owner can buy some traffic from someone else’s site.
  • Other times, they can hire someone to wear a costume and hold a sign of their store’s name.

What do all these bullets have in common?

They are communicating the value of their product/service.


What is Attraction Marketing and Why is it So Fascinating?


An attraction marketer speaks a completely different language than someone who buys traffic.

They may both have the same end goal:

  • Profitability.

But how they go about is different in terms of strategy.


Someone who buys traffic will be able to measure their output immediately.

While an attraction marketer works in perpetuity.

‘What the fuck does perpetuity mean?’

It’s defined as:

A stream of periodic payments that come at a constant rate, forever.


The attraction marketer is building assets that are meant to grow over time.

That’s how they perceive their content.


Talking to an attraction marketer about what is hot right now will rarely capture their interest.


To speak an attraction marketer’s language, it’s more about asking:

  • What is the underlying purpose of their brand?
  • What content formats do they plan to add to their portfolio?
    • Books, audiobooks, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • How does their free content promote their other products?

These are a few questions to ask an attraction marketer.


Are Attraction Marketing and Paid Traffic Enemies?


Have you ever seen that one commercial where they are debating between:

  • Crunchy taco or soft taco?


Eventually, there is a little girl who is like:

Por Que No Los Dos?

Which means, why not both??


Then this girl is celebrated by the people who were just arguing.

The taco shell company sells a product that is a combination of a hard and soft taco.

A lot of successful companies have a blend of paid traffic and attraction marketing.


Disney is a good example.


I’m sure they buy traffic from Facebook promoting their cruises, credit cards, and theme parks.

But they also have a library of content (movies, shows, musicals) that viewers are attracted to.


You may have a business model that can leverage both paid traffic and attraction marketing.

Or your business may be set up to optimize for 1 at this stage.


As of right now, the ArmaniTalks business only does attraction marketing.

You may want to think about how you discovered this article….


Did you find me on Google, clicked a hyperlink from another platform, saw it on a YouTube description?

Retracing how you found this article will give you a peek into attraction marketing.


what is attraction marketing


How to Add Attraction Marketing to Your Brand


Hopefully, you understand what attraction marketing is.

It’s when you create useful content that brings awareness to your products/services/brand.


‘Now what, Armani?’

You may want to think if an attraction marketing plan can work for you.


Are you capable of being a long-term thinker or do you need immediate returns?

When thinking about attraction marketing, view your content as seeds.

Someone doesn’t plant a seed and immediately ask:

‘Where the hell is the tree?’

They understand that the seed will need to be watered.


‘What is the equivalent of watering the seed in the attraction marketing space?’

It’s about learning some search engine optimization (SEO).

Where you are capable of ranking for certain keywords on your respectable platform.


‘Is there a certain day I end attraction marketing?’

For the sake of simplicity, assume that you will do it forever.


Something about the phrase ‘forever’ gets the mind thinking GRAND.

When the mind is thinking GRAND, it automatically becomes long-term oriented.


This allows you to view your content as assets that will grow in power over time.

A big part of attraction marketing requires delayed gratification.


Pick a topic/theme that you can see yourself constantly getting better in.

This will allow content to flow out of you.


Because you practice what you preach.


Storytelling Builds your Digital Empire


Physical real estate is built from glass, cement, and wood.

Digital real estate is built from stories, concepts, and ideas.


To grow a digital empire, you need 1 crucial skill:

  • Storytelling.


When performing attraction marketing, the labels can easily confuse you from the grander mission:

I am a YouTuber!

I am a Podcaster!

Oh wait, no…I am a Tik Toker!


Too many different labels.

Dump that.

Just say:

I am a storyteller.


Now you can do 1 thing in many ways rather than doing many things in many ways.

Read that again ^.


To learn more about storytelling, check out my book:

  • Art and Science of Storytelling: Learn How to Tell Better Stories in Conversations, Business Communication, Leadership & Brand Building 


This book will teach you:

  • How to create relatable characters.
  • The ability to think in themes.
  • How to create value for your audience.
  • Plus, you’ll get practical exercises to help you build your storytelling skills.

Sound good?

Then grab a copy here!!



– ArmaniTalks ????️????

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